Smart ALWAYS ON Now With More MBs!

Smart Always ON Now With More MBsIf you’ve been reading my Tech posts, you’d know that although I find Smart the better mobile internet network, I tend to use Globe because it’s more bang for the buck. Globe’s GoSurf 299 gives 700MB and free Premium Spotify, while the comparable Smart Always On 299 only gave 300MB.

But that has all changed! Smart has increased the MBs for some of their Always On offers! You now get more volume on some of the offers, as well as Spinnr Music Streaming and OperaMax. It’s almost at par with Globe’s offers.

Personally, I still prefer Spotify over Spinnr or Deezer. I tried Spinnr and Deezer and promptly uninstalled them after a few days. So the free Spinnr music streaming isn’t really enticing for me, unfortunately.

But Smart is still heaps faster than Globe’s internet, so it’s up to you to determine which factor is more important to you – faster mobile internet or free Spotify. You also, of course, have to consider signal strength in your area.

Here is the list of Smart’s latest Always ON offers:

To avail, text Keyword to:
2200 – Postpaid, Prepaid, TNT
9990 – Freedom
7577 – All-In

*OperaMax optimizes your phone’s data usage making your package last longer.

Name Volume (NEW) Price Includes Validity Keyword
ALWAYS ON 10 10 MB Php 10.00 Spinner 1 day ON 10
ALWAYS ON 15 20 MB Php 15.00 Spinner 2 days ON 15
ALWAYS ON 20 45 MB Php 20.00 Spinner 1 day ON 20
ALWAYS ON 30 70 MB Php 30.00 Spinner 1 day ON 30
ALWAYS ON 50 150 MB Php 50.00 Spinner 7 days ON 50
ALWAYS ON 99 100 MB Php 99.00 Spinner & OperaMax 30 days ON 99
ALWAYS ON 199 250 MB Php 199.00 Spinner & OperaMax 15 days ON 199
ALWAYS ON 299 700 MB Php 299.00 Spinner & OperaMax 30 days ON 299
ALWAYS ON 499 1.5 GB Php 499.00 Spinner & OperaMax 30 days ON 499
ALWAYS ON 995 5 GB Php 995.00 Spinner & OperaMax 30 days ON 995
ALWAYS ON 1799 10 GB Php 1799.00 Spinner & OperaMax 30 days ON 1799
ALWAYS ON 2499 15 GB Php 2499.00 Spinner & OperaMax 30 days ON 2499

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5 thoughts on “Smart ALWAYS ON Now With More MBs!

    1. Barat Queen Post author

      Hi Cee! Yes,the Spinnr music streaming service will not deduct any MBs from your package. The music streaming for Spinnr is free as long as you have not yet used up your data volume. Hindi siya makakaltas sa 700mb.

      As for Opera Max, you just download Opera Max and kind of use Opera Max as your browser. Opera Max will use less data than the regular apps.

  1. former globe user

    Hi! Ask ko lang if tama interpretation ko sa always on. For example yung always on na 299 na may 700MB. So 700MB for 1 month? Or unlidata plus 700MB for spinnr and opera max for a month?

    Sorry to bother pero I really have no idea about smart and the opera max. Thanks in advance for answering.

    Have a great day!


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