How to Recall Emergency Alert Broadcasts (Android)

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Missed reading those loud Emergency Alerts because you pressed OK too soon just to make the alarm stop?

So last night, I received an Emergency Alert on my phone. It made an alarming sound, it was around midnight, and I freaked out. I immediately pressed the OK button even though I hadn’t even read the message. I just wanted the noise to stop because it was making too much noise and I didn’t want to wake everybody up. 😯

The Emergency Alerts are usually sent by the government, I assume, to provide warnings and alerts. Most recently, they were alerts about expecting heavy rain, thunderstorms, typhoon warnings, and earthquakes.

This wasn’t the first time that this happened to me. I always miss reading the alert whenever I receive it during times when I’m caught by surprise – for example, during a meeting, or when I’m asleep, or when I just need things to be quiet.

I tried looking for the alerts again, but they were not in my notifications, nor where they in my Messages inbox. Most of the time, I just gave up, but today I thought I would do some research on how to retrieve lost emergency alert broadcasts.


It turns out that it’s easy! On my Android phone, in the Messaging app, just click on the More option (three dots), then choose Cell Broadcasts. All the Emergency Alerts are there!

How to Retrieve Emergency Alerts

You’ll see something like this:

How to Retrieve Emergency Alerts 2

You can view the alerts now:

How to Retrieve Emergency Alerts 3


On my Huawei P9, the Cell Broadcast settings are located under Settings > Sound > Cell Broadcasts.

On other Android phones, Cell Broadcast seems to be under Settings > Wireless and Networks > More > Cell Broadcasts.

On Samsung, it’s in Messages > More > Settings > Cell Broadcasts.

Now that I know where to find the Cell Broadcast settings, I can change the alert to something less alarming! 😀

Hope this has helped you finally read those Emergency Alerts that you missed!

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