Smart LTE Pocket Wifi Price Drops to P3,495!

Smart Pocket Wifi Price Drop P3495

Good news for those looking to buy an LTE pocket wifi!

Smart’s LTE Pocket Wifi price drops to P3,495 from P4,888. This is for prepaid.

According to Smart’s Facebook page, you can avail of the following data offers:

* LTE50 for Php50 valid for 1 day. Text LTE 50 to 2200
* LTE299 for Php299 valid for 7 days. Text LTE 299 to 2200
* LTE995 for Php995 valid for 30 days. Text LTE 995 to 2200

I’m assuming this is for unlimited LTE internet (not sure though, because it’s not on their website anymore). Better check with Smart to confirm.


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4 thoughts on “Smart LTE Pocket Wifi Price Drops to P3,495!

  1. Aldwin Rexter Eviota

    what is the model of this pocket wifi? i think this is new model.. their 4,888 pesos pocket wifi before was huawei 5377.. thank you..

  2. Barat Queen Post author

    Hi Aldwin,

    Sorry, I don’t know the model of the pocket wifi. I think the one in the picture is Huawei 5377, but I don’t know which model Smart is selling now. Sometimes they change models without telling anyone.


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