S&R Haul – Muffins on Buy 1 Take 1

We checked out S&R last Friday night and here are some of the things we bought!

1. Buy 1 Take 1 Muffins!

P229.95 for 8 muffins – that brings that to P28.75 per muffin. And oh, what deliciously moist muffins they are, especially at that price!

If I’m not mistaken, I think they have different baked goods on Buy 1 Take 1 per night. So go check it out!

SnR Buy 1 Take 1 Muffins

2. Buy 1 Take 1 Tang Orange Pineapple

I’m not particularly fond of fake, sugary drinks like this, but my dad loves them. These are 96 Fl Oz (2.84L) per bottle, at P149.95 a bottle. But since it’s Buy 1 Take 1, it ended up only being P75.00 per bottle.

SnR Buy 1 Take 1 Tang Orange Pineapple

SnR Buy 1 Take 1 Tang Orange Pineapple Barcode

3. Blue Bunny Ice Cream

I can’t remember exactly how much we saved here. I’m not sure but I think the regular price for these are P399.95? We got these for P299.95 each for the 1.75 quarts size. Why? Because heaven forbid our freezer runs out of ice cream. But it’s all good. I’m not complaining 🙂

We got the Double Strawberry and the Caramel Fudge Brownie Sundae flavors.

SnR Blue Bunny Ice Cream

If you love Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, they are on sale, too. You can get them for only P229! I didn’t get any Ben & Jerry’s this time, though. We already have enough ice cream and I’m afraid there’s not enough space in the freezer for it.

There weren’t that many things on sale at S&R last Friday…

The rest of our haul was just normal grocery stuff that weren’t on sale like bread, fish fillets, frozen broccoli, etc…

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