Rove Travel Tumblers on Buy 1 Take 1 at S&R

Rove Tumbler Buy 1 Take 1

I saw these 20-ounce Rove Travel Tumblers on Buy 1 Take 1 last week at S&R for only P349.95!

They look cute and so appropriate for our hot, hot weather! The colors I saw available where green, white, black, violet and blue. They are big – Venti size!

They are double wall insulated to keep your drink cold, and also prevents the “sweat” or condensation that forms on cold surfaces. This keeps your hands dry, and won’t form water rings on furniture. Less mess!

They are also BPA-free, meaning they are safe to use.

Rove Tumbler Buy 1 Take 1 Price

What are the advantages of these Rove Travel Tumblers?

  • They are great to have around and keep yourself hydrated – with our Philippine summer heat index soaring as high as 51 degrees Celsius, we need to drink as much water as we can to avoid getting heat stroke! Always have a cold drink on hand to keep yourself cool and hydrated!
  • The tumblers are big – 20 oz! – have more water with you; you don’t need to go back to the water cooler as often to refill.
  • They don’t break as easily – even if you leave them around the table and they get knocked off by accident, the Rove Tumblers won’t break as easily as other containers. They are made of thicker and better quality plastic than generic plastic tumblers.
  • They are spill-proof – many work places now require their employees to use only spill-proof containers to avoid spills at the office. Keep your desk clean!
  • They are transparent – they make it easy to see how much liquid you still have in the tumbler. I know I’m not the only one who likes to see this!
  • They are cute! They remind me of the crazy straws that were the rage in the 80’s 
  • Helps you save money – bring your own water! There’s no need to needlessly spend money on bottled water when you can bring your own water!
  • Help save the environment – by using reusable and portable water containers, you can avoid buying disposable plastic bottles that end up polluting the planet.
Rove Travel Tumbler Buy 1 Take 1

Check out the seal on the hole in the cover where the straw comes out of

How to clean the straw:

Run a strong jet of soapy water through the straw immediately after drinking anything other than water – especially smoothies, shakes, etc…. You can also buy a pipe cleaner (available at arts & crafts supplies stores like National Bookstore) than can fit inside the straw.

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