Phil Travel Tour Expo Feb. 5-7 & Tips To Make the Most of It!

Philippine Travel Tour Expo 2016 Poster

It’s PTAA Travel Tour Expo time again! It is actually ongoing right now, this weekend!


The 23rd PTAA Travel Tour Expo is being held from February 5 – 7, 2016 (Friday to Sunday), at the SMX Convention Center at the Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City.

They will be open from:

Feb 5 & 6 (Friday & Saturday) – 10 AM – 9 PM (gate will be closed at 8 PM)
Feb. 7 (Sunday) – 10 AM – 8 PM (gate will be closed at 6 PM)

Ticket price: P60 per person; the discounted ticket price is P40 (for senior citizens, etc…)

2 in 1 Expo

This expo is actually a 2-in-1, because it is being held together with the International Travel Trade Expo:

The Philippine Travel Agencies Association (PTAA) is thus leading the travel industry to a notch higher by mounting “International Travel Trade Expo (iTTE),” a business-to-business travel trade expo aimed at linking the growing Philippine market to overseas travel.

The event is expected to gather exhibitors, sellers, and hosted buyers in a one-stop-shop at the SMX Convention Center on Feb. 5-7, simultaneously with the Travel Tour Expo 2016 (TTE).

“iTTE is a perfect venue for travel agencies to meet various suppliers such as operators, hotels, theme parks, etc. from different countries. Instead of going to each destination, this B2B hub is more cost efficient for players in the travel industry,” says Michelle Victoria, president of PTTA.


Here are some reasons why travelers should come to the PTAA TTE 2016:

  • Real People, Real Time. For pressing travel questions, talking to a screen just will not do the job. At TTE 2016, travelers get answers to their questions in real time with real live agents ready to respond to inquiries. Should one’s first choice destination be too fully booked, agents can also suggest other places worth checking out, options that may be an even more unforgettable experience for travelers.
  • The World in One Roof – At TTE 2016, one can figuratively globe trek with a variety of options for different destinations in just one roof. Travelers can also compare and contrast deals simply by hopping from one booth to another, so much easier than surfing endlessly online.
  • First-Hand Access to Solution Finders – Should there be something amiss while booking one’s dream destination, the staff at the TTE 2016 will be there to be expert mediators and solution finders. Agents in the participating airlines, hotels, destinations and travel agencies at TTE 2016 are trained to be holistic travel professionals.  The staff can negotiate with other foreign or local entities to ensure travelers get the best and safest deals. They can also arrange and create itineraries tailor-made for every traveler to make the most of their travel experience.
  • Travel Safe – With the myriad of online travel deals online, there’s bound to be several out there that are dubious and unsafe. At the TTE 2016, staff and agents ensure that the itineraries are doable, fun, and safe. Travel agents also double check passport issues and other documents—a great ease for those who dislike running for requirements. More than that, during the trip, when something goes wayward, travel agencies can guide their clients on what to do even where they are abroad.
  • FREEBIES Galore!Travelers can also enjoy freebies and exclusive deals from participating booths at the TTE 2016. In the end, travelers may end up getting a better and less expensive deal from the expo than booking online. — yup, this is true!!! you can get some awesome swag from airlines, hotels, travel agencies, etc… BE THERE EARLY BEFORE THEY RUN OUT! Bring your smartphone, some of the booths may run contests that require you to like their FB page, etc…


Didn’t I promise you some tips? Here’s your TRAVEL TOUR EXPO SURVIVAL GUIDE!

Bring passport photocopy. Wear comfortable shoes. Be ready with your itinerary. Here are tips on how to get the best deals at the travel expo.

With travelers from across the metro flocking to the SMX for great travel deals at TTE 2016, PTAA gives the following tips on how to survive the most awaited travel event of the year!

  • Come Prepared. With booths from hundreds of participants ranging from airlines, accommodations, destinations, activities, travel accessories, travel insurance, and more, it’s easy to get lost at the exhibit. So come prepared! List down possible destinations, preferred hotels and airlines, and a budget for spending during the trip. Keep these in mind when going from booth to booth.
  • Bring Necessary Documents. Bring a photocopy of IDs. For international travelers, bring a photocopy of passport for easier and faster facilitation of booking. A notebook would also be good for jotting down deals, flight routes, prices, and other details so one can compare it after checking out the booths.
  • Take Note of Special Discounts. Before heading to TTE 2016, check out airline or accommodation websites or social media accounts to be able to compare and contrast deals and discounts at the TTE.
  • Come early. One of the worst feelings at the TTE 2016 is to run out of slots or deals for one’s dream destination. So come at least 30 minutes early. Most of the best deals are on a first-come-first-booked basis, so it’s best to be at the front of the line for that. Coming early also helps avoid long lines and other hassles that come with going late.
  • Keep Eyes Peeled for Freebies. Exclusive freebies and deals await expo-goers. Aside from free items such as USB flash drives, pens, key chains, and pins, many booths also give out exclusive deals on flights, accommodations, and travel packages. Other booths also give out prizes to visitors just for checking them out.
  • Go With A Group. With the sheer size of the exhibit and the fast pace of booking, it would be better to come to the TTE 2016 with a group. A “team” can divide tasks amongst themselves —  one member booking flights while another, accommodations — to be able to grab deals quickly. Don’t forget to charge phones to be able to contact the other members of the group during the expo.
  • Don’t Hesitate to Ask Representatives from Each Booth Any Pertinent Questions. The TTE 2016 is a very unique opportunity wherein some of the country’s top brands in the travel industry come together. Should one have travel questions, this is a very good opportunity for representatives to guide travelers in making their itineraries. They can also suggest great packages or other destinations one might be interested in. Credit card holders can also ask representatives on special deals with their card.

Enjoy and see you there this weekend!

Note: Info from PTAA

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