Smart Big Bytes Quick Review – More MBs for Less!

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Globe’s GoSurf has increased its data offer, more than doubling some of their data allocations. I’ve been waiting for Smart’s response, and a few weeks go, I discovered that Smart has also improved their Big Bytes offers!

I used to register to ALWAYS ON 299, getting 700 MB for 30 days. But since I saw Globe’s improved GoSurf, I’ve been waiting for Smart’s counter, and I was glad when it finally came out and saw that P299 now gives me 1.7GB!

Here’s Smart’s Big Bytes page for prepaid. For postpaid, some Big Bytes offers are available on Flexibundle.

Name Data Allowance FREE Inclusions Validity Price Text Keyword to 9999
Big Bytes 5 5 MB N/A 1 day P5 BIG5
Big Bytes 10 30 MB 250 MB music streaming from Spinnr 1 day P10 BIG10
Big Bytes 15 30 MB 400 MB music streaming from Spinnr
20 MB YouTube/Skype Qik
2 days P15 BYTES15
Big Bytes 30 70 MB 300 MB music streaming from Spinnr
30 MB YouTube/Skype Qik
1 day P30 BIG30
Big Bytes 50 300 MB 500 MB music streaming from Spinnr
100 MB YouTube/Skype Qik
3 days P50 BIG50
Big Bytes 99 200 MB 1 GB music streaming from Spinnr
100 MB YouTube/Skype Qik
30 days P99 BIG99
Big Bytes 199 750 MB 1 GB music streaming from Spinnr
100 MB YouTube/Skype Qik
30 days P199 BIG199
Big Bytes 299 1.7 GB 1 GB music streaming from Spinnr
100 MB YouTube/Skype Qik
30 days P299 BIG299
Big Bytes 799 4.5 GB 1 GB music streaming from Spinnr
100 MB YouTube/Skype Qik
30 days P799 BIG799

Quick Review

I’m on a Smart Postpaid Freedom Plan and did not find any significant difference in speed between the Always On and Big Bytes. I registered to Big Bytes 299. My sis told me that she was having some trouble with slow internet when playing mobile games when she switched from Always ON 299 to Big Bytes 299.

But for me, personally, I just use my mobile internet mostly to surf, check email, do social media, and Waze. I just watched some YouTube videos right now using my Big Bytes, and was able to watch YouTube at 720p with NO LAG!

Having this big chunk of data (1.7GB) available to me for only P299 for 30 days makes me feel less restricted in terms of using my mobile internet. I don’t scrimp on using my mobile internet anymore. Before Big Bytes, I would usually wait until I got home to do heavy data stuff like posting Instagram photos, checking Viber (relatives send me a lot of pictures on Viber), or watching YouTube.

Just to clarify – for example, with the Big Bytes 299, I get 1.7GB of mobile internet to use however I wish. In additional to that, I also get 1GB to use for Spinnr and 100MB to use for YouTube or Skype Qik. Not that it matters that much to me because I find the Spinnr app a bit problematic to use, and I don’t know anyone who uses Skype Qik. But at least it’s there and available to me should I ever need to use Spinnr, and I also get 100MB to use either for YouTube (more likely) or for Skype Qik.

All in all, I’m satisfied with Big Bytes. Is the Globe P70 for 1GB on GoSurf cheaper? Yes, it is. But for some reason, Globe prepaid’s mobile internet is slow for me, and this Big Bytes 299 works for me until a better promo comes out.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post. Please feel free to leave a comment below, I love hearing from you!

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62 thoughts on “Smart Big Bytes Quick Review – More MBs for Less!

  1. Laney

    I subscribed to Big Bytes 299 but I have encountered a problem they didn’t notify me that I have used up my 1.7 GB allowance (which I even doubt because the data usage on my phone gives me a different number) then they started billing me P5/15mins (which is like the standard charge). My bill ballooned because I was not aware that I used up 1.7 GB. I used to subscribe to Always ON 299 and I always receive alerts when I only have 5mb left and when I used up the data allowance and when the subscription expires. I don’t know if I’m the only one who has experienced this, but it was 2 months in a row that there were no notifications. Also unlike always on when you check status it shows you how much more data left. I don’t have any problem with the speed etc., just the notification alert which I think is important.

    1. Barat Queen Post author

      Hello Laney,

      Yes, of course the notification is important! I don’t know why you are not receiving any. You should.

      Are you using prepaid or postpaid? I’m using a Freedom Plan and I get this message when it expires:

      I can also see the Big Bytes in my status inquiry (text STATUS to 9990):

      But I know what you are talking about. I sometimes do not get the notification text too. It used to be a bit inconsistent before but recently it’s been okay for me.

      As for the warning when you are exceeding the limit, I did get a text notice like that once when I was about to use up my Mega All In 100MB data. I have not really used up my Big Bytes so don’t have any experience with that. What I do is I regularly check the balance (text STATUS to 9990) every time I do some heavy usage. The data usage tracker on your phone does not really match up with how Smart measures it, so I don’t rely on it.

      If you are using it on a pocket wifi, it’s going to be difficult to monitor so I suggest not leaving any load on it if using prepaid. Just load enough, like P300 for the P299 Big Bytes.

      You can get a free mySmart account on the Smart website. Just log in and you can check the balance of your Smart accounts 🙂

      I had a problem with the Big Bytes on my Freedom Plan. Since the plan only has a P600 credit limit, getting a P299 Big Bytes on top of my Mega250 resulted in some credit issues. My Mega250 wouldn’t renew because I did not have enough credit limit. Smart has been charging me Facebook usage of P60-80 (which I always contest and they reverse, because it is a system issue. I should not be charged for using the Facebook app because I am registered to Big Bytes and/or have 100MB from Mega250). Anyway, this has been causing me to reach my credit limit so I’m just going to get a separate SIM to use Big Bytes on nalang to avoid further problems – I’ll just use a pocket wifi nalang for Big Bytes. Mabilis naman to fix calling customer service but hassle lang kasi.

  2. Dian

    Hello po! Tanungin ko lang po kung magkaiba po ba talaga yung Big Bytes ng Smart Prepaid LTE at Smart Bro LTE? I tried *121# sa smartphone ko po using Smart Bro tapos yung Big Bytes 199 nya po is valid lang daw for 7 days while dito po sa post is 30 days..

      1. Dian

        Oh my. Tinanggal nga po nila. Ang layo ng agwat ng 99 sa 299. Huhu. Planning to switch to Smart Prepaid pa sana kase mukang mas maraming option sa internet promos niya.

        1. Mikey

          Big Bytes 199 if I’m not mistaken is for the mobile prepaid SIM. It no longer works on the broadband SIM. What I have tried on broadband is to top up BIG 99 (200 mb for 30 days) and add BIG 50 (350 for 3 days). There will be a total of 550 mb and Smart will apply the longer expiry date to both packages.

  3. Sad

    Such a sad one tho. Been searching if smart offering a.good serivce. So ican use both when globe is being a difficult. Still a joke offer fr smart. Globe offers 800mb for a day for only p50.

    1. Barat Queen Post author

      I can’t seem to find any SMS code to text. What I do is use *121# and look for My Account or something like that. I then get a text with my balance, including the balance of any remaining MBs.

      Alternatively, I am also using so I can just check my prepaid account balance online, no need to take the sim card out of the pocket wifi and put it in a phone.

  4. Mikey

    I have tried a SMART Big Bytes Package on my Broadband LTE SIM. It’s called BIG BYTES 70. It includes 1 GB of data and 1,000 SMS to Smart/Sun for 7 days. Text BIG 70 to 9999.

  5. Paul

    Hi po. Nag load po ako nang BIG10 na data sa smart. Pero pag nag sesearch nko. Lagi syang nag smart power app. Nag eerror din sya pag COC. Pano po matanggal un? Thanks po in advance.

  6. Jason

    Does it accumulate or carry over the unused data if you continue to subscribe to bigbytes? Ex, you still have unused .7g from bigbyte299 then before it expired, you continue to subscribe to bigbyte299. Does it make 2.4g in the new subscription?

  7. Josh

    Example po nag register ako ng Big Bytes (299) tapos na consume ko yung data nia for 1 day which is ang promo is valid for 30 days. Mag reset parin yung data niya mag midnight or wala na talagang chance mag reset?

  8. Disappointment

    I am a smart prepaid/postpaid customer, for almost 15years. And I have no choice but to choose smart network because most of my friends and relatives are a smart customer too.
    And for almost 15years that I am using this network.
    It always sucking my regular load and always have a hidden charges on my postpaid. Now they remove the unli surf thing. And replaced it with bigbytes. This bigbytes promo is a scamm I guess. I how many times but it never access me on internet. I am so disappointed to this network. One of the most scammer in the country.

    1. jmr

      For prepaid, text PROTECT ON and send to 9999. This will disable pay per use browsing. The only problem is if the cause of charging are other access numbers.

  9. mekz

    hi, im a smart lte sim user..nag register ako mg big bytes 50..pero bakit di ako makapal instagram at ang hirap din sa youtube puro swarch lang si makapaplay ng videos tapos hindi rin makapag save ng videos offline..surfmax lang ba ang pwedi sa mga smart lte user?

  10. jason

    Tanong ko lang din po. Nag register kasi ako sa big big bytes 50. D po nag loload ung video sa youtube laging an error occured. Tapos d ko magamit facebook app. ayaw din mag load. Sa opera mini browser pa ko nagoopen ng facebook. Paano po maayos to? please help plano ko pa sana mag bb299 kaso tinesting ko lang un.BB50 kung ayos ung connection. mas ayos pa sa globe eh.

  11. Cris

    Hi, I’ve been subscribing BIG BYTES 299 for the past 6 months. I’m using an LTE prepaid sim card, but signal only indicates H+. Will it connect to an LTE network? Or hanggang H+ lang talaga?

    1. Barat Queen Post author

      Hi Jas, yes, you can use it in your pocket wifi. I am currently using Big Bytes 70 on my pocket wifi. What I do is take out the SIM card from the pocket wifi, put it in a phone, register and wait for the confirmation text. Then once I am sure I am subscribed and tried the internet to see if it’s working (like check, I transfer the sim card back to my pocket wifi.

  12. Lynne

    I tried subscribing to smart big bytes 199 but the promo was no longer offered. When had it taken effect? Am quite satisfied with just using 700mb, pero tinanggal nila.

  13. concern citizen

    Walang hiyang smart yan pa promo promo p cla ng x2 sa bigbytes50 nila edi nga ma
    kapag internet kailang m p ng bwisit n powersurf registration ng 5pesos per 15min or 20pesos per day mag subscribe bwisit tlaga di k din makapag coc register k muna sa tang inang power surf n yan tapus yung punyetang youtube ayaw din mag play lagi disconmect Fuck you mga taga smart

    1. Barat Queen Post author

      Hello Jav,

      If it’s just Waze and Uber, sobra sobra na po yung 4.5GB 🙂 I think 4.5GB is more than enough for one month for Uber, Waze, checking emails, going on social media, etc… as long as you don’t heavily watch Youtube and other streaming applications.

      I watched Netflix one time while I was out and bored, one episode at high quality used up my 1GB. As long as you avoid things like that, 4.5GB is more than plenty 🙂

  14. Berbz

    Hello Po, I need your help, first time ko po mag use ng Wifi, i have a Smart prepaid po, pocket wifi ko po is Huawei LTE- 4G po. I want to use BB299 for my homebase work. Im doing chats lang po. Kasi chat support ako. Kasya napo ba yon for 8-9 hours for 9days?

    1. Berbz

      I will be using the Smart Wifi po sa Manila and Baguio kasi mag tour po kami. Concern ko po is baka ma consume xa hindi aabot ng 7days (sorry sa 1st comment ko dapat 7days lang pala ) And malakas po ba Signal sa Smart within that area? manila/baguio?

    2. Barat Queen Post author

      Hi, if chats as in typing, I think kasya naman. But if you will be using it for surfing, voice calls over skype, viber, etc… kulang. Baka half day lang ubos na.

  15. IanM

    Smart has a new rule they imposed unilaterally to all flexibundle subscribers. I don’t know if it is the same case with prepaid, but this new rule prohibiting concurrent subscription has really turned me off this ISP/Telco.

    The gist is, is you are subscribed to Bigbytes299 and fully consume your 1.7Gb data, you cannot subscribe to Bigbytes299 again for another 1.7Gb until the promo you’ve subscribed to expires. So if you burn through 1.7Gb in a day, you cannot subscribe to Bigbytes299 until 29 days later when it expires. There is no way to unsubscribe to a promo unlike in Globe.

    To remedy the limitation, you either subscribe to a different promo which happens to be more costly however you look at it.

    I tried to get around the problem by pasaloading to an LTE Prepaid smart sim and availing of the 1Gb for 7 days for 70 pesos promo. You see, I need to spend 500 a month whichever way I can. Everything was going along fine until I found out I can only pasaload Php 100 a month!

    This network is too restrictive. It tempts me to bug my way through all these restrictions and download the sh*t out of it.

    1. Barat Queen Post author

      Yes, this is exactly why I keep a postpaid SIM for calls/texts and minor internet usage, and a separate prepaid SIM for mobile internet. I can quickly discard and change the prepaid SIM whenever I need to or if promos don’t work on it anymore.

      Weirdly enough, prepaid SIMs in this country have more / better options available to them in terms of promos, too. They also have advantages like being able to stack promos. That no concurrent subscriptions for big bytes for postpaid is a real pain in the ***.

      There is also less headache with a prepaid SIM if you load just enough to register to your promo and just leave a one peso balance. No lost loads. Whereas with postpaid, no matter how careful you are, you still encounter billing issues. Please see my latest blog post on another billing issue I had:

  16. Peter

    I am curious if the Big Bytes Barkada will work on SMART Bro. I am not interested in sharing and I don’t do SPINNR, I need it for e-mail and communications so I am looking at the BBB299 for 2GB for 30 days.

    I tried asking SMART but they have no reply.

    Have you tried this?

  17. mike

    for prepaid user: LTE device should register LTE services ng smart… network nyo yan gamitin nyo exclusive for LTE devices smart phone,tablet etc. medyo nakaka lito mag kaiba ang network ng 4Gh+ sa LTE ah, mag kaiba yan. check nyo telepono nyo may guides naman ang smart para sa registration.

    sa exp. ko sa big bytes sulit sya for 3days cconnect sya sa lahat ng network mag aauto switch ang device mo from 3G, 3GH, 3GH+, 4GH+ to LTE didipende sya sa area mo.

  18. Jobz

    Hello, I’m having issues on my smart postpaid account. I’ve been a subscriber since January this year. I have free data allowance monthly and i receive a notification from smart whenever I have fully consumed the data. Problem is, when I checked my billing statements, (as it happens for three consecutive billings already) I noticed that there are charges for general browsing amounting to 4.46 each for multiple times a day (usually 3 to 7 times a day). This freaks me out as I am sure that I no longer use my data whenever I receive smart’s notification that i fully consumed my data allocation. I make sure that i only check my fb and email and all other websites that I frequently visit thru my laptop via wifi connection. I called smart because I wan’t them to reverse the billing but they just insist that these were valid charges. Has it ever happen to anyone of you before?

  19. Anonymous

    Hi! Nagsubscribed ako sa SmartBro BigBytes P799. Napansin ko lang, ang bilis maubos nung 4.5GB nila kahit FB at Konti Youtube lang. May Free pa ko na 1.1GB pero mabilis lang din naubos. Any advice? Thank you

  20. William

    Hi. Maybe someone here can explain the logic from the big bytes promo, coz it’s a bit confusing to me. Big bytes 50 offers 1gb, good for 3 days. This will require 10 consecutive subscriptions if you want this service for 30 days. What you will get from this process is 10gb in 30 days with total cost of P500. If I’m wrong about the offer (700mb only for 3 days), it will still give a total of 7gb for a cost of P500. On the other hand, big bytes 799 gives only 4.5gb at a cost of P799. Can someone please explain the logic behind this? Thanks in advance.

  21. William

    In addition to my previous query, if you follow the ratios of data volume over cost, the big bytes 799 offer should provide at least 11gb for 30 days if big50 offers 700mb for 3 days, and at least 16gb for 30 days if big50 offers 1gb for 3 days. However, if you compare these volumes with surfmax 995 (1gb daily, 30gb total), since 799 is already 4/5 of 1k, then the big bytes 799 add-on should be offering 24gb (4/5 of 30gb) if you follow the ratio. So what’s happening here is you are spending more, yet getting less. Therefore, is 4.5gb for P799 a fair offer??

    1. jmr_85

      It depends on your SIM. If your display name is SMART Prepaid, chances are your SIM is LTE-capable. SMART Buddy would be limited to 3G.


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