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Dunkin Donuts Premium Donuts

When someone says “Dunkin Donuts”, more than likely you will have visions of the ubiquitous little Dunkin Donut stall under LRT stations selling crappy donuts. While walking around McKinley Hill one afternoon a few months ago, I noticed that my companion was a bit tired and decided to get some rest at Dunkin Donuts at the second floor of the Venice Piazza. I figured that it was the cheapest place to get a seat and some merienda. The branch actually looked nice and reminded me a little of Krispy Kreme. I noticed that they didn’t have many donut varieties available, and I also noticed that the donuts were more expensive at P35 each (as opposed to aforementioned under the LRT donuts). Assuming that the difference in cost was due to the higher rent and better decor, I ordered a Bavarian donut (my favorite donut filling), not expecting much, but missing the taste of the Bavarian filling I recall fondly back in the 80′s.

Boy, was I surprised when I had my first bite! It was not the confectioner’s sugar-encrusted, dry and tasteless donut I expected. It was actually very, very good! I just thought, wow, this donut is spectacular! It had a kind of buttery-ness, and the Bavarian filling was what Bavarian dreams are made of. I didn’t think much of it until later, so I didn’t even think about asking the staff anything. But days after, I couldn’t stop thinking of Dunkin Donuts! I had to have that Bavarian donut again!

I told my immediate family about the delicious donut, but nobody believed me! When I found out the bf was going to McKinley Hill, I practically ordered him to try the donuts. He bought 3 donuts and ended up eating them all and left none for me when we met up later :(

Now, I am the type of person who has tried every new donut chain. I was there waiting in line at The Fort with my friend J when GoNuts Donuts opened, I chanced upon Krispy Kreme’s donut pre-opening giveaway at the Saturday Weekend Market with the bf, I was also in line at Bonifacio High Street with my dad when Krispy Kreme opened, and recently tried JCo Donuts at the Megamall with my sis. Each time I bought at least 2 dozen donuts. So with all honesty, I will tell you that I love this Dunkin Donuts’ Bavarian donut above all of them.

So last week, I found myself in McKinley Hill once again. This time, I was determined to ask my questions and take some donuts home as proof!

It turns out that there really IS a difference between these donuts and the regular Dunkin Donuts you see everywhere else.  According to the staff, these are Premium donuts. Premium donuts are made using potato flour while regular donuts use regular flour. He couldn’t tell me anything more, only that there are currently three Premium Dunkin Donuts branches — Venice Piazza, Mall of Asia, and Rockwell. I wondered why I hadn’t heard of this before..

Anyway, check out the donuts at the picture above. They currently have a Buy 3 for P100 promo, so I bought six donuts for P200, 3 pcs Bavarian and 3 pcs Strawberry.

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