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I see Rita’s Italian Ice whenever we were in Greenhills, walking to Promenade from Virra Mall, I don’t know why we’ve never actually stopped to try it. I guess it’s because we were usually pre-occupied with the task at hand – usually buying / selling phones, our general reason for going to Greenhills.

After the Kumori SM MOA launch, I was already too full and on sugar overload, but alwayshungry.ph asked a few of us if we wanted to go with him to try Rita’s. I was waiting for traffic to subside anyway, so I tagged along. 🙂


The MoA branch of Rita’s Italian Ice is located at the ground floor of the North Wing of the SM Mall of Asia.

Ritas Italian Ice MoA Exterior

One thing I noticed is that there were a lot of choices. One of the staff was explaining all the different items we could order. Since I already had waaaay too much sugar at Kumori, it was all a sugar-blur and nothing was sticking in my head anymore, sorry.

Ritas Italian Ice Menu 1

Ritas Italian Ice Menu

Ritas Italian Ice Menu 2

Ritas Italian Ice Menu 3

Ritas Italian Ice Menu 4

Ritas Italian Ice Menu 5

Basically, “ice” is like a sorbet, frozen fruit water. The “custard” is like ice cream, but creamier. Also, you can try the different ice flavors! Just ask the staff, and they’ll give you a small spoon of the ice to try (free). They had some wonderful ice flavors like Key Lime and Pear Pineapple, which I would like to order next time. Here I’m trying the cherry ice, which I eventually chose as my Gelati base.

Ritas Italian Ice Cherry

In the end, I chose to get a Gelati – this was what the staff recommended for someone trying Rita’s for the first time. I chose Cherry Ice as the base and Chocolate for my custard topping. I was thinking of replicating the flavors of Black Forest cake.

Did I like it? Yes. 🙂

At first, I thought it was going to be weird, mixing ice cream with flavored ice, and I was afraid that it was going to turn into a runny mess. But it was actually delicious – the ice did not melt into a puddle, and the custard also kept its shape and did not melt as fast as I expected.

The ice was also flavorful and sweet, not watered down. The custard was indeed creamy, like soft serve ice cream, but creamier and not powdery.

Even though I was already on a sugar coma, I still enjoyed my first Gelati from Rita’s Italian Ice.

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