Deal Finds S&R Members Treat 2017, Part 3: Get Ready for Summer!

Checked out the S&R Members Treat 2017 happening from March 29 (Wednesday) to April 2 (Sunday). Almost everything was on Buy 1 Take 1, and if they were not, then they were definitely significantly discounted!

Members Treat 2017 is more organized and much improved from previous sales, so congratulations to the S&R team!

Here are some of the deals I found at the S&R Shaw branch, but they should have the same deals in other branches, as well. As I’m writing this blog post, I realized that there were too many sale items to feature, I need to break it down into 3 parts!

Part 1: Big Items + Home + Beauty

Part 2: FOOD + Small Appliances

Part 3: Get Ready for Summer!


Again, it’s summer, so I got a set of these Curver Coolboxes for summer weekends where I can keep food & drinks cool for parties. These would also be great to use for road trips and picnics!

S&R Members Treat 2017 Curver Coolbox 32L

S&R Members Treat Curver Cool Box 32L Inside

Another use would be to transport cold food from the supermarket back to your house – hey, it’s very hot, the ice cream you just bought will melt before you get home! Prevent that by keeping one of these coolboxes in your car when you go grocery shopping.

S&R Members Treat 2017 Curver Coolbox 10L Inside

I thought this Igloo 5-gal water jug with cup dispenser is going to be very cool for the summer! It’s also very easy to clean since the opening at the top is quite big.

S&R Members Treat 2017 Igloo Water Jug

Impress your guests with these aluminum Cokes and Sprites!

Coca Cola Aluminum

Sprite Aluminum

I’m in summer / picnic / weekend brunch party mode, check out these serving bowls that can be used to serve anything from rice pilaf to chips to dips to coleslaw!

S&R Members Treat 2017 Serving Bowls Buy 1 Take 1

If you need presentable serving ware for your parties, check out this Corningware set, they’re P500 OFF!

S&R Members Treat 2017 Corningware

This would make such a great container for bringing food for potluck parties! It even has its own insulated container to keep your food warm!

S&R Members Treat 2017 Anchor Hocking Oven Basics


I saw this on YouTube, it’s perfect for people who have limited space. This laundry basket shrinks down when not in use!

S&R Members Treat 2017 Flexware Laundry Basket

They also have a flexible colander. This means it’s only P75 each???! Haha, my Christmas shopping is done as early as March! Everybody needs a colander, for washing vegetables, draining pasta, etc… it’s so useful and so compact, yet only P75!

S&R Members Treat 2017 Flexware Colander

Here are some organizers to help with your summer cleaning!

S&R Members Treat 2017 Organizers

S&R Members Treat 2017 Organizers

Saw this guy hoarding non-slip hangers. Check out his cart! A man after my own heart. Go for it!  To be fair, the hangers are nice – slim and they have a non-slip grippy thing so clothes won’t fall off the hanger. Ah, memories. Ginawa ko rin yan dati sa Ikea nung wala pang magandang hanger available sa Philippines na medyo affordable… 

S&R Members Treat 2017 Hangers

I’m a sucker for good microfiber cloths:

S&R Members Treat 2017 Microfiber Cloth

For summer entertaining:

Need a new barbecue grill? Take this opportunity to buy one on sale! Even the big ones are discounted, too!

S&R Members Treat 2017 BBQ Grills

If you are looking for imported briquets, they’re available at S&R and are discounted, too! Time to stock up!

S&R Members Treat 2017 Briquets

I really like this glass design!

S&R Members Treat 2017 Glasses

Keep coffee warm:

S&R Members Treat 2017 Mr. Coffee

New beach towels for your beach vacation!

S&R Members Treat 2017 Beach Towels

Don’t get sunburned! Load up on some sunblock:

S&R Members Treat 2017 Beach Hut Sunblock

Check out this portable, folding beach chair that you can easily store out of the way when not in use. Regular price is P999.95, but now during the Members’ Treat, is only P799.00! You can also use it to provide extra seating for guests to your backyard barbecue or pool party!

S&R Members Treat 2017 Beach Chair

For more summer fun! Some inflatables!

S&R Members Treat 2017 Swimming Inflatables

I also saw some Coconut Coffee! I didn’t even know that such a thing existed.

S&R Members Treat 2017 Coconut Coffee


These giant bears are Buy 1 Take 1!!! Only P1,699.95! That means they are only P850 each… just, wow!

S&R Members Treat 2017 Giant Bears Buy 1 Take 1

More toys on Buy 1 Take 1:

S&R Members Treat 2017 Toys Buy 1 Take 1

There are so much more items on promo during the Members’ Treat 2017, I just can’t post them all!

If you haven’t seen it, check out Part 1: Big Items + Home Stuff and Part 2: FOOD + Small Appliances

The S&R Members Treat 2017 sale is until April 2, Sunday, at all S&R Warehouse branches! Take this opportunity to buy the things you’ve always thought of buying. Sayang, naka-sale na! 

I hope you enjoyed this blog post. Please feel free to leave a comment below, I love hearing from you!

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