Smart’s ALL CALL 250 Plan – Call Smart, Globe, Sun, Any Landline, the US, Canada, HK and Singapore for Only P2.50/min!


Today I saw an ad in the newspaper for Smart’s All Call. What caught my attention was the P250 for 100 minutes (P2.50/minute!) which you can use to call ANY network (Smart, Globe, Sun, etc..), or any landline ANYWHERE in the Philippines, or ANY number in the US, Canada, Hong Kong or Singapore!

Now, I didn’t get all these from the ad. So I went online and tried to look for additional information from Smart’s website. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find anything about this on Smart’s website, so I ended up calling Smart’s customer service.

According to the rep I spoke with, I should log in to the Smart website because their main website is not updated. But I am not a Smart subscriber, not yet, anyway. I used to be. But that SIM has long been inactive. Can I use that? No. So, how do I get the information I need? I am interested and might buy a SIM to subscribe to this promo! Attention: Smart. Please update your public website with your latest promos! This is not the first time this has happened to me. There were several promos awhile back that I was interested in but couldn’t find any information on too. Telecom companies, please stop messing with your websites. Your old websites were better because they had all the information there and the information was easy to find! Yes, Globe, you too! I hate your current website. But at least Globe’s is better updated than Smart’s.

Anyway, the rep gave me the information I needed. And I am really interested in this promo. My current usage might not warrant it yet.. but should my telecommunication needs increase, I am going to subscribe to this. Imagine a Dual Sim phone with this on one, and Sun’s Text Unlimited 200 (with 500 texts to all networks) on the other, and you’re set!


Plan Details:

Call250 — with 100 minutes, valid for 15 days (costs P250)

For local calls, use the format:

*5908 + 0 + area code + number (landline or mobile)

For example, to call 0918-1234567, dial *590809181234567.

For international calls:

*5908 + 00 + country code + area code + number (landline or mobile)


To register, text Call250 to 5908.

There is also another variant – Call100 — with 30 minutes, valid for 5 days (costs P100)

To register, text Call100 to 5908.


You need a maintaining balance of P1.00.


I forgot to ask, can someone clarify: If I was not able to use up my 100 minutes, and I subscribe to the promo again before the previous one expires, do the unused minutes get carried over?

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