S&R Nuvali is Now Open! Check Out These Promos & Finds!

SnR Nuvali Entrance

Last Saturday, Nov. 14, 2015, S&R Nuvali opened its doors to the public! I was fortunate enough to be invited to witness the event.

After opening ceremonies, the doors were open to the public at 10 am.


S&R Nuvali is located in the Nuvali area. Coming from Sta. Rosa, heading towards Tagaytay, it’s located on the left. It is very visible, you can’t miss it!

SnR Nuvali Parking

There is ample parking, and parking is FREE!

They have the usual food counter:
SnR Nuvali Pizza Counter

There’s a big dining area:

SnR Nuvali Dining Area

They have enough counters to accommodate shoppers – and that’s a good thing, too, because people were buying things by the cartloads!

SnR Nuvali Checkout


For the opening of its new Nuvali branch, S&R offered some amazing deals to entice people to check out their new store! Let me share with you the amazing items I found during my visit! This is going to be a really long post!

First of all, there were so many items on Buy 1 Take 1! Heaven! Hahahaaa!

The first thing that caught my eye were these shower gels. I think they will make good Christmas gifts for office mates and for people you normally interact with, but are not really very close to.

SnR Nuvali Shower Gels Buy 1 Take 1 Promo

SnR Nuvali Shower Gel Buy 1 Take 1 SnR Nuvali Shower Gel Christmas Ball Buy 1 Take 1I talked a little bit about these Christmas ball shower gels in a previous post.

SnR Nuvali Sugar Crush Bath Set Buy 1 Take 1

This coffee maker for 2 is also on Buy 1 Take 1! For the person who wants their own fresh brew, in a small package. It even looks like an espresso machine!

SnR Nuvali American Home Coffee Maker Buy 1 Take 1

They have these red, retro-style kitchen appliances that are so “IN” right now:

SnR Nuvali Popcorn Maker Popper Ariete

SnR Nuvali Cotton Candy Machine Ariete

They have a popcorn maker, a cotton candy machine, even a Multi-Cooker, which really piqued my interest – it roasts, it steams, it stir fries, it slow cooks, it sautes, it grills, and it can be used as a hot pot! You can even do a fondue on this thing!

SnR Nuvali Multi Cooker Front

SnR Nuvali Multi Cooker

Click to enlarge

If you are looking for a spice grinder or a coffee grinder, check out this Severin Coffee Grinder – what I like about it is that it uses a burr grinder (similar to a pepper mill), as opposed to a blade grinder (the usual one, similar to a blender). A burr grinder is much preferred because it produces a better, more uniform grind.

SnR Nuvali Severin Coffee Grinder Burr

SnR Nuvali Severin Coffee Grinder Burr Mechanism

A burr grinder is hard to find in the Philippines! So, for any coffee aficionados or spice lovers who might be on the lookout for a burr grinder, this one’s available at S&R Nuvali!

I also found these cute containers! This Rove Mason Mug (P219.95) has its own “reusable ice cubes” that you can freeze beforehand – this way, you can keep your drink cold without diluting it with ice. It also includes a flavor diffuser.

SnR Nuvali Mason Mug

I also think these Snips Cake Holders are cute! How often do we just put our cakes in the refrigerator without any covering, or just use the box they came in? But these don’t protect the cake from drying out.

SnR Nuvali Snips Cake Holder

These Snips Cake Holders will not only protect our cakes from the drying refrigerator air, they will also keep cakes from absorbing the smells of other food in the refrigerator. They are also pretty and will keep your refrigerator looking organized! And on the more practical side, they keep your cakes visible, so you’ll always know how much you have without having to open the box to take a peek. I also like that they are big enough and tall enough to accommodate most cakes.

This Snips Ham Saver is also cute. Although for me, personally, I would be using this for bacon instead. At least I don’t have to deal with bacon that ends up being smushed into a tangled ball of bacon anymore!

SnR Nuvali Snips Ham Saver

Hoard these LOC Maria Chocolate Crepes now!!! We were given a tin of these as pasalubong from the US a couple of years ago and they are gooooooooood! It’s like very good, but slightly thicker barquillos, but covered in Belgian milk chocolate! Light and crispy, but still luxurious. They are on promo right now, so it’s time to take advantage; and trust me, we are hoarding these! Highly addictive!

SnR Nuvali Loc Maria Chocolate Crepes

These holiday chocolates are new! Nestle Crunch Jingles, Hershey’s Kisses Mint Truffle, and Christmas Kisses with Almonds!

SnR Nuvali Nestle Crunch Jingles

SnR Nuvali Hersheys Kisses Mint Truffle SnR Nuvali Hersheys Kisses with Almonds

And what about these Swiss Miss Christmas Gift Packs? They’re just too cute!

SnR Nuvali Swiss Miss Christmas Hot Cocoa

SnR Nuvali Swiss Miss Christmas Hot Cocoa Tins Jars

These Kelsen Danish Butter Cookies are also on promo! It’s not Christmas without a tin of these delicious Danish butter cookies! Kelsen’s are generally considered the best Danish butter cookies.

SnR Nuvali Kelsen Christmas Celebration Cookies

And just in case anyone is looking for pine nuts for home made pesto, it’s available here:

SnR Nuvali Pine Nuts

These pairs of Keror Sparkling Spritzers are just P199.95 for 2 bottles! One bottle is sparkling red grape juice, the other bottle is sparkling white grape juice. Get some for your upcoming parties, especially to serve guests who can’t consume alcohol.

SnR Nuvali Keror Red White Sparkling Spritzer

Hello! Talenti Gelato is now here! I am sooo waiting for the Sea Salt Caramel flavor.

SnR Nuvali Talenti Gelato

There were also many gift baskets available: here’s a closer look at one of them!

SnR Nuvali Christmas Basket Tote

I mean, who wouldn’t be happy to receive these treats?!

SnR Nuvali Christmas Basket Tote Organic Close Up

What’s different compared to other branches I’ve been to, is that the Bakery area is located at the back of the store.

SnR Nuvali Muffins Buy 1 Take 1

This is new! A “fresh food” station with lots of sushi, wraps, etc… This is the first time I have seen such a section at S&R. Sushi!

SnR Nuvali Sushi Wraps

The S&R Nuvali branch is big, with a lot of products available, and lots of promos! I didn’t even include every promo I found on this post, because then it would become too long! Even though I live in Manila, I am very tempted to take a trip back there soon!

Congratulations to S&R for a successful opening!

UPDATE: Get FREE Hostess Zingers on Saturday, Nov. 21! S&R is giving away FREE Hostess Zingers for the first 1,000 members who will shop this Saturday, November 21 at S&R Nuvali!

SnR Nuvali Free Hostess Zingers

I hope you enjoyed this blog post. Please feel free to leave a comment below, I love hearing from you!

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24 thoughts on “S&R Nuvali is Now Open! Check Out These Promos & Finds!

  1. EJ

    Hi, May I just say I love your site so much because I am a fanatic of freebies and sales too! I just want to ask you a silly question though, true ba that you can shop on S&R even if you are not a member at least once? If so, can you still purchase the products that are tagged as “exclusive to members”? I guess not but I just want to know hehe, Thanks! 🙂

  2. Barat Queen Post author

    Hi EJ, yes, you can 🙂 If you are not yet a member, you can try it for 1 time for free. You just need to bring a valid ID and go to the membership counter and tell them that you want to try shopping at S&R. I think they call it a guest pass.

  3. khrise

    Just want to ask..can I use my s&r membership card elsewhere?I’ve notice kasi sa card ng s&r nuvali is meron nklagay na nuvali..is it exclusive in nuvali branch only?

    1. Barat Queen Post author

      Hi krhise,

      Yes, you can use your S&R membership card in any of the S&R Warehouse branches 🙂 I also noticed my new card had Shaw written on it when my old card didn’t, and I asked, and they just told me it didn’t matter, I can still use it at any branch, and I have used it at the BGC, Alabang, Aseana and Nuvali branches with no problem 🙂

      The card expires every year and you just have to renew it (at any branch), that’s the only problem I encounter when I forget that my card has already expired. But it’s a quick process that they can do right at the cashier/counter.

  4. herly grace

    Hi , I’m new here and I love the way you toured us at this new branch.. And it is somehow near to my place. May I ask how much is the membership fee.. Coz I really love sales and I believe s&r have a lot of good stuff. Thanks again.

    1. Barat Queen Post author

      Hi 🙂 It’s P700, good for 1 year membership. You can also get a supplementary card for P400, so that makes it cheaper (P1,100 for 2 cards). Both have the same privileges. No difference 🙂

    1. Barat Queen Post author

      Hi Merly,

      I think to get the supplementary card, it has to be applied at the same time as the primary card. You can ask your pamangkin when they will renew their membership and get a supplementary card together with them 🙂

      Anyway, P700 for a primary one-year membership is justifiable if you plan to shop at S&R regularly. Sa laki ng discounts, mababawi mo agad yung P700 🙂

    1. Barat Queen Post author

      Hi Kido Kara,

      S&R is a membership shopping place like Costco in the US where you have to be a member to shop. Membership advantages are access to a wide range of imported goods at often lower prices 🙂 sometimes, S&R is the only place where you can get some imported items. They also often have a lot of free food samples, especially try going there during weekends early afternoon.

      For people who like to shop for imported items, the perks of membership are worth it 🙂 For me, I feel like I am able to get a lot out of my membership since we always take advantage of their promos and we are able to buy food that is generally not available elsewhere.

    1. Barat Queen Post author

      Hi Janet 🙂 you can shop as normal, then when you’re at the cashier to pay, the cashier can process the renewal for you before you pay for your items. The price is P700 for another year.

      You can also renew your card first at the Membership counter before going to shop.

    1. Barat Queen Post author

      Hi 🙂 S&R is not doing the yearly Members Sale anymore. Sobrang haba kasi ng pila! I mean, seriously, the last few times I went to one, yung iba 8am nakapila na, 3pm natatapos. Many people just have their househelp wait in line while they shop.

      What S&R is doing now is having constant sales all the time. Sometimes they have themes per month, like June is back to school or rainy days, ganoon. Also, they have Items of the Week on promo, so weekly they have items on sale.

      You can also follow this blog, and also follow my Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/baratako. I post my sale finds there whenever I visit S&R.


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