Salav Steamer Review – Disinfect your Home – Quick & Easy!

Salav Steamer White GS11-DJ Review Box
Hello everyone, how are you? Hope you are having a nice July! It’s not that hot anymore, and while that’s great, it’s been raining a lot, too.

I love rainy weather because it means cool weather. I love the sound of rain – it just feels very clean, like it’s washing away all the dirt in the world.

But we all know that rainy weather has its downsides, too  – mainly the floods and getting wet from the rain while out and about in the city. And for homemakers, rainy weather means clothes don’t get enough time to dry in the sun! Curtains get damp and become a breeding ground for nasty things!

I was recently provided a Salav Steamer unit to review. At first, I wasn’t too excited to use it, but after trying it for a couple of weeks, I realized how useful it was!


It’s #1 advertised function is to straighten clothes. If you don’t have a regular ironing board set up at home and only have a few things to iron, this is a very good alternative to think about getting. It barely takes up any space at all! It straightens clothes fast.

To use it, just hang your clothing on the hanger, hold the bottom of the shirt to sort of very lightly stretch/hold the shirt straight, and start steaming from the bottom going up. Be careful not to get your hands too close, the steam is HOT!

Salav Steamer White GS11-DJ Review Unit and Usage

This works very well with clothing made from very delicate materials that you don’t want to ruin by ironing, but can withstand some heat – lace, very thin fabrics, satin, silk, thin knits, gowns and formal clothes, etc… and also some coats where you don’t want it to look “flat” from iron pressing.

I do find that it takes a bit of technique to straighten some harder to reach parts of clothes, like the hems, collar, the cuffs, etc… What I do is I cut a thick plastic board (you can use anything, really, as long as it won’t conduct heat, is thick enough to not bend, and won’t melt), and use that as a “back” or a flat surface. Make sure that it has a long handle to keep your hands away from the hot steam. Or I also use the ironing board as a flat surface.

A more important use that I found for the Salav Steamer right now is DISINFECTING! When clothes, stuffed toys, pillows and other linens don’t get enough time in the sun to dry completely, they tend to smell musty.

Salav Steamer White GS11-DJ Review Disinfects Kill Dust Mites Bed Bugs

With the Salav Steamer, I can easily steam those germs dead! Muwahaha (*evil laugh*). Do you know how many dust mites, bed bugs and other cooties are in our stuff? Yes, please, by all means, regularly disinfect your kids’ stuffed toys with the Salav Steamer! The heat from the Salav Steamer kills them. Ironically, the steam also makes the clothes dry faster (it’s because of the heat).

It’s also SAFE – it has automatic shut-off to avoid overheating and when it runs out of water.

This is the GS11-DJ model in white. It’s actually quite easy to assemble.

Here’s a Quick Unboxing:

Salav Steamer White GS11-DJ Review Box Front

Salav Steamer White GS11-DJ Review Box Side

Salav Steamer White GS11-DJ Review Unboxing Contents

The Salav Steamer comes with the manual, the unit itself, the hose, the metal pole (that lengthens), the hanger, the U-shaped hook, the brush attachment and the pants attachment.

Note that the plug is a 3-prong, but adapters are inexpensive and easy to find (around P30+ at the mall hardware stores).

Salav Steamer White GS11-DJ Review Plug

Assembly is easy – the only thing I sort of had a problem with was attaching the tall pole to the unit. It was a very snug fit but I just made sure to push the metal all the way to the end (align it properly, there are grooves to help guide you).

Salav Steamer White GS11-DJ Review Metal Pole Attach

You can easily adjust the length of the metal pole by unlocking these clips:

Salav Steamer White GS11-DJ Review Metal Pole Adjust Length Unlock


I find the Salav Steamer to be very useful for quick clothes straightening jobs, for delicate fabrics, and especially for DISINFECTING. It does a far better job than those small, handheld steamers that run out of water in minutes!

If you have kids, young ones, especially, and you want to clean/disinfect their toys, their cribs, their little blankets, etc… this is going to be so useful! You don’t use any harsh chemicals, unlike in dry cleaning. You just use clean water.

With a full tank of water, you can steam continuously for 45 minutes! The Salav Steamer is also ready quickly, start steaming in 45 seconds after you turn it on!

I would consider it sort of a professional-level appliance – it is sturdy, the build quality is good, and it works! If fashion designers use this for their runway shows, you know it’s good! 

The Salav Steamer is available at Lazada and it’s ON SALE RIGHT NOW!

SALAV 1.6L GS11-DJ Garment Steamer (White) ₱ 2,999.00
From ₱ 1,399.00

Note: is a Lazada Affiliate 🙂

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