S&R Members’ Treat 2016: Sneak Peek at What’s on Sale

I visited S&R yesterday, and those of you who follow my page on Facebook got some real-time reporting of some of the things I found during the Members’ Treat!

There were already a lot of people coming in a day before the actual sale. The S&R staff already had some sale items on display in preparation for the big event tomorrow!

Upon entering, I could immediately see a lot of Christmas items already. Many Christmas gift sets, usually bath products sets, were also Buy 1 Take 1.

SnR Members Treat Xmas

This salmon is the best price I’ve seen it, so far. It’s only P549.95 per kg! It used to be P619.95/kg!

SnR Members Treat Salmon

Got a dose of Stranger Things nostalgia seeing these Eggos:

SnR Members Treat Eggos

Blueberries on Buy 1  Take 1! For smoothies and dessert! Or drop a handful into your pancakes for blueberry pancakes.

SnR Members Treat Blueberries

I don’t know if these Bergen Multigrain Choco Cookies are any good, but it looks like a typhoon hit this display! Okay, if so many people are buying it, we also bought 2 packs to try it out 

SnR Members Treat Bergen

Alaska Nonfat Milk on Buy 1 Take 1:

SnR Members Treat Alaska Milk

Another display that looks like it was hit by a typhoon!  This is a really good price for milk.

SnR Members Treat Eurocow

These Acai & Blueberry things are also Buy 1 Take 1! These are addictive. Like raisinets.

SnR Members Treat Acai

Epicurious-branded pots and pans were on Buy 1 Take 1 or heavily discounted:

SnR Members Treat Epicurious

We actually bought 2 frying pan sets (total of 4 because it’s Buy 1 Take 1). I needed a big, wok-like thing, and the epicurious ones are induction ready! The others are going to be Christmas gifts to relatives.

SnR Members Treat Epicurious Fryer

Anchor Hocking baking dishes at Buy 1 Take 1. Take advantage of this if you don’t have some nice baking dishes yet.

SnR Members Treat Bakeware

Convection ovens at Buy 1 Take 1 (P4,999.95 for 2 ovens):

SnR Members Treat Convection Oven

This EZ Dry Clothes Dryer is P5,999.95, but is Buy 1 Take 1! I was curious and asked about it – it dries clothes in about 25-30 minutes! If it’s raining and you can’t dry your clothes in the sun, or if you don’t have drying space, this is a good alternative. The washed clothes need to be spun dry first, then hung inside this clothes dryer.

SnR Members Treat EZ Dry Clothes Dryer

Pillows, bedsheets, towels, etc… were also on Buy 1 Take 1, but I might be overloading you with all the sale items. There are so many more items on sale, and I’m sure more have been added now that the actual sale has started today.

I’ll be dropping by again this weekend to see if there are more items added to the sale!

S&R’s Members’ Treat sale starts today, Sept. 30, Friday, until Oct. 2, Sunday! Go and check out the sale!

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6 thoughts on “S&R Members’ Treat 2016: Sneak Peek at What’s on Sale

    1. Barat Queen Post author

      Best time is to go early! Tips – bring companions so you can take turns waiting in line while the other shops! And also para may ka share sa Buy 1 Take 1 🙂

    1. Barat Queen Post author

      Thank you for your kind words, Jennifer! I am so happy you appreciate my posts. It makes all the effort I put into it worth it 🙂


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