Space EDSA – A Nice Place to Stay for Only P4,200/mo

I don’t usually blog about these things, but yesterday, I was introduced to a concept that I think a lot of people would benefit from knowing about, so I really wanted to share what I learned about Space EDSA.

Metro Manila traffic is god awful. So many productive hours are lost to this monster. I had work colleagues who lived in Bulacan, Cavite, Paranaque, etc… who wasted at least 4 hours of every work day on the commute from their home to the office. It is a testament to their resilience that they did not come to work every day cranky and hot-tempered!

Some of them ended up renting an apartment or a condo shared with 4-8 people, but still had to pay for services like electricity, water, internet and a gym membership out of pocket.


When I learned about Space EDSA, I thought, this seems like a much better alternative! They could stay at Space during the work week and go home during the weekend. This might also be a good choice for students.

Space EDSA is like a dorm, but with better facilities. You get a bed in a room you share with 4-8 beds (depends on the room) and a small cabinet for your things.

However, on top of the bed and cabinet space, you also get:

  • AIR-CONDITIONING 24/7 (airconditioning at the pantry is 24/7, but the room airconditioning is scheduled for only 10 hours a day; there is a night shift or day shift schedule)
  • Access to in-house GYM that is open 24/7
  • Access to the pantry* that is open 24/7
  • Common bathroom for females
  • Common bathroom for males
  • 24/7 Security / Reception (to accept food deliveries and such)

If you are interested, I suggest getting a few of your friends or work mates interested, too, so you can all stay in one room.

Space EDSA is located at the 3rd Floor of 167 EDSA Mandaluyong, in between the Shaw and Boni MRT Stations, right beside VRP Medical Center. There is a Security Bank branch in the building, so you can’t miss it. The first two floors are also offices of Major Homes, the company behind Space.

Space Edsa Pantry Lounge

Excuse the mess! The pic was taken at a blogger event where they showed us around their facilities.

*The pantry also includes a small kitchen – it has a small refrigerator, a microwave, a hot and cold water dispenser, a sink, etc… but you can’t actually cook there.

Space Edsa Pantry Kitchen Sink

Space Edsa Pantry Microwave Water

There is even a charging area in the pantry lounge where you can charge your gadgets:

Space Edsa Charging Station

Male and female rooms are separate. There is an area for female rooms (right wing), and a whole other area for male rooms (left wing).

This is what a typical room looks like. The beds on top are priced at P4,200 per month (price already includes everything) and includes one of the cabinet spaces (locker type). The beds on the bottom are priced at P4,300 per month and includes the 2 drawers at the bottom (no locker type cabinet space). This is a promo price since they just opened about 2 months ago. They plan to open up several more Space locations – I think the next one will be in Taft Ave.

Space Edsa Corridors

SPACE Bedrooms

You can decorate your space to your liking, as long as you don’t damage the paint.

Space Edsa Decorated Beds

Space Edsa Decorated Bed

Storage space is really limited, so don’t bring too many things.

The rooms are secured with electronic locks:

Space Edsa Door Lock

These are the common bathrooms:

Space Edsa Shower Stalls

Space Edsa Shower Stall

Space Edsa Toilet Stalls

Space Edsa Toilet with Bidet

I like that they also use rainfall showerheads and they have bidets!

Here’s the gym:
Space Edsa Gym

Space Edsa Gym Weights

Space EDSA does have some rules that a Spacer needs to abide by: no food in the rooms, no alcohol, and just the usual guidelines on how to be a considerate neighbor / guest.

Space Edsa Rules Guidelines Reminders

Visitors are only allowed from 8am – 8pm, and can only stay at the reception area. Visitors cannot enter beyond reception. There is no curfew for residents (also called Spacers) since many work odd hours.

Space only requires 1 month deposit and a half month advance, so that’s only P6,300 to move in. They require at least one valid government ID. Rent payment is month to month.

Space EDSA has 180 beds, and as of this writing, 100 beds are already filled with BPO professionals, accountants, students, nurses, doctors, etc…

The only thing that concerns me a little about Space EDSA is the flight of stairs to go up to the third floor. It is an open staircase located at the back of the building, accessible from outside. This has its pros and cons. Pros – you can come and go as you please without having to pass through the main building entrance, and there are more neighborhood shops at the back like the 7-11, the stairs at the back make it easier to get to them. Cons – the stairs are located outside; there is no other way to reach Space Edsa; even if you come in from the front of the building, you still have to go out the building’s back door to go to the stairs to go up to Space Edsa.

Space Edsa Outside Stairs Access

However, with everything you get for P4,200 a month, it is actually very good value! You get to save time from daily commuting when you live nearer work, you get airconditioning, free electricity, free water, free WIFI, nice shower and toilet facilities, a gym, and someone available to receive your mail and deliveries, too! Those are worth more than P4,200 a month, I tell ya.

Learn more about Space on their website:

I hope you enjoyed this blog post. Please feel free to leave a comment below, I love hearing from you! To get the latest updates, please follow me on Facebook and Instagram. xoxo, Karen

2 thoughts on “Space EDSA – A Nice Place to Stay for Only P4,200/mo

  1. mister

    Hi BaratQueen,

    Do you happen to know a place similar with Space Edsa but it’s located near Guadalupe MRT station or Taguig?

    My friend is looking for one with a budget of 5-6K PHP per month.


    1. Barat Queen Post author

      Hi mister,

      Sorry, I am not familiar with other offers like this near Guadalupe / Taguig. Actually, Space EDSA is not that far, only 1 MRT station away from Guadalupe.


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