Designer Rajo Laurel Washes Fragile, Dry-Clean Only Items in the Washing Machine!

Washing clothes is such a chore! And washing clothes that use delicate fabrics are more troublesome, especially when we have to go out of our way to hand-wash them or take them for dry-cleaning.

So when I buy clothes, I always limit myself to buying items that are easy to wash in the washing machine, and only buy very few, special items that need special care. I always thought that this was just the way things are, and that I just have to live with this limitation.

Gowns and wool coats were generally off-limits for me because they are usually dry-clean only. Beads and sequins in gowns will usually get ripped off in a washing machine, and wool coats get deformed, the lining usually becomes longer, or the wool shrinks. It’s just not a good look. 😀

You can now wash dry-clean only items with a washing machine!

Anyway, a couple of weeks ago, I was invited to the Electrolux 15th Anniversary Gala where they celebrated their dealers and also launched their new line of washing machines that can be used for dry-clean only items!

I was like, whaaaaat? Is this for real? A washing machine that is safe to use for delicate items like formal gowns? What sorcery is this?????

But then fashion designer Rajo Laurel, Amina Aranaz-Alunan of ARANAZ bags, and mompreneur Janice Villanueva came on stage and talked about how they used the Electrolux UltimateCare Washing Machines.

Electrolux FabricCare Brand Ambassadors Rajo Laurel Amina Aranaz Janice Villanueva

Seriously, Rajo Laurel says he washes his designer pieces in the Electrolux washing machine! There’s no need for them to have them dry-cleaned anymore, because the Electrolux UltimateCare washing machine does the job and keeps the delicate clothes looking nice and fab.

If a designer actually uses this washing machine for his designer clothes ($$$$$), I believe it. Who knows better how to take care of designer pieces and how to spot if something has been damaged during washing?

Electrolux FabricCare Brand Ambassadors Rajo Laurel

Electrolux Launches UltimateCare Washing Machines

Electrolux Philippines Management and FabricCare Brand Ambassadors

For entertainment, we had Concert Queen Pops Fernandez getting everybody up and dancing!

Electrolux 15th Anniversary Gala Pops Fernandez

So, here’s some more info about Electrolux’s new UltimateCare Washing Machines:

Keep Favourites looking newer for longer with the Electrolux UltimateCare Front Load Washing Machines

The Electrolux range of UltimateCare washing machines comes with innovations that prevent fading of colors, shrinkage and misshaping. The UltraMix™ technology gives you the results of a hot wash for better stain and dirt removal, yet uses a lower, gentler temperature. Detergent and water are pre-mixed in a special chamber before the beginning of the cycle to maximize cleaning power at a lower temperature. It delivers deeper clean and 31% better colour care, to ensure your favorites look newer for longer.

Besides the powerful yet gentle cleaning of UltraMix™, Electrolux UltimateCare washing machines extend the life of your clothes with the innovative Vapour Action, which is designed to soften fabric while reducing allergens by up to 99.9%. It means your clothes get better care, stay bright and feel fresh for years to come. The Woolmark certified cycle approved by the Woolmark Company, the global authority on wool, will safely launder your precious garments.

Electrolux UltimateCare utilizes the Eco Inverter technology that offers high energy efficiency and quality performance with minimal vibration. It reduces energy consumption by 75% and save time by 44%. You can also enjoy the flexibility and convenience to toss in forgotten items during the washing cycle. Yeah, you know when the laundry is already running and you find something that needs to be washed? It’s usually too late to include it in the washing machine, right? Not with Electrolux’s new washing machines – you can open a small door and drop in the additional clothes for washing while the washing machine is running!

Electrolux UltimateCare Front Load Washer Dryer EWW14113

Electrolux UltimateCare Front Load Washing Machine EWF14113

Better Care, Longer Wear with the Electrolux Cyclonic Care Top Load Series

Electrolux also unveiled its newest line of Top Load Washing Machines, also designed to give more care and result in less wear & tear of clothes in the wash.

The Electrolux Cyclonic Care Top Load series not only offers efficient clean through its Cyclonic Tub Clean feature, where the tub and pulsator rotate simultaneously to create a scrubbing action, but also delivers gentle care for your clothes through the Cyclonic Care Pulsator and the Prism Drum.

The Cyclonic Care Pulsator works by generating an upward water flow to help clothes circulate properly and reduce friction. Meanwhile the unique Prism-shaped Drum gently splits the dirt from the clothes the way a prism splits light, leading to a tangle-free wash that is gentler on clothes. For your woolens, the Cyclonic Care series also has a Wool function, a cycle that dries this kind of garment with care.

The Cyclonic Care washing machines come with inverter technology that leads to energy savings and lower noise.

Electrolux Cyclonic Care Top Load EWT165WD

Electrolux Cyclonic Care Top Load EWT805WN

Feel fabulous and dare to be bold as your favourites and delicates are cared for with Electrolux. Discover how you can ensure your favourites look newer for longer, go to and follow @ElectroluxPhilippines on Facebook and Instagram or @ElectroluxPH on Twitter.

Note: Most of the photos were provided by Electrolux. I didn’t want to go around taking photos wearing formal attire during a formal event! 🙂

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