Sasa Asian Cuisine, FREE Ice Cream + Shopping at Estancia Mall

Sasa Asian Cuisine

The other day, we went back to have dinner at Sasa Asian Cuisine in Estancia Mall.

Estancia Mall is my current favorite mall when I’m clothes shopping. Sure, there are limited brand options and there’s no cinema, but hear me out. 1) the aircon is cold; 2) there are very few people in the mall, 3) almost all the clothes shops have some sort of sale going on, 4) I am the only one in the fitting rooms! There are no lines in the fitting rooms.

There are times when I want to go to a mall that has everything, but there are times when I just want to shop in peace, so here we are. And here’s a little secret, sssshhhh! – Marks & Spencer and Debenhams have many racks of clothes at 70% OFF! And these are nice clothes, maybe from last season, but totally wearable. These are not the crappy clothes you usually find at the sales bin, and I think the selection here is better than at other malls. And did I say there are no lines in the fitting rooms?

This visit, I was able to buy a nice top that was originally priced at P2,250. At 70% OFF, I got it for only P675! The first time I ate at Sasa a few months ago during their media launch, I was also able to score a nice summer dress for only P705 (original price P2,350). The other times I was at Estancia, I wasn’t able to find anything I liked. Hmm.. so it must be Sasa giving me good shopping vibes!


The first thing that caught my eye at Sasa was the decor. It was colorful and fun. The chairs were painted in bright yellows and blues. The paintings on the walls reminded me of Frida Kahlo, but looking more closely at the pictures I took, apparently, they are paintings of Asians, which makes more sense. I don’t know why my brain was thinking of Frida’s self portraits and South American decor.

Sasa Asian Cuisine Interiors

Also, notice the decor on the ceiling! I appreciate the attention to detail in Sasa’s decor.

Sasa Asian Cuisine Ceiling

Sasa Asian Cuisine Interiors 2

I like how they have the utensils on the table so we don’t have to keep calling the waiter.

Sasa Asian Cuisine Interiors 3

The menu was developed by Chef Raymar Reyes. Sasa serves a blend of Asian favorites from Japan, Korea, Singapore and Malaysia, made better with a Filipino twist!

Sasa Asian Cuisine Chef Raymar Reyes

The most recommended dish is Sasa’s Soy Chicken (regular – P380, family – P700). It is flavored with 18 herbs & spices, but the result is a complex but delicate, comforting taste, with no one spice dominating.

Another dish that I liked was the Lamb Patatim (P700, good for 3-4 persons). The lamb wasn’t too lamb-y (no ango), and the dish was delicately spiced and flavored.

For something different, try the Yasai Itame (P350) – this is like fresh lumpia that has been turned into an okonomiyaki. Imagine fresh lumpia with the the lumpia wrapper fried until crisp, and layered like a crepe cake, then topped with some okonomiyaki sauce (similar to tonkatsu sauce), Japanese mayo, and katsuobushi (those dancing bonito flakes). This is the first of its kind that I have tried. I highly recommend this if you want to try something different: okonomiyaki with a twist, or fresh lumpia with a twist? 

Sasa Asian Cuisine Yasai Itame

Sasa Asian Cuisine Yasai Itame 2

The Yasai Itame is generous with the seafood:

Sasa Asian Cuisine Yasai Itame Seafood

I think this dish is best shared with 3-4 people. It’s too much for one person.

For something meaty, we had the Crispy Pork Belly in Tamarind Glaze (P280). This is a crispy lechon kawali with a sweet and tangy tamarind sauce, a different, lighter take on the common lechon liver sauce.

Sasa Asian Cuisine Crispy Pork Belly Tamarind Glaze

Sasa Asian Cuisine Crispy Pork Belly Tamarind Glaze

We also had the Wrap SA Chicken (P240). This is like the chicken version of Peking Duck. Great if you love the concept of Peking Duck, but want to avoid the fatty duck skin. It is served with the wrap on the side, with a bowl of hoisin sauce and another bowl of atchara, and some cucumber sticks. It was good, but I think it would be greatly improved with the addition of some spring onions. It needs the spicy kick from the green onions.

Sasa Asian Cuisine Wrap SA Chicken

We also had some ice cream! To be honest, Sasa’s ice creams are the reason I am recommending the restaurant to friends. Sasa has unique ice cream flavors that they make themselves, and they are really good!

This time, I went for the Curry Maple Ice Cream (P90). I was able to try all the flavors before, and this one is my favorite. This is not McCormick’s curry powder, LOL. The curry blend used here tasted fresher and greener. It is perfect sweetened with maple syrup. My friend did not like this at all but I. LOVED. IT. 

Sasa Asian Cuisine Curry Maple Ice Cream

The Wasabi Ice Cream (P90) is also delicious, I also recommend it! It’s not too spicy – it’s just a hint of spice, balanced out by the cream and the sweetness of the ice cream. The nori adds another dimension of flavor.

The Mango Sticky Rice Ice Cream (P90) is more subtly flavored, but has real mango sticky rice incorporated in it! I remember liking the Kaya Toast Ice Cream (P90), too.


Sasa Asian Cuisine is running several promos right now. They have Dessert On Us! where they will give you a free scoop of ice cream when you post about them on Facebook or Instagram.

Sasa Asian Cuisine Free Ice Cream

They also have Asian Bowls for P250, which include unlimited rice and soup (weekdays only):

Sasa Asian Cuisine Asian Bowls

Sasa Asian Cuisine is part of The Menu Group (TMG). TMG was established in 2015 and is the brains behind Sangkap, Splice and Sobremesa. This group of passionate, young restaurateurs has successfully opened up their ventures in popular up-and-coming spots in Ortigas and Mandaluyong.

Sasa Asian Cuisine
Lower Ground, South Wing, Estancia Mall, Capitol Commons, Pasig City
Instagram: @SaSaCuisine

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