SM Bicutan Food Crawl: Gerry’s Grill, Rodeo Grill

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I attended a Zomato x SM Bicutan Food Crawl last weekend, and to check out the mid-range food offerings at SM Bicutan, we sampled Gerry’s Grill and Rodeo Grill.


Mention Gerry’s Grill and people immediately think Sizzling Sisig (P199)! This is the standard by which most people judge sisig. Everybody has their own choice of condiments to add to the sisig before mixing the whole thing together. This is a must-order dish when at Gerry’s Grill!
Gerrys Grill Sizzling Sisig 2

Aside from the sisig, one of the items that we always order whenever we’re in Gerry’s Grill is the Grilled Squid / Inihaw na Pusit (P355 for 500 grams):

Gerrys Grill Grilled Squid

The grilled squid is very tender, sweet and very flavorful with soy sauce, calamansi and that heavenly grilled/char smell.

Another dish usually ordered at Gerry’s Grill is their Crispy Pata (P495 / P625). The pork leg meat is tender, but fried to a crackling crisp outside. You just pick off meat, dip it in the sauce and eat it! It’s porky heaven, I don’t know what else to say to make you understand the joy of crispy pata 😀

Gerrys Grill Crispy Pata

Another standard order is their Beef Kare-Kare (P355). This is good, for P355 an order, can’t expect any better. I only wish they put in more peanut flavors.

Gerrys Grill Kare Kare

A new discovery was the Sizzling Bangus ala Pobre (P285). The bangus (milkfish) was boneless and crispy outside, tender inside. It was unexpectedly delicious for such a simple thing!

Gerrys Grill Sizzling Bangus

As for rice, we got to try the Binagoongan Rice (P185) and the Seafood Rice (P195). Both delivered as expected, everything was good. The Seafood Rice’s flavor was mild but the rice still tasted of seafood.

Gerrys Grill Bagoong Rice

Gerrys Grill Seafood Rice

Gerry’s Grill’s food has never disappointed me – it has become standard fare yet still manages to stay consistent in terms of quality. Gerry’s Grill’s prices also don’t break the bank. However, I do suggest dining with a group of friends/relatives to fully appreciate the dishes since they are sized for sharing.

Gerry's Grill Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


Rodeo Grill is a grill restaurant chain from Cebu. As the name implies, the theme of the restaurant is “cowboys”. The tables, the chairs, the cups, and even the staff uniforms all evoke the wild west theme.

Rodeo Grill Ambience

We got to try the Cebu Lechon that they are famous for, as well as their Arkansas Tender Ribs, Sgt. Pepper Steak, Crispy Hay (noodles), etc…

Rodeo Grill Top View

Their Cebu Lechon is really affordable at P299 for a half kilo order! The lechon skin doesn’t have a thick layer of fat. Cebu Lechon usually doesn’t need any lechon sauce, and none was served. Taste-wise, I think the lechon could have used a little more seasoning, but at P299 for a half kilo order, I am not complaining.  For P299, the lechon is good value.

Rodeo Grill Cebu Lechon

Their bestsellers also include their Arkansas Tender Ribs (P269 for the Man size) and their Sgt. Pepper Steak. Both of these can also be ordered in a smaller Girl size.

Arkansas Tender Ribs (Man Size):

Rodeo Grill Arkansas Tender Ribs

Sgt. Pepper Steak (see group food picture above for the size difference between Man size and girl size):

Rodeo Grill Sgt Pepper Steak Girl Size

Crispy Hay (P165):

Rodeo Grill Crispy Hay Noodles

Rodeo Grill is very “koboy”, meaning “no frills” or “anything goes / not picky”. The food is average, not bad, but nothing to write home about, maybe kinda “koboy”, too. I think I Just maybe expected too much assuming that since it was imported to Metro Manila from Cebu, that it would be Cebu’s best. It is, however, VERY AFFORDABLE for a grill restaurant chain.

Rodeo Grill does have a saving grace – their Tortang Talong is really good! Unfortunately, I missed taking a picture. If you try Rodeo Grill, make sure to order the Tortang Talong as a side dish. 🙂

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