S&R Father’s Day Sale Finds – June 3, 2015

SnR June 3 Fathers Day Items Rechargeable Searchlight Emergency Beacon LED Flashlight Dorcy

Hello everyone, have you missed the S&R posts? I was able to visit S&R a few days ago and here are my Sale Finds!

It is a Father’s Day themed sale for June at S&R.

Advanced Happy Father’s Day! (It’s on June 21)

These LED flashlights, rechargeable halogen searchlight, and emergency beacons are on sale!

The Dorcy LED flashlight is Buy 1 Take 1 (P1,299.95 for 2 packs):

SnR June 3 Dorcy LED Flashlight

The Rechargeable Halogen Searchlight is discounted by P350 (now only P1,399.95):

SnR June 3 Rechargeable Searchlight

These Emergency Beacon lights are 50% OFF (now only P1,149.95):

SnR June 3 Emergency Beacon Roadside Kit

These ultrasoft microfiber auto towels are 50% OFF (now only P499.95):

SnR June 3 Ultrasoft Microfiber Auto Towels 24 Pack

This beach chair is Less P500 (from P2,299.95, now only PP1,799.95):

SnR June 3 Beach Chair

Buy Dad some bottles for his bar:

This is the Item of the Week – buy 2 bottles of this Ruffino Chianti and get a FREE whole Rotisserie Chicken!

SnR June 3 Ruffino Chianti Free Chicken

How about some Cognac? Get FREE Texas Style BBQ Ribs when you buy a Camus Cognac VSOP gift pack (now only P2,089.95), and get a FREE Lloyd’s Spareribs when you buy a Camus Cognac XO gift pack (now only P6,099.95). These gift packs include the glasses!

SnR June 3 Camus Cognac XO VSOP

Get a FREE Johnny Walker trolley bag when you buy 4 bottles of everybody’s favorite, Johnny Walker:

SnR June 3 Johnny Walker Black Free Trolley Bag

There were also a few wines on Buy 1 Take 1:

  • Santa Carolina Merlot (2014) – P379.95 for 2
  • Table Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon – P429.95 for 2
  • Proximo Rioja (2011) – P499.95 for 2

Food, Home & Beauty sale finds will be posted tomorrow 🙂

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