S&R Members’ Treat 2017 (Sept. 27 – Oct. 1) + P5.00 OFF per Liter of Gas!

SnR Members Treat Sept 2017

S&R is going to have their Members’ Treat again this year! It’s a 5-day SALE!

The second Members’ Treat for 2017 is happening starting this Wednesday, Sept. 27, until Sunday, Oct. 1 2017, 8AM – 9PM.

I already wrote about my S&R Members’ Treat SHOPPING TIPS earlier, and it all still applies, you can read it here:

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I blogged about the Early Bird Members’ Treat that I went to earlier this year (March), you can read them here to get an idea of what to expect:

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This time, of course, I expect that a lot of the items will be Christmasthemed. 🙂

I usually go to S&R the day before the sale, in what they call the Early Bird sale. They already do have a lot of sale items ready for the big day, but without the long lines, yet. However, the bulk of the sale items are made available on the Members’ Treat sale itself, so I sometimes do go back during the actual Members’ Treat sale when the lines are not too long. S&R’s Members’ Treat sales are actually easier now that it is spread over 5 days and because there are more S&R branches available – shoppers are spread out the different branches and don’t overcrowd a particular branch.

What am I planning to buy?

I already saw a stainless steel electric kettle on Buy 1 Take 1 and I have my eye on getting it, I just need to ask friends if anyone wants to share with me. Why? Have you read this article? You better bet that I am bringing my own water kettle every time I travel from now on! That is why I am planning to buy a second electric kettle. Maybe I should just buy the 2 and keep one as backup, LOL 😀 Maybe I should give electric kettles as Christmas gifts. Anyone who has read that article will appreciate it. 🙂

I am also thinking of buying some new servingware, and a new set of flatware, so that everything matches again.

Of course, FOOD! I’m clearing out some freezer and ref space already, and also organizing the pantry.

I am stopping myself from buying any more pots and pans because I already bought too many last year. The epicurious ones that I got are still okay. Man, are those things durable!

I even have a carbon steel wok that I have not used yet! I have no more kitchen space to store them all 😀 But I doubt that I’ll be able to stop myself if I see a good deal. I’m really liking the look of ceramic-coated pans because you can easily see the food you’re cooking… Hmm.. those Rachael Ray baking sheets look really good, too, maybe I should replace my old muffin tins… hmmm…


Enjoy P5 OFF per liter on Gasoline and P3 OFF per liter on Diesel from Sept 27- Oct 1 at participating Unioil stations. Plus, it is all on EURO 5–500% cleaner than current fuel standards!

S&R Members usually only get P3.00 OFF per liter for gas, and P2.00 OFF  per liter for diesel, but during the Members’ Treat, we all can get P5.00 OFF for gas and P3.00 OFF for diesel!

So, gas is around P45.00 per liter now. Let’s say it’s P45 for easier computation, P5.00 OFF is 11.1% OFF! If you fill up, say, 30 liters, you save P150.00! Instead of paying 30 L x P45 = P1,350, you only pay P1,200. You can choose to get your P150 as a discount, or you can tell the Unioil attendant that you want the P150 to be converted to gas, and they will give you P150 worth of additional gas.

If you’re not familiar with how to go about claiming this discount, I have it all blogged in detail here: S&R UniOil Promo: Save Thousands in Gas Money with Your S&R Card!

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