S&R December Sale Finds

SnR Dec 28 Hersheys Kisses Caramel Featured Image

Life has been so hectic these past few days! Anyway, I wanted to share these sale finds I found at S&R during my last visit there before Christmas.

The first thing that caught my eye was this gold-boxed Henessy VSOP Cognac. It was discounted by P300, from P2,899.95 to P2,599.95. It’s a very pretty gift that cognac lovers will surely like.

SnR Dec 28 Hennessy VSOP

We bought this Amarula Cream Liqueur for our girl’s night in (long-time-no-see barkada get-together)! We were choosing between this or Bailey’s, but settled on getting the Amarula, because, really, who can resist a deal like this? We were all trying to spend less, too 🙂 From P574.95, it is now only P449.95 (save P125), and we even get a mini bottle!

I like Amarula. It is very creamy and has a caramel-like flavor. The alcohol is also very mellow. It’s like drinking thick caramel cream with a slight kick. I also like that it is a very good drink that doesn’t make a big dent in your wallet 😛

I drink it slowly, a mouthful at a time, appreciate the creaminess, and let it sink in, before taking another sip. I think I actually like this better now than Bailey’s.

SnR Dec 28 Amarula

I have already shown the Dr. Teal’s Epsom Salts before, but I’m showing them here again because I know they are kind of hard to find. And many people might be looking to soak with Epsom Salts in their bath tubs to de-stress, with the Christmas holidays usually being the most stressful time of the year. A big 6-pound bag is P324.95.

SnR DSnR Dec 28 Tresemme Conditioner Buy 1 Take 1ec 28 Epsom Salts

These Tresemme Split Remedy Conditioners were also on Buy 1 Take 1:SnR Dec 28 Tresemme Conditioner Buy 1 Take 1


We usually get the Blue Bunny brand ice cream (biggest tub) because my mom just has to eat a serving of ice cream after every meal, and she doesn’t like nuts and other things that are difficult to chew in her ice cream. I saw another brand called Hiland, which we tried. It was P399.95 for a 4-quart tub (1 gallon). It does look a lot like Blue Bunny and at first I thought it was Blue Bunny. It’s no Ben & Jerry’s, but it was okay for the price. It’s good that we have another choice other than Blue Bunny 🙂

SnR Dec 28 Hiland Ice Cream Gallon Chocolate Chip

SnR Dec 28 Hiland Ice Cream Gallon Neapolitan

The Pepperidge Farm Cheddar Goldfish (big box) is also available, but is not on promo. My nephew loves these goldfish and I can’t blame him… I kind of like snacking on them, too.

SnR Dec 28 Pepperidge Farm Cheddar Goldfish

Now, we’re getting to the good stuff! Chocolates, chocolates, chocolates! These are the ones I saw at S&R during my last visit:

These Nestle Crunch Christmas Jingles Bell-Shaped Chocolates are now P199.95 (from P249.95).

SnR Dec 28 Nestle Crunch Christmas Jingles Bell Shaped Chocolates

These Twix Christmas Gingerbread Cookie Bars are now P224.95 (from P279.95).

SnR Dec 28 Twix Christmas Gingerbread

Here are some Hershey’s Kisses on sale:

SnR Dec 28 Hersheys Kisses Filled Caramel

SnR Dec 28 Hersheys Deluxe Kisses Hazelnut Center

SPAM was on promo! I didn’t even know that there were so many different flavors of Spam – Spam Lite, Spam Regular, Spam Less Sodium, Spam Oven-Roasted Turkey, Spam Bacon, Spam Tocino and Spam Teriyaki. Get 4 (any variant) for P521.80 (Save P10). It’s not a very big amount in savings, but you always need some Spam in your pantry for back-up, and saving P10 is still P10.

SnR Dec 28 Spam Buy 4 Save P10

Spam is a household staple – it can be an extra ulam (viand), breakfast item, sandwich filling, and can even be used for salads (cubed), sushi, spam musubi, etc… It’s really very versatile. They also last a long, long time, and something you will be glad to have when there is an emergency (when typhoons flood the entire city and there’s no way to go out and get food, and similar events of that nature).

Same thing with Libby’s Vienna Sausage, this 18-can pack is discounted from P644.95 to P629.95 (save P15). We’ve actually already used some cans of our Libby’s Vienna Sausage to make embotido.

SnR Dec 28 Libbys Vienna Sausage

Hope you enjoyed these sale finds that I saw at S&R! Happy New Year!

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