Smart LTE Gadgets Price Drops to P3,000 and P2,500!

Smart LTE Pocket Wifi Plug It Price Drop

Have you been on the fence about getting an LTE Pocket Wifi or Plug It?

Smart’s LTE Gadgets’ price dropped from their initial offering of about P8,000 a couple of years ago to P3,000 for the Pocket Wifi, and P2,500 for the Plug It.

It’s the lowest I’ve seen the price go since Smart started offering LTE Pocket Wifi. If you are staying in an LTE-covered area, then this is a great deal! The price for Unlimited internet for 3G/4G and LTE are the same at P999, anyway, so if live in an LTE-covered area, better go with LTE.

You can avail of the new low price for the gadgets by applying for one of their Easy Application Broadband plans. These plans have no lock-in period so you can deactivate your plan if you’re not happy with the service.

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