Snow Pore Minimizer Toner – Does it Work?

Snow Pore Minimizer Toner 2

I got a bottle of Snow Pore Minimizer toner a few months ago, and I have been using it off and on since then.


After cleansing my face at night, I pour some of the Snow Pore Minimizer toner on a cotton pad and wipe it around my face. I also wipe my neck with it – you know we should never forget out neck when it comes to skincare! Wiping motions should also go upward to prevent sagging skin.

This helps get any dirt or makeup that were not removed by my facial cleanser.

The toner has an alcoholic, minty smell. It doesn’t smell like rubbing alcohol, but more like drinking alcohol.


On first use, try not to cry.

Sobrang hapdi niya, omg! 

It’s like wiping White Flower all over your face. It’s soooooooooo minty.

But persevere, show no weakness, and wipe it all over your face. Try to get any dirt that your cleanser might have missed. I often still get some foundation that my micellar water and facial cleanser was not able to get.

While it is “painful”, I actually prefer these kinds of toners. I’ve tried using non-alcoholic toners before and they do nothing for me. I feel like I was just wiping water on my skin and they feel like wastes of money. With this Snow Pore Minimizer toner, sa sobrang hapdi niya feeling ko patay na lahat ng germs! Hahaha.

The Snow Pore Minimizer toner also takes away excess oil, but my skin doesn’t feel dry. Just very minty.

Anyway, after a few minutes, I feel like it’s enough time for the toner to do its job, so I rinse my face with water. Then I moisturize.


Yes, it does, but be ready for the pain (not kidding). If I use it for several days straight, my skin kinda gets used to it so it’s not so bad, but if I stop for a few days and use it again, it stings so bad again that it makes me tear up.

But it does work. I’ve already used up half the bottle. When paired with a good moisturizer, the effect is like my face had just undergone a diamond peel, especially after waking up. I’m currently using it with the Neutrogena Fine Fairness Overnight Brightening Cream, which I am also trying out.

Be patient with the results. For me, the results are not so much pore minimizing, but the skin on my face has become smoother. There are just less of those tiny bumps on my face (whiteheads). Whiteheads are reduced, and if I do get any whiteheads, they dry out quicker and sometimes I can just scratch the whiteheads out with my fingernail. But don’t do that, use proper tools or something, don’t be like me, haha.

I’ve been alternating using this with my Clinique 2 toner. They basically do the same thing but the Snow Pore Minimizer toner is much cheaper. I’ve been using the Clinique toner for years, so I know the pore tightening effect is from the Snow toner.

If I skip using toner for a few days, I notice that my skin becomes not so smooth again. I feel like the action of wiping the cotton on my face + the toners not only remove any dirt that the cleanser couldn’t remove, but they also exfoliate and “polish” my skin. I find that this also helps prevent pimples.

I do feel that the Snow Pore Minimizer toner closes my pores. Well, it is a pore-minimizing toner so that is what it’s supposed to do. However, it feels like it’s harder for my moisturizers to absorb into my skin since my pores are tight. That’s why I don’t use it every day and alternate it with my other toner. Also, while the Snow Pore Minimizer Toner does remove makeup that’s left behind by cleansers, I feel like the Clinique toner and even Eskinol does a better job of that. So when I’m wearing heavy makeup, I use my other toners. I would suggest alternating the Snow Pore Minimizer toner with other toners so your skin has an opportunity to breathe.


It’s available at Watsons and at Lazada. Price is around P150 (100ml). But Snow products are sometimes difficult to find because they go out of stock quickly.

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