Prices of Smart, Sun Pocket Wifi Gadgets Dropping!

Sun Cellular 1199 Pocket Wifi Easy Broadband

Prices of pocket wifis have been dropping the past few months.

When pocket wifis were first sold several years ago, the price range for each unit was around P6,000-8,000.

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Now, you can get a Sun Cellular Pocket Wifi for only P1,199 (old price P1,399) with an Easy Broadband Plan 699.

This plan has unlimited internet for only P699 a month and THERE IS NO HOLDING PERIOD.

If you are thinking about getting a pocket wifi with unlimited internet, this is the cheapest plan I could find. Sun Cellular is now also connected to Smart, so I think they share resources and signal.

If you are unhappy with the service, or find the monthly fee too high, you can always deactivate your plan since there is no holding period. You still have your pocket wifi to use with a prepaid Sun SIM, should you wish to.

Sun Cellular’s Prepaid Pocket Wifi is P1,795.00

I haven’t seen any information about the specs of the pocket wifi device – what is the max DL speed? max # of connected devices? battery life? what model and what brand is the device? is it a huawei, ZTE, alcatel, etc?

Feedback from users of Sun Cellular’s mobile broadband vary. Two of my friends are very happy with theirs. They have been on Sun Broadband for more than 2 years. I have not heard complaints from them about the internet being slow. One of them is ALWAYS online on Facebook, Instagram, etc… and has no complaints. Area is Quezon City.

On the other hand, I have heard of people who had problems with slow internet. One person I know was always having trouble sending pictures on Viber. Once she switched to using Smart, she had no problem sending pictures. Same gadget, no reinstallation or any other changes made. Area is Makati.

Smart Pocket Wifi 1399


Smart’s offering is P1,399 for the pocket wifi on the Easy Broadband Plan. You can choose from Plan 299, 399 or 999. There is NO HOLDING PERIOD. You just need to show valid ID with address to avail of a plan.

Plan 299 – 30 hours

Plan 399 – 50 hours

Plan 999 – unlimited

Again, there is no holding period. So you can try it out and if you are not happy with the service, you can deactivate it anytime.

Smart Prepaid Pocket Wifi kit is P1,495.00

You can read my feedback on the various mobile internet services here.

The Smart prepaid pocket wifi available at the Smart stores is the Huawei 5336B. The box says it’s up to 7.2Mbps, but checking online for the actual specs of the Huawei 5336B says it’s 21.6Mbps and can connect up to 10 devices. I don’t know if Smart downgraded the specs to 7.2Mbps or if it they just used a generic Smart pocket wifi box and did not bother to update the box. Can someone let us know? Thank you.

These are all great deals! More than 2 years ago, the prices of the pocket wifis fell to P4,995, then P2,495, then P1,995. If you purchase pocket wifi units not from Smart or Sun, prices are usually still at P4,000-6,000, depending on the model.

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