Smart Unlisurf Ending, Replaced by Surfmax

Unlisurf Ends Replaced by Surfmax


The past several days, I have been getting reports that Smart is phasing out Unlisurf by the end of October.

Barat Ako readers have been reporting that they receive messages from Smart when registering to Unlisurf, such as:

Starting October 31, 2015, Smart Bro UNLISURF will no longer be available.Enjoy allday Surfing with the new SurfMax data package.
Available in the following denominations SURFMAX50 P50 valid for 1 day, SURFMAX250- P250 valid for 7 days, SURFMAX995- P995 valid for 30 days.
To avail, text SURFMAX to 2200 ex. SURFMAX50 to 2200.

Thank you to the Barat Ako readers who took the time to report this in the comments and thru email, you are awesome! 

I called Smart’s customer service hotline at 888-1111 to get more information about Surfmax, but the customer service agent I talked to did not know anything about it. He said that they have not received any update at all about Unlisurf being phased out, or about the new Surfmax.


So I called again, hoping to get another agent, and I got the same moronic, incompetent woman who took my call two months ago. She was more clueless than the last guy. She had no idea what she was talking about and was reading me their internal memo, thinking that it answered my questions (it totally didn’t). My questions were simple: Is Unlisurf being phased out? When? What can you tell me about Surfmax? I remembered her because her accent was unforgettable and she kept calling me “mem” instead of “ma’am”.

Talking to that incompetent woman gave me a headache. It was like talking to an idiot. I called the Prepaid Hotline and we were talking about Smart Prepaid, when she searches for and finds some memo on her computer and starts reading it to me, saying that Smart has discontinued unlidata plans starting January 15, 2015. Based on that, she kept insisting that Unlisurf has been phased out since January 15. I told her Unlisurf is still available even until today. She kept insisting that it wasn’t. I told her that I was asking about prepaid. She just repeated what she said (frustrated pa siya ha, as if I was the one who didn’t get it). I had to explain to her that the memo she was reading was talking about Postpaid plans! I am asking about Prepaid. Haay naku, Smart, customer ako, bakit ako pa ang nagtuturo sa agent niyo? (Hey, Smart, I am your customer, why am I the one teaching your agent all about your products?)

After I cleared that up, and slowly explained the information I wanted from her, she said, buti pa daw ako, mas updated ako kesa sa kanya (Good for me, I am more updated than she is). What? O.M.G. Smart, where did you get this woman? She then starts searching her system again for something, I don’t know, and tells me as far as as she knows, Unlisurf was phased out last month (oh really? Then what was all that January 15 baloney?). She then starts going on about some update status being yellow or orange. I’m guessing that’s an internal coding system that should be kept internal.

I gave up. I just said my thanks, goodbye, and ended the call. I have talked with this particular agent before and her utter incompetence made my blood boil the last time. I’m cutting this conversation short before I get more frustrated. It was pointless, anyway, since she obviously knew nothing (less than Jon Snow)!


So anyway, the point is, I wasn’t able to verify the info with Smart’s Customer Service. Checking Smart’s Twitter @SmartCares, it says:

SurfMax is the newest all-day internet offer from Smart. It allows you to enjoy all day surfing for as low as P50/day. Promo will be available on October 31, 2015 for SMART Prepaid, TNT, and SMART Bro Prepaid while for SMART Postpaid/SMART Bro Postpaid it will be on November 10, 2015 until April 30, 2016.

Okay, from that, I am getting several things:

  • Unlisurf is ending on October 30, 2015 for Prepaid
  • Surfmax starts on October 31, 2015 for Prepaid
  • Unlisurf is ending on November 9, 2015 for Postpaid
  • Surfmax starts on November 10, 2015 for Postpaid

I think Unli LTE is also going to be phased out together with Unlisurf (unverified).

As of today, I couldn’t find anything on Surfmax except this page:

Smart says Surfmax is an “ALL DAY SURFING” promo. I don’t know what that means. Is it still unlimited internet? Is it going to be capped? Throttled? I have no idea.

I guess we’ll all have to wait until Oct. 31 to find out more. If you have any news about Surfmax, please share it in the comments!

UPDATE: Nov. 2, 2015

The guidelines for Smart’s new SurfMax is out, and for prepaid, there is an 800 MB/day cap. Boo!  Good Lord, internet in the Philippines is regressing…

Smart SurfMax allows subscribers to enjoy all day surfing up to 800MB/day at optimal speeds. Once this is consumed, all day surfing services will still be active but connection quality may vary until 12 midnight.

To help subscribers better manage their daily usage, this service will send them free text alerts once daily usage reaches 640MB (80%) and 800MB (100%).

Upon reaching their Smart SurfMax daily limit, subscribers may also switch to any Smart Big Bytes offering to continue enjoying optimal speeds. They may do so by texting BIG <denomination> to 9999 (Example: BIG50 to 9999). For a complete list of Smart Big Bytes packages, they may also visit

It doesn’t say if it is capped for postpaid. Smart Postpaid cap is 1 GB / day.

For Smart Bro – for prepaid, the daily cap is 800 MB per day, while for postpaid, it is 1 GB per day.

Once you reach your daily limit, you have to wait until 12 midnight for it to reset.

You can read the entire FAQ for prepaid here:

Update Nov. 26, 2015: Also, check out Smart’s Big Bytes 70 – it is P70 for 1 GB of internet, good for 7 days. I think it is currently the cheapest priced legitimate promo (per 1 GB) at the moment.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post. Please feel free to leave a comment below, I love hearing from you!

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126 thoughts on “Smart Unlisurf Ending, Replaced by Surfmax

  1. Francis De La Roca

    This is really getting annoying. I’m not noted for this news. I’m still subscribed to 30 day promo access but now I can’t even access to surf anymore. This happened two days ago, 10/24/2015. What’s this SurfMax nonsense? What is the difference between Unlisurf and that? Oh god. *frustated*

    Is globe reliable for alternative?

    1. Jowel

      hope this helps, seen on smart webpage. unfortunately, it will be capped at 800mb/day. wew. -.-‘


      What is Smart Surfmax?
      Smart Surfmax is the newest internet offer that allows you to surf all day. Promo is valid from October 31, 2015 to April 30, 2016.

      Who can register to Smart SurfMax?
      Available to all Smart Broadband prepaid subscribers.

      What are the available Smart SurfMax packages?
      Product Keyword Price Validity
      SurfMax 50 SURFMAX50 P50 1 day
      SurfMax 85 SURFMAX85 P85 2 days
      SurfMax 200 SURFMAX200 P200 5 days
      SurfMax 250 SURFMAX250 P250 7 days
      SurfMax 500 SURFMAX500 P500 15 days
      SurfMax 995 SURFMAX995 P995 30 days
      How do I subscribe to Smart SurfMax?
      Via SMS: You can subscribe by texting the corresponding syntax/keyword/ and send to 9999 (Example: SURFMAX50 to 9999)
      Via USSD: Just dial *121# and choose SurfMax
      What are the features of this product?
      Smart SurfMax allows subscribers to enjoy all day surfing up to 800MB/day at optimal speeds. Once this is consumed, all day surfing services will still be active but connection quality may vary until 12 midnight.

      To help subscribers better manage their daily usage, this service will send them free text alerts once daily usage reaches 640MB (80%) and 800MB (100%).

      Upon reaching their Smart SurfMax daily limit, subscribers may also switch to any Smart Big Bytes offering to continue enjoying optimal speeds. They may do so by texting BIG to 9999 (Example: BIG50 to 9999). For a complete list of Smart Big Bytes packages, they may also visit

      What can I do with my Surfmax data promo?
      A lot! Using Smart SurfMax, subscribers can enjoy surfing all day and perform the following online activities using their device:

      Web Searching (e.g. Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc)
      Web Reading (e.g. Blog sites, news, sports, entertainment, other articles, etc)
      Social Media Posting with or without photos, comments, update in status, like, etc (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc).
      Email reading/sending plain text with or without attachments (e.g. Outlook, Yahoomail, Gmail, etc)
      Chat messaging with or without photos, stickers, VoIP, etc. (e.g. Whatsapp, Line, Viber, etc), downloading of Chat stickers
      Navigation (e.g. Waze, Maps, etc)
      Mobile applications (e.g. Wikipedia app, Foodpanda app, Uber app, Google app, etc)
      Streaming of videos/music (e.g. Vimeo, Youtube, Deezer, Spinnr, etc)
      Downloading/Uploading files (e.g. pictures, files, videos, movies, music, emails, etc)
      VoIP or Calls over the Internet (e.g. Viber, Skype, Facetime audio/video, iMessage Voice Messaging, etc)
      Mobile applications that do streaming/downloading/uploading (e.g. Youtube app, Vimeo, app, etc)
      Send Chat Message 20 KB
      Post 1 text only Facebook status/comment 30 KB
      Post 1 photo on Instagram 250 KB
      Send 1 Email with attachment 300 KB
      Browse 1 Webpage with Photos 1.3 MB
      Stream 1 4-minute song 2.5 MB
      Stream 1 4-minute video 13 MB
      To learn to maximize data usage, visit Usage Guidelines at

      1. After I register, how will I know if my SurfMax Package subscription is already active?
      Subscribers will receive a confirmation message to notify them once their Smart SurfMax subscription is already active.

      How will I know if my Surfmax packagewill expire?
      An SMS notification will be sent to subscribers one (1) hour before the service expires.

      Can I avail multiple Surfmax packages at the same time?
      Yes. Subscribers may avail multiple Smart Surfmax packages at the same time.

      Can I use Surfmax while on roaming?
      No. Smart SurfMax service may only be used within the Philippines.

    2. Aldrin Canaya

      Sir naka gamit po ako ng UNlisurf50 noong bago mag phaseout at lumabas ang bago.
      buti pa noon eh, kasi smrtprepaid lang sim ko at WiFi unlisurf ang load na walang data cap at yun ang naka Upgrade sa loptop ko to windows 10, pagkatapo nun nag comment ako sa Smart comm. sa page nila na “ito, ayun, ganito salamat at dahil sa UNLIsurF lang nakapgUPGrade sa loptop ko.
      after non na nilabas ang sufmax doon ko na realize “cguro dahil nag commnt tungkol sa kinoment ko” niriport gwo… maganda pa sana ehhh!!!

      1. Fin Navasquez

        To whom it may concern, May nagtry na po ba sa inyo dito nito???

        Nakita ko lang sa site ng smart. It says,


        Experience Unlimited Mobile Internet at speeds of 2Mbps!

        Designed for the heavy mobile internet user, UNLI SURF data plans allow you to connect to the internet using your mobile phone and surf to your heart’s content without worrying about per minute charges. Browse mobile sites, upload photos, view videos, connect to your social networks, send and receive email, all through an unlimited data connection! Surf any time, any where, any site.

        Choose from our affordable UNLI SURF plans that fit you and your budget:

        Sim Type: Validity Rate Keyword Access Code
        Prepaid | Postpaid Daily 50 Unli 50 211
        Smart Infinity Weekly 300 Unli 300 211
        Monthly 1,200 Unli 1200 211

        Freedom Plan Monthly 1,000 Surf 9990

        Smart Postpaid
        All-in Plans Monthly 1,000 Surf 7577

        For wap registration, simply visit using your Smart cellphone and select the package you want to avail. Key in SURF and send to 211 to get information about the service. Mechanics:

        Avail the plan you want either via SMS: text UNLI send to 211 (Example: UNLI 50 send to 211) or via wap:
        After selecting the plan you want, TERMS and CONDITIONS screen will appear. Please click on the PROCEED tab to confirm your purchase
        Confirmation screen showing the status of your data plan will be displayed. This screen will show the exact start and end time of the data validity period.
        You can now connect to the internet at a flat rate during your validity period.

        Sinubukan ko mag register ng ilang beses pero ito ang laging reply sakin ng smart:
        “Sorry for the inconvenience. Service unavailable at this time
        (transaction not charged). Please try again later. RC:3801

  2. Romeo K. Escuyos

    It seems, they’re avoiding the word ‘unlimited’ to avoid legal implications in the future. There’s this guy who sued AT&T in small claims court for throttling his unlimited internet service and he won. So Smart is just playing it safe.

    1. Aree

      hahaha they’re playing it ‘smart’. I guess since no customer service rep even knows about the rollout, it’s merely a nomenclature update? I mean notice how their facebook page is so full of complaints about how unlisurf subscribers can’t even connect to the internet upon subscription. So now that they can’t even a decent quality internet service, just put a more appropriate name than “unlimited”

  3. Dean

    Tried it , pinarehas na nila sa globe na data capped na sya . 800mb per day .hays . wala ng mapagtsatsagaang network, puro sugapa. wala naman naimprove sa service . sana hindi tayo biguin ng telstra


    Mas Mabilis yung Globe dito sa iligan city but i’m using smart because it’s unlimited and lagi akong may dinadownload minimum of 2 to 3GB a day, kahit na mahina siya and minsan 6pm to 12mn wala tlagang connection. i have to wait till midnight para gumana ulit. PERO ngaun na may limit na siya i have to SWITCH sa GLOBE kasi pareho lang na 800mb but mas mabilis ang globe.. MAHINA NA NGA YUNG SMART nilagyan pa nila ng LIMIT. maraming mawawala na subscribers nila and i’m one of them. kaya may gumagamit pa ng smart kasi unlimited tapos nilagyan pa ng limit??? di kayo marunong magisip???

    1. annonymous-HACKER

      grabeng ang smart communication pinalitan pa ng SURFMAX okay na yung UNLISURF eh Allday surfing kesa SURFMAX pa data capping pang nalalaman…

  5. Anonymous

    I just availed of the promo for 1 month and there is an 800mb/day cap… So no more unlisurf for Smartbro LTE users. Good job Smart… You ruined it for everyone

  6. jp

    i knew it.. grrrr! ive been having connection issues with smart with their unlicrap internet service! good thing i checked it now and im not going to it buy it.. globe? hay? they’re freakin a bunch of bullshit!

  7. G

    Smart (Pldt) is really smart … Surfmax with a day limit is still cheaper than Globe’s Gosurf …. since the majority of users already accept slow internet they go for the cheapest Mbs and they will therefore stay with Smart.

    It doesn’t matter who your provider is, Pldt is controlling the Internet in the Philippines … making Filipinos pay 3 times more than the average price in the ASEAN region at the lowest speed. And the government? They let Pldt do their abusive thing which is hurting the Philippine economy big time. Why government? Why? Why?


    I agree other ASEAN countries have cheaper internet but faster. that’s why it’s OKAY for me to pirate things here in the philippines download movies and stuff with torrent because that’s how i get what i pay for. kahit mahina yung internet atleast may mga nadownload kang movies, videos, etc. pero ngaun na may limit na rin ang smart TALAGANG LUGING LUGI na ang mga pilipino pagdating sa mga offers ng globe at smart. even yung australian TELSTRA na ilaunch next year i think may limit din…. kasi sa australia may mga limit yung internet offers ng TELSTRA. People like me doesn;t matter if the internet is super fast as long as it’s UNLIMITED, Okay na rin.!pwedeh na. TELECOMMUNICATIONS HERE IN THE PHILIPPINES SUCKS. GOVERNMENT SUCKS. ECONOMY SUCKS. INTERNET SUCKS. ang hirap mabuhay dito sa PILIPINAS. BOW

  9. dana

    Super duper hinay. Pati sa mga website na dili kaayo needed ug dagko na mb. Hinay gihapon. Wa juy ayo! Maypa ibalik ang unlisurf kay at least ma tiyagaan.

  10. Sen

    Last night I was getting 1.6mbps download speeds on torrents. I just availed of the SURFMAXPRO50 Unli (My Ass!) internet for one day. I was told that there is a 800mb cap which is acceptable since I love watching television shows and don’t mind paying 150pesos per 1080p episode for as long as this crappy thing speeds up. I am getting 180-246kbps. This sucks.

  11. hedihf

    Ano ba yan bakit nman ganito ginawa ng smart.. Their are now the same on globe network na may data capped.. Its useless i usually using 7 day unlisurfing but now i thought that surfmax is a unli surfing . nagulat nalng ako nung nabasa ko ung 800mb per day lng. This thing scks.. Ibalik nio nalng ung dating promo .. Pilipinas na nga lng sa mundo ang may pinakamahal at pinakamabagl na internet ginawa nio pang gamito.. Hayy..

  12. Joe

    GLOBE, if you are reading these reports on any of these forums, please offer people here something better. Maybe up your daily caps to 1.5 gb. Everyone would jump on board with you and leave SMART behind.

  13. Rev Marion Cendaña

    Just availed of Surfmax 50 1pm yesterday: the only good thing I can say about it is at least it is still unlimited meaning di mapuputol yung connection once the 800 MB data limit has been reached, nakapag-Google, Youtube, Twitter and Ask fm pa ako kaso mas mabilis pa ang pagong pagdating sa Internet speed. Nagrereset naman yung Internet speed back to normal pagdating ng around quarter to 1 am or so, kung kailan patulog na yung mga tao dito sa bahay. Heavy users kami ng Internet dito sa bahay lalo na pag weekends at holidays na walang pasok since babad ako sa youtube at anime streaming websites, younger brother ko naman either Garena or online games tapos mama ko pinapanood ang episodes ng favorite shows niya na namimiss niya during weekends because of work. I am sure everyone has heard na parating na ang Telstra dito sa Pinas which is why I am expecting (which mukhang proven wrong) Smart, Globe or Sun to have better unlimited Internet offers and to stop with too much capping BS to retain their subscribers’ loyalty as a response to the coming “bigger fish” from Australia. I don’t know whom to subscribe anymore kasi parang wala namang pinagkaiba yung offers ng tatlo eh. Di ba ang pag-alam mo na may parating na new competition, you would do something to make sure you stay competitive or at least maintain your position, eh mukhang either manhid ang mga telcos natin or overconfident sila sa monopoly nila dito sa Pinas. May nabasa akong articles wherein telco and cable providers from other countries admitted that network congestion is just a myth, sinasabi lang nila yun to keep profit levels high since subscribers would pay more to avoid the limit.

  14. smart users since 2006

    noon, ung unlicall and txt ng smart nawala pinalitan ng walang ka kwenta kwenta ng trinet….wat da fak!
    mas gusto ko ung unlicall kahit every 7minutes napuputol..

    ngayon, unlisurf na seems gusto nila sila na lng may gustong magsaya… it really really really sucks! nkaka asar na ung freedom mo na gawin anything sa internet mo ay pinuputol at limitado..kung d lng masama gumawa ng katarantaduhan upang ipaalam sa network providers ung kalokohan nila..

    can anyone set a rally or something to get the attention of this network providers

    ive been one of the users of smart for at least a decade


    1. Rev Marion Cendaña

      Sabi ng mga telcos natin para daw highway ang network: pag masyadong marami ang gumagamit dapat lagyan ng limits ang bawat isa para fair. Maganda at understandable sana yung explanation eh kaso mga telcos na ng ibang bansa na kalokohan yun since pwede naman daw i-upgrade or i-adjust yung system and network to meet demand on a regular basis or as needed kasi mas mura ang operational costs ngayon kumpara dati. Totoo niyan kaya may limits ay para mas gumastos ang mga tao to bypass it.

  15. G

    Having used the new SURFMAX now for more than a full day, I can hereby confirm that it is still unlimited. The first 800 Mb at the highest speed possible in your area, after that you can still surf at a low speed. For most of the Philippines , the highest speed possible in your area equals the low speed so no difference.

    In certain areas in Manila you can surf at 10+ Mbps so the capability is there. The question is why not in the other provinces? Poor return on investment. 40M people in Manila is far more cost effective than servicing the remaining 60M people that are located in remote provinces which are difficult to connect unless you make adequate technology investments. What also doesn’t help is the perception that these expensive investments are at high risk with the ever returning typhoons and earthquakes.

    1. kat

      Really? I actually received a message, just four hours after I registered to surfmax and just four hours of just browsing and NO video streaming whatsoever, saying:

      “Your data subscription has expired. Enjoy unlimited internet for only P50 valid for 1 day with Unlisurf 50. For more info, visit”

      I was like wth? When I opened a new tab and went to my email “” appeared on the url…

  16. kat

    Internet in the philippines is very disappointing really. For all we know, PLDT and Globe already joined forces in providing internet for the people. If phase out yung isa gagayahin din nung isa, it’s like an indirect announcement to the other party of what they’re going to do. It’s similar with the oil companies. They’re doing this because they know that people will have no choice but to come to them.

    Right now Telstra’s announcement of participating in the competition is probably a light of hope for us heavy users. I can’t really say for certain that Telstra will be our savior because we have yet to experience it’s services. Though it’s probably already given that they will have a faster internet…and it’s probably also expensive but I’m willing to try it out if they arrive. I’m actually tempted to tweet them and ask to have an unlimited internet when they start their business in the philippines 😛


      yung TELSTRA sa australia may LIMIT din mga offers nila. kaya BAKA may LIMIT din dito sa pinas. we are so KAWAWA. ano ngaun kung mabilis ang TELSTRA kung may LIMIT naman. diba?

  17. joche

    bullshit kayong mga provider kyo, mga putang ina nyo kumikita na nga kyo smin nag limit p kyo dapat s mga hayop kyo iboycott ng lahat ng mga subscriber mga hayop kyo pasasa sa pera at negosyo nalalpit n ang karma nyo magnty kyo!!!!!

  18. Anonymous

    ANO BA YAN SMART? ITO BANG SINASABI NIYONG SA TAGLINE NA LIVE MORE? HINDI NIYO NGA MABIGYAN NG HUSTISYA TONG SURFMAX NA PINAGPALIT NIYO!!!!! Maaawa nmn kayo sa mga users niyo walang ka kwenta kwenta from unli all day to 800mb?? STUPIDITY

  19. Susan

    95% of the web pages I tried today simply won’t load. They still don’t.

    Yet, sure enough, I just got the 80% then 100% of data used today, yet I can’t even get pages to load, and have downloaded nothing.

    I’m in Pampanga


    Nag rereset ba talaga every 12midnight??? kasi nag avail ako october 31 ng SUPERMAX85 for 2days.. it will expire on november 2 8:30 PM. as of NOW november 2, 2AM dapat reset na siya pero ang hina parin. dapat mabilis na ung net if nagreset na siya. NAGRERESET ba siya talaga? REPLY please……


    I am using HUAWEI router device… napansin ko dati pa na kahit wala akong dinadownload ung DOWNLINK RATE nya is always nasa 700kbit/s to 1mbit/s…. minsan 20mb to 40mb nacoconsume ko per minute. in 4hrs nag lilimit na siya… GRABEH sana ibalik nila yung unli kasi sa mga taong katulad ko nasa lugar na mahina yung smart at gumagamit ng device na mataas magconsume, e lugi kami sa offer ng smart….. SANA MAY MAGPASA NG BATAS ABOUT THIS na gawin nalng unli ung internet. ang mahal na nga ng internet dito sa pinas ganito pa nangyayari. actually ok lang din kahit dagdagan nila ung bayad sa unli in 1day basta’t maging unlimited siya ulit. HAAAAAAAAAAAAY

  22. retsel

    Kingina niyo smart. Sana itinaas niyo pa yung cap! Kahit 1.5 up! Kaso 800mbps? Ano yun? Fyi sa amin 4 kame gumagamet. 2 kame nag coc, nanay and tatay ko nag youtube yun na lang ang libangan! Tapos nilimit niyo pa mga hinayupak kayo!

  23. G

    The daily 800 Mb limit is one thing but what I really don’t understand is why the service is so slow. Typically bandwidth issues cause slow connections. If you use Globe’s GoSurf at 5am you get decent 5+ Mbps connections and it will drop to 2-3 Mbps after 7am. With Smart’s new SurfMax it fluctuates from 0.5 Mbps to max 2 Mbps all day long … really frustrating and not working for a business that relies on internet availability. I will return to Globe as 0.5 Mbps is unacceptable!

  24. lala

    I don’t know why SMART offers so many promos. It gets confusing and frustrating. When I try to use my broadband stick, I always get directed to SMART POWER PAGE AND COULD NOT NAVIGATE OUT FROM THERE ALTHOUGH i AM WILLING TO PAY FOR REGULAR INTERNET RATES? I think this is all a ruse with all confusing promos so they will be able to steal money from us. The conscience of top management and programmers is clean because they will say “Kasalanan mo. hindi mo alam eh!”

    There is something called karma Mr. Manny Pangilinan and it will affect you and all you top pnchos who are promoting confusion and errors in your promos just so you will get our money. Even One peso equates to karma MVP.

  25. Roland Garciano Jr.

    SURFMAX50 to 2200 pero ito yong reply sa smart Sorry unable to process your request. Keyword is invalid. This msg is free. RC:1100. Please help

  26. bean

    I think this is the best to have another “PEOPLE POWER REVOLUTION” and I bet those people who did not participate before will be the first ones on the streets. Who knows, we might get a presidential candidate to join in.

  27. Anonymous

    Ngayon lang ako na notify after I’ve register na its jot available. Nbawasan pa ng piso yung pang register ko. To add pa na hanggang 809mb lang yun. ?

  28. x-hack-2

    Trully regressing shit.

    This isn’t capitalism as implied by pro communist and pro socialist who visit this page. This is total monopoly.

    Remember how many small telco companies these two giants ate up?

    Basically the current “small” telco brands are nothing but tentacles of these two telco Giants.

    I thought Smart LTE was my holy grail in nonn capping internet service.

    But these assholes from both companies though more about screwing all people with their misleading adverts and hostile monopoly.

    Im thinking that they do know for sure that they will be torpedoed and bombed back into bankruptcy stone age once Telstra starts operations for Philippine network market.

    Its time that the good side of capitalist free market is employed to start lowering prices.

    That was the goal of capitalist free market.
    Competition and innovation

    To allow introduction of competition which results in continuous improvement so that consumers will be able to have more options resulting in triggering a response by the defeated competitors to find innovations to reduce cost but improve service.

  29. killah bite

    bullshit tong smart na to.. lte nga device mo gapang naman.. pati dashboard di ma access ng maayos.. masunog sana lahat ng cell site niyo..

  30. G

    It’s getting better and better … signed up for SURFMAX85 last night and decided 5 minutes after the confirmation message from Smart to check my data balance … guess what? ZERO Mb left!!!!!

    1. Aldrin Canaya

      4 day ago nung binili ko ang sim, halos 100mb or not more than 150up. inaumagahan PUNYETA! wala na ang data ko 0mb daw putcha…

  31. Mabagal

    Ang Internet sa Pilipinas ay parang usad ng trapik sa EDSA. Alam nyo na ang ibig sabihin nun.
    I cannot even open my FB account. What kind of supposedly “fast” Internet connection is that? It’s a miracle that I have visited this site.
    And is network congestion even a thing for network giants like Smart? I don’t even think that they spend anything on improving their equipment.
    I’m planning on switching to another network, in the meantime, until Telstra arrives.

  32. ACIII

    It’s really effed up. We currently have no connection on our PLDT line since the last week of October, so we opted to use our pocket wifi. Made a huge mistake in buying FLEXITIME load, so we got a regular load card and I tried registering for unlisurf, instead smart sait that it wasn’t available anymore and insisted I try SURFMAX. Another big mistake because it had DATA CAPPING. When that expired I got an UNLISURF card loaded it the other day. Yesterday afternoon totally disconnected ang service, which led me to think namay DATA CAP din yung supposedly UNLI nila. Connection was BAD. As in REALLY, REALLY BAD. Minsan mabagal, madalas walang data na pumapasok. We’re heavy Internet users and I send large files to clients. Walang kwenta talaga pag mabagal na at may data cap pa.

  33. is0y

    wala talagang forever.
    i made the switch to globe’s lifestyle plan with surf more 3gb.
    i metered my mobile data consumption and realized that 3gb is enough for me. so here i am. on 3gb data.

  34. Anonymous

    NOT WORTH PAYING FOR..bwisit..parang nghihingi na lang sila ng pera..ngbabayad kami ng singkwenta araw2 para lang mabadtrip sa kabagalan ng internet ng SMART! users this is the right time to LEAVE THE SELFISH SMART NETWORK!.

  35. Anonymous

    Pati ba naman yung 85php for 2 days wala na rin? Fuck it SMART!!!
    (Your SURFMAX will expire within 60 mins. To continue surfing, Subscribe again to any SURFMAX package. Available in 3 denominations: SURFMAX50 P50/day, SURFMAX250 P250/7days and SURFMAX995 P995/30days. Just text SURFMAX(denomination) to 2200 ex. SURFMAX50 to2200)

  36. Arthur

    My story:
    SmartBro Prepaid
    0 balance
    loaded P300
    selected surfmax250
    did a balance check
    balance = P45

    Hey! Where did the other P5 go? All I did was these three things; load, buy, check balance. The same three things I’ve been doing for well over a year previously, with unlisurf, where I never had a P5, or even P1, charge for anything before.

    I asked smart on Facebook and their reply was, as is always the case, to blame me, the paying customer. They either couldn’t or wouldn’t tell me what I had apparently done, just said it was my fault. Never once does smart (or globe) ever accept responsibility for anything. But, what service does smartbro prepaid offer that costs P5? Do I have to pay P5 to load P300 into my account? Do I have to pay P5 to select surfmax250? Do I have to pay P5 to check my balance and see when surfmax250 expires? I asked these questions and did not get an answer, other than smart to say it must have been something I did myself.

    And this is the second time in a row this has happened. Previously I had to pasaload P5 from my regular phone to make up an unknown P5 charge after selecting surfmax. I received no notice about any P5 charge. Is there a P5 charge mentioned on smart’s web site? They change their terms so often that who cankeep up? Even worse is that smartbro load cards are only available in P100 and P300 denominations.

    Paying customers get the same response from smart Facebook, Twitter, and customer “service.” Smart automatically blames the paying customer, and absolutely never accepts any responsibility for their own actions. Of course, Globe is the exact same when it comes to blaming the customer.

    1. Barat Queen Post author

      Hi Arthur, thank you for sharing your experience. I totally get your frustration!

      I gave up keeping track of any “butal” pesos and just try to load as close as possible to the exact amount. It’s just frustrating trying to figure out where those pesos went but I don’t want to waste too much precious time chasing them.

      What annoys me is how Smart Money adds the extra amount I should get to the load and not back to my Smart Money account. For example, when I load P100 using Smart Money, I am supposed to get a rebate/bonus of 5%. But Smart ends up loading P105 to my prepaid instead. That P5-15 ends up being wasted (butal) since I usually register to 99, 199 or 299 promos. I wish they’d do what Globe does and credit the 5% back to the Smart Money account instead.

    2. MeSH

      @Arthur make sure to use a pocket WiFi with the feature that can enable or disable your data… So that when you receive the load it will not deduct P5 in every data that will send or receive.

      1. Arthur

        Thank you for that excellent suggestion. I use a Huawei 4G pocket wi-fi, never had this problem before, and have been reloading every 5 days for at least a year. I have several smartbro prepaid sims that I rotate each time I reload, as they sometimes seemed to be capped for a whole month, instead of 1 to 5 days. But since surfmax started, I have only been using the one new sim. As you suggested, maybe I am suddenly being charged P5 for 15 minutes of internet data, though I never got a message saying this. So, I will make sure that data is turned off next time I load and select a surfmax package. Thank you again.

        On another topic, yesterday I updated my Windows 10 PC to the latest version, which required between 2 & 3 GB of downloaded data. All of it downloaded at high speed, and yet I was not capped. I never even got the 80% or 100% message. That was a happy and unexplained surprise. One of the biggest problems with data caps is trying to upgrade an operating system.

        1. MeSH

          @Arthur I have two SMART Bro sim cards. The one is the old sim (the pink one) and last it the new SMART BRO Kick> correct me if I’m wrong…

          The old one:
          – Has data cap BUT it has 15GB per month (correct me If I’m worng ).
          – No warning text if my data cap will reach its limit.

          The new one:
          – Has data cap BUT it’s 800MB per day
          – They will send you a notification.

          that’s all I notice on the new on and old one. Hope this info will help to control your sim cards 🙂

          1. Arthur Post author

            Reply from Arthur:

            Thanks, MeSH.

            My guess is which newer sim you use doesn’t make any difference, and that’s it’s their software that determines what happens. The sim can only control what type of network you can use, plus some housekeeping like API. But, I do not know for sure. You could, of course, be correct.

            I do know the latest sim slogan is “Tomorrow’s Internet,” and I assume that’s because it sure isn’t working that well today. It’s the same type of statement as the “Free Beer Tomorrow” sign in a bar. But tomorrow never comes.

            I have 4 different types of SmartBro sims. The oldest is orange, regular size, and came with the USB stick modem I bought. The next ones are Dual-Cut LTE types, while the one after that is the pink Smart’s Fastest Data SIM LTE multi-cut (regular, micro & nano). The latest one, which I’ve been using since SurfMax started, is the SmartBro Kickstart Data SIM Multi-cut. These are are sims I’ve been rotating, except for the expired one from my stick modem, and the Kickstart SIM I bought when SurfMax started.

            Oddly enough, the Smart store at SM Clark doesn’t sell sim cards, even though the Smart web site assures us that they are available at ay Smart office for P50. Instead, the guard walks you down to a local phone shop where they sell SmartBro sim cards for P150. I saw someone asked Smart on Facebook whether they knew of this, and asked if the guard or store employees got a kickback from the outrageous markup at the other shop, but the person never got a reply.

            Prior to SmartBro (I guess) was Smart Mobile Broadband SIM. I got one of them with my Smart pocket wi-fi, which I bought long after the USB stick modem that had a SmartBro card. And before these cards were the green Smart Buddy Browser SIMs (two different manufacturers).

    3. Anonymous

      Hello everybody’s!
      Surfmax is really bad plan!comparing before unlisurf plan for 995/month to surfmax 995,it’s really regressing. Whith 800mb trafic you can’t do nothing and up to this,after using your allowance your speed doesn’t reach more than 100 to 200mb!
      That mean that you even can’t open fb page properly.
      They are proposing to use bigbites in addition but it’s mean that the internet connection will reach the price of the golden electricity bill.
      Hope that their customers will claim or change providers but…

    4. Ed

      I think you accidentally enabled your data and the default charging of “5-peso-per-15min” was activated, you can prevent this by texting PROTECT ON to 9999, this will disable 5php/15min, but you can still access their dashboard site.

  37. Barat Queen Post author

    Comments with profanity and threats to other people have been removed. While I am as frustrated with what is happening with the Philippine telco offerings as the next person, let’s try to keep the comments section civil. Thank you 🙂

  38. Fibia

    Surfmax for smart POSTPAID also has a 1GB cap/day.

    1/3 Welcome to SURFMAX 995! Surf all day up to 1GB/day for 30 days. SURFMAX is covered by our usage guidelines to ensure quality of service to all subscribers.

  39. mark

    Thi SURFMAX is very unreliable. It has cap of 800mb per day. That’s not all, you won’t be able to stream videos or play some games with this “Unlimited” promo. If you want to stream/play games you should add Php5/15mins by typing boost5 and send to 5555. smh

  40. Carlo

    Hey guys!. Im using a 4g zte pocket wifi and it was not capped. i can still play on a good ping even i had updated my online game(dota 2 in particular). maybe some sim cards especially the new ones are not capped by smart. so try replacing your sim cards. 🙂 Godbless

    1. Mj

      Hi @carlo when did you purchase that simcard? and another question, Did ypu receive text that it was capped 800mb/ day but t’was really not? can you stream yt videos? Thanks 🙂

  41. Edoard

    Are they allowed to do that?? I mean, to discontinue the package eventhough you are registered to this package continuously?? Can’t we do something about this, like complain to DTI or something?

    And by the way, I really feel you here —-> “Good Lord, internet in the Philippines is regressing…”

    1. Barat Queen Post author

      I don’t know if a lot of people have already complained to the DTI or NTC… I do hope all our complaints result in some positive changes!

  42. Arthur

    Once again I was hit with a mysterious P5 charge for reloading my smartbro prepaid sim and selecting surfmax250.

    I made sure data was off, had a balance of p45 (which should have been p50), so I did a pasaload of P5. A balance check showed a p50 balance. I loaded P200, then did surfmax250, and was told I had insufficient credit. I did another balance check, and it showed p245. I did yet another p5 pasaload, then surfmax, and finally it worked OK.

    A bigger problem than even getting p5 stolen each time I reload (actually p10 this time) is that something this complicated is impossible to explain to customer “service,” whose only jobs are to keep you from contacting real Smart employees (especially technicians), and to automatically blame the paying customer for any problems encountered.

    All the various complaints I sent to RTC this year (about other issues) have been ignored.

    1. Khyle

      Hindi nag try ako ngayon dec, 16 2015 ayaw na talaga.nag hahan din ako ng unlisurf package pero
      wala na akong makita. Badtrip tong smart tssss….

  43. pearl

    balik nyo nmn ang lte unli..nakakabadtrip ang surfmax nyo..kau kaya gumamit kung di rin kau mabadtrip kagaya naming mga user…naghihirap na ba tlga kau para perahan nyo kaming mga user at kinokontrol nyo na ginagamit namin…isipin nyo nga kaya nga kami naghahanap ng internet access na kung saan kami makakatipid kau nmn tong kurakot sa amin…sana namn ibalik nyo na

  44. pearl

    balik nyo nmn ang lte unli..nakakabadtrip ang surfmax nyo..kau kaya gumamit kung di rin kau mabadtrip kagaya naming mga user…naghihirap na ba tlga kau para perahan nyo kaming mga user at kinokontrol nyo na ginagamit namin…isipin nyo nga kaya nga kami naghahanap ng internet access na kung saan kami makakatipid kau nmn tong kurakot sa amin…sana namn ibalik nyo na di na kami natutuwa at di magtagal mawalan na kau ng customer..kagaya kong nakaranas na di na uulit magparegister

  45. Recis Dempayos


    I am a SMART Bro Prepaid user with a seven-year history on their service. I have always used the UnliSurf package ever since it was initiated and have enjoyed some strong connections and numerous downloads. There were also times when the connection was slow, especially in foggy weather.

    When SMART announced that they were weaning off of UnliSurf into the SurfMax packages, panic started to set in me. I work as a home-based transcriptionist, so I definitely need unlimited connection and bandwidth to work on my audio files and transcripts. At first, I just thought that maybe they were just renaming the whole UnliSurf packages (they do these kinds of things anyway), but when I saw that there was going to be the dreaded DATA CAP, my heart sank!

    The data cap resents every 12:00 MN, it says. I really don’t monitor this, but I can say that when I reach my data cap (usually in the afternoons), my connection really slows down. The only web page I can load by this time is Google. Facebook and YouTube are definitely out! And also, I couldn’t access my company’s website where we get our work files! This is very bad for my career!

    Early in the mornings (usually 3:00 AM), connections are fast, considering that the days before, I used up all of my allotted data. So I guess, the data cap does reset at 12:00 MN. However, as the day goes on, there is a noticeable decrease in bandwidth, which is very annoying for an online worker like me.

    I could not believe this kind of Internet service in the Philippines! And to think that there is a growing number of online workers now. Huge bummer!

    I could not get a DSL ’cause our area just isn’t within PLDT’s fiber connection coverage. Oh boy! What are we going to do?

    1. guren

      really smart, REALLY!!?? ano ba, dapat gagawan to ng paraan. ibalik nyo ang UNLISURF 50, ibalik nyo ang UNLI 50, at LTE 50.. bakit “ALL DAY SURFING” ang tawag nyo dyan sa nakaka bwiset na SURFMAX na yan??!! Eh capped rin naman at ganito ba ang tamang pag trato sa customers nyo? Tandaan nyo nagbabayad kami ng tama at dapat ang serbisyo din ay tama.. anong nangyari sa binabayad namin, kinukurakot nyo lang naman pala… Goodness gracious, buti pa ang champion TAPAT. eh KAYO, Hinde, hinde, HINDEEEEEEEEE!!!!!

    1. Jessie

      Hi kailangan ko ng help nyo kasi may problem talaga ako sa pag reregister ng Unli 50 sa 211 “sorry for inconvenience…” Nag start akong mag register around 8PM grabe until now wala pa din. Anong pweding iregister sa 50 load ko? Yung Unli. Superb kaylangan ko talaga ngayon nag uupdate Dota 2 ko 5.1/6.9 lol laki no -.-

  46. ed

    i used to love UNLISURF 50 because its really unlimited. We bought 2 portable wifi last year and we enjoyed this smart promo no end. But when it was phased out and changed to SURFMAX with only 800 mb cap, we, here in our barangay, went very very disappointed. Today, we do not love smart anymore. We are looking to subscribing to other networks that can offer us better services other than smart. Smart is a great earner, not a good friend. It’s only after itself, not considering the welfare of its customers. Who owns Smart Philippines? If he is a politician or sort of, he wont get our votes.

    1. Barat Queen Post author

      Hahaha… you just need to look at who (senators, congressman) are noisy about certain issues like high electricity, “eaten” prepaid load, slow internet… and THEN SUDDENLY TURN QUIET. Then just deduce the money trail. Follow the money 🙂

      Anyway, check out this article to find out who is really behind all our “public service” industries today:

  47. Jay Antonio

    Hi guys. Pahelp naman po. I am currently using Smart Legacy LTE Plan 1500 (postpaid). So far okay naman ang streaming ng videos, dowload ng movies (heavy) at pag-open ng social media websites sa current plan ko. Sadly, mag-eend na contract ko sa March 3, 2016. I am considering data plan 999 pero parang volume-based lang naman siya at hindi unlimited surfing. Pahingi naman any feedback if sino na po nakatry or my knowledge sa data plan 999. Baka kasi pumasok ako sa contract at pagsisihin ko in the end. Thanks guys.!

  48. Jerica

    Sa pamunuan ng smart grabe nmn kau sobrang bgal ng cgnal nio…sayang lng nlload nmen…at sana nmn kng my free fb kau dpt nklagay sa taas ng app ng fb FACEBOOK WITH FREE DATA pra alm nmen n free kc po nbbwasan ung data package n dpt ggmitin nmen sa fb…kya d umaasenso pnas dhl sa inio.wifi n nga dnadaya nio pa….

  49. chard

    ano b nman yan wla n pla unli 50 nag switch p ako sa smart pati lte wla n din dapat sa mga terorista pasubugin nyo mga telcom na nandadaya ng consumer unahin nyo cla ng bumagsak sila or kung my mga pulitiko na kumokontrol sa knila gawa ng gusto nila limitado ang pagbrobroadcast ng kakurakutan nila through social media pinas wla na pag asa ung tulong sa mga nsalanta ng kalamidad ang bagal mka dating internet pa kaya… sa globe limited din solution mag abroad nlang..

  50. Hail

    I remember subscribing to surfmax 50 when it was its first day at di ako tinablan ng data cap kaya akala ko hindi too ang data cap. Then after that tuloy tuloy na akong gumamit ng Big bytes 50 at 70. Nag register lang ulit ako ngayon ng surf max kasi may balak akong magdownload ng medyo malaki laki. At hayun nga makalipas ng ilang oras naging 4kbps nalang ang download speed, totoo pala yung data cap. Tuluyan na tayong iniwan ni unlisurf.

  51. tatsoy

    80% consumption??? they will totally cut you off….
    with the new promo may problema na!!! after you consumed so much of the internet… smart will cut you off from the system tapos it takes 2days for u to reconnect and it takes u to call for customer service… Peru u missed 2days of ur subscription with no refund!!!!!!!


    Buset na smart yan. Ngaun ko lang nalaman yung surfmax na yan. Nakaexperience din ako ng P9.00 deduction sa pagkakamali lang ng type sa promo na imbis P1.00 unli 1 day kaso 800 mb. Wtf. Tara psiphon na lang.

  53. Queen

    Bakit ganun ..? Wala na uung LTE 50 ?
    WTH LANG kasi ung 50
    800 mb lang mas okay pa sa globe e ung 50 one day unli na bat dito 800 mb lang bat WALANG UNLI SURF BAT PURO MB LANG -______-

  54. SomeoneWhoGivesASh*t

    This blows. Definitely gonna look for other means of internet. Estudyante palang ako kaya di ko alam kung may magagawa ako dito other than to boycott this promo. SOMEONE PLS HELP. Don’t let the “internet in the country regress”.

  55. Roy

    my legit promo, pero kokonti plang nkaka alam, for Kickstart Smart LTE lang. Just type UNLI50 (SPACE) SIM# send to 4122. no cap sya. Pang kickstart Smart sim lang.

  56. Jon Zee

    EXTEND to 2 days your 50pesos.

    Register SURFMAX50 at 12:01 am.

    For example, You register at 12:01am of March 1, your promo will technically end at 11:59pm of March 2. That is basically 2 days.


  57. BERT


    1. Marie Melendres

      Gusto kong ireklamo tong smart na ito kc ilang beses kong nranasan na deactivated yung wifi ko for how many hours UNLISURF50 gmit ko lagi tpoz ang nkakainis d cla nagdadagdag ng hours pra dun sa ilang hour n nwala sa akin or sa ibang customers dn nla ata.. And wla clang customer service ktulad ng dti na pwedeng mtawagan agad.. Tpoz aalisan pa ang UNLISURF lugi n tlga customers dhil mbilis lng maubos ang SURFMAX AT GIGASURF.. Paki ayos nman serbisyo nyo lalo n mrami kayong customers.. Nkakaasar kayo.. 😠😬😡

  58. ronaldsicat


    selling also lte modems,
    B315s-936 Full Admin Access,

    our bugging procedure hindi naka basi sa unli promos.

    location:Metro Manila.
    Off Meet Up for Securty Reason.

    for m0re info you me c0ntact us. CEL#:09107407543

    u me visit also our bl0g.

    thank you.


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