Quick & Easy Dedication and Picture Cakes at S&R


We were grocery shopping, running late and needed a quick cake to bring home for my mom’s birthday.

Thankfully, S&R (we went to the Shaw branch) now has a cake decoration / dedication service where they can write out a dedication in about 2 minutes!

S&R Dedication and Picture Cakes – Done in 2 Minutes / 30 Minutes!

It’s a time-saver because we didn’t have to stop by another bakeshop. We were able to get 2 things off our to-do list in one trip!

SnR Dedication Picture Cakes

Unfortunately, I didn’t bring any picture than could be used for the cake that day, but S&R can totally do a photo cake, too. It only takes about 30 minutes to do the picture cake. Just get to it first before browsing the supermarket and 30 minutes will have gone by without you even noticing.

In the poster above, the cake on the left is a picture cake. The cake on the right is a dedication cake (this is the one where the cake guy writes on the cake).

For the picture cake, they will be printing out your picture / design and transfer it to your cake.

The first thing you need to do is to pick a cake. They had several cakes to choose from, with different bases like vanilla, chocolate, mocha, etc… They also had different frosting designs. I chose a pink cake with a vanilla base.

The vanilla cake base we chose was actually pretty good, too. Even though it was only a plain vanilla cake, it was moist and fluffy, and not too sweet. Just right. The frosting was buttercream. My mom doesn’t like cakes that are too rich so she liked this. 

SnR Dedication Picture Cakes

Here’s the video of the actual writing of the cake dedication:

Here’s the finished product!


I like the nice, transparent cake container. I like being able to see the cake so I know if it’s already melting, or if it’s about to stick to the side of the container or something. Bonus: the cake container can be re-purposed to organize other things at home, too, or can be re-used to transport other food.

This cake was actually quite sturdy – no problems bringing it home. They even included a birthday candle.

S&R Dedication Cake

Next time you’re pressed for time and need to buy a cake for a birthday, anniversary, any occasion you forgot, or just to say you’re sorry, just head over to S&R to get your cake almost immediately. I also like that there are almost no lines at the cake decoration counter so we were served right away.

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