S&R June 2016 Sale & Promo Finds

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Last week, we visited the S&R at The Fort for some grocery shopping and then just the other day, we went to S&R Shaw. I found some great deals, some of which I already posted on my Facebook page.

Right now, the one we bought a couple of packs of were the 80% Lean Ground Pork, which is on promo where you get half a kilo, FREE! It’s P213.95/kg with 500g free per pack.

Lean Ground Pork Free Half Kilo

The 80% lean ground pork is on promo until Sunday (June 26)! I am planning to make several freezer-friendly recipes this weekend that should make life easier for me for the following weeks.

Off the top of my head, I think I can make some meatballs, some embutido, some siomai filling, some longganisa, and even some homemade chorizo or some home-made Italian sausage. Yes, we bought 2 big packs of this ground pork 

We also bought salmon items on promo. First, the salmon fillet is discounted at only P549.95. Last time I checked, it was P619.95, so save P70! If you’re looking for ideas on how to cook the salmon fillet, check out my post Easy Grilled Salmon with Honey Mustard Sauce. Speaking of mustard, the Grey Poupon mustard is on sale, too (check my Facebook page for the pics!).

Salmon Fillet

Also saw this Salmon Belly at P149.95, Buy 1 Take 1! I think it will work well in a Salmon Sinigang, or fried, like in Sonya’s Garden. Or maybe grilled with some Teriyaki Glaze.

Salmon Belly Buy 1 Take 1

These Salmon Burgers were also on Buy 1 Take 1, so it’s P149.95 for 8 pcs.

Salmon Burger Buy 1 Take 1

Salmon Burger

I think these will make a really easy meal. Just bread and fry! Perfect with some tartar sauce. Speaking of which, the Kraft Tartar Sauce was on sale, too.


I also bought two packs of these Jumbo Strawberries, that are only P149.95 for a 1 kilogram pack. Ever since we got one of those personal blenders (we have an Oster My Blend), I have been blending more! You wouldn’t think that such a contraption would make that big of a difference -but since it’s so small and compact, it doesn’t feel like so much effort to use. Hindi nakakatamad gamitin. It just sits on the counter, ready for use all the time. Cleaning is as easy as cleaning a glass cup. Just the thought of hauling out my big blender, cleaning the heavy glass, the lid, blade contraption, the base… is enough to make me nope out of using it. However, there are just some dishes where only a real, honest-to-goodness blender will do the job (like puréed soups, homemade soymilk, etc… ), and that’s why I still keep mine around.

Jumbo Strawberries 1KG

So, back to the strawberries, I love making strawberry shake! It’s also very easy. Just pop in some frozen strawberries, some milk, some sugar, some ice. Blend. Done. 

But actually, I might be making some strawberry ice cream, too. Been wanting to try Bigger Bolder Baking’s No Ice Cream Machine Ice Cream Recipe — using just cream and condensed milk! Or her Strawberry Lime Sorbet which just looks so delicious! And which only needs a food processor or a blender to make.

For the Nutella-addicted, it’s on sale again – P324.95 from P399.95 (Save P75):


Some more chocolates and sweets on sale:

MM Milk Chocolate

My dad is addicted to these Balconi cakes… buys them every time they’re on promo.

Balconi Mix Max

Puff Pastry Bocconcini Matilda Vicenzo

Belgian Waffle

Kitkat Crunch

Starbucks Frap Smores

Sunmaid Choco Raisins

This isn’t on sale, but it’s the first time I’ve seen a Ruffles Spicy Crab flavor 

Ruffles Spicy Crab


Its June, the month of weddings and the start of school. If you are one of those lucky people moving to a new place, a dorm, a house, a new condo, or even if you just need to replace your old appliance, there are some appliance bundle deals at S&R you might want to check out.

This 10-speed Oster blender comes with a free half gallon Coleman jug. The Oster is more expensive than local brands, but it’s worth the extra money. The thing lasts forever and is more powerful than cheaper blenders.

Oster Blender Free Coleman Jug

S&R also has a Braun Grind & Brew Bundle Pack (P5,529.95) that includes a Braun 10-cup Aromaster Classic and a Severin Coffee Grinder. Braun and Severin are both well-known German appliance brands.

Braun Severin Grind Brew Bundle

Braun Severin Grind Brew Bundle Poster

The Severin grinder uses a burr grinder (the same type used in pepper mills), that produces a more even grind that the cheaper blade grinders.

These Anchor Glass Mugs are not on sale, but I know that many people are looking for them. I personally love using them. They are thick and well-balanced and don’t tip over as easily as other glasses. They are P349.95 for 4. This one has a chalkboard area where you can write things.

Anchor Hocking Glass Mugs


The Dove shampoos & conditioners were on sale again last week, got them for P329.95, so of course, I bought A LOT!  I also bought a new towel, it was only P279.95. I just love aqua-colored things.

Dove Shampoo Conditioner

Brighten up rainy days with these cute & stylish rain gear finds!

These boots were made for walkin’ (in the rain!):

Stylish Rain Boots

Stylish Rain Boots Pink

Stylish Rain Boots Pink 2

Stylish Rain Boots Green

I’m glad I finally found rain boots that don’t look like fisherman or security guard boots… 

Peanuts Umbrellas, save P100, now only P379.95:

Peanuts Umbrella

Peanuts Backpack:

Peanuts Backpack

For men, these twill shorts were on Buy 1 Take 1!  The material is cotton twill, it feels comfortable yet durable. There are sizes available.

Mens Shorts Buy 1 Take 1

And if you missed getting your dad a Father’s Day present, and he loves his tools, check out the Keter MasterPro Mobile Cart + Toolbox, now only P3,099.95, save P1,400:

Keter Mobile Cart Toolbox 2

It includes one big cart with wheels and handle, and a smaller toolbox that you place on top. There is an organizer tray in the toolbox.

Keter Mobile Cart Toolbox 3

Keter Mobile Cart Toolbox

Hope you enjoyed the post. Happy shopping!

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