Smart Prepaid MEGA ALL-IN 250


Smart has a new promo called Mega All-in 250. For P250, you get unlimited SMS to all networks and 3 hours of calls to Smart/Sun/TNT, and 100MB mobile internet.

SRP Package Package Validity To Register
250.00 MEGA 250 Unlimited SMS to ALL Networks (Smart, TNT, Sun, Globe & TM) + 180 minutes calls to Smart, Sun, TNT + 100 MB Mobile Internet 30 days Text MEGA250 to 2477

Is Smart competing with its own Sun Cellular for this market? The price and offering is pretty darn close to Sun’s Text Unlimited offers, and is actually a much better deal, in fact. You get to call more people, the connection is much clearer, you have 100MB of mobile internet, and you have unlitext to all networks!

The only problem I can see is that in order to call someone, you must dial *2477 + 11-digit mobile number. i.e. *247709101234567. Now this is a pain. This means you have to manually type this in before calling someone, or you must take some time to make 2 entries for people on your phonebook — 1 entry for their normal number, and 1 entry of their number with the *2477 prefix. Other than that, I would recommend this promo to Smart prepaid subscribers.

The promo will only be until Nov. 15, 2012, though I hope they extend the promo and make it a permanent offering (or improve it by not having to dial *2447 anymore).

For more information about this promo, click here.

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