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Pegi Waffles Exterior

Remember Pegi Waffles? I do! Around a decade or so ago, it became a sought after item at Starbucks. I remember it always being sold out. People were crazy about the Belgian waffle piled high with whipped cream and syrup.

Fast forward to the present – about a year ago, Pegi Waffles opened their own restaurant! It is along P. Guevarra St, near Sodam, and just across from Nathaniel’s.

It is actually quite a pretty setup, with white and powder blue walls which make me think of white puffy clouds, and just seems as heavenly as their waffles.

Pegi Waffles Interior

Pegi Waffles Interior 3

Like any person familiar with the sweet Pegi Waffle from Starbucks, I thought the food they served at Pegi Waffles were just sweets and breakfast food. I was very happy to find out that they also served savory dishes, too!


Pegi Waffles serves two kinds of waffles – the Liege waffles that it is known for, and Brussels waffles, the type that we are more familiar with.

Liege Waffles are dough-based, have a cake-like texture, are crunchier and sweeter – what I love about this waffle are the little bits of sugar balls incorporated in the waffle! They have several flavors available – original, cheese and chocolate. You can also buy them frozen, around P216/ pack of 6, if I remember correctly.

Brussels Waffles are batter-based, less sweet, and are freshly made as you order.

For their teas, they have tea from American tea masters Harney & Sons.

Pegi Waffles Harney and Sons Tea

They also serve Gelato from Cafe Publico, and sell Theo & Philo chocolates.


My best thing I learned from my visit was that they also serve pasta and rice dishes!

We started with these Fried Puff Cheese Ravioli (P220) – these are little bite-sized pieces of goodness with a cream cheese filling. It comes with a chunky tomato dip. These are addictive! You have got to try them at least once! These are made by their chef.

Pegi Waffles Fried Cheese Puff Ravioli

We also had these Spinach Ravioli (P220) – these have a filling of cream cheese and spinach. These, as well as their pasta, are also made in-house.

Pegi Waffles Spinach Ravioli

Here’s a look inside 

Pegi Waffles Spinach Ravioli Cross Section

Here’s the Shrimp Fettuccine (P195) – they use their in-house spinach fettuccine for the pasta.

Pegi Waffles Shrimp Fettuccine

I love their Salmon Lasagna (P250) – it’s creamy, cheesy and has lots of salmon!

Pegi Waffles Salmon Lasagna

Here’s their Eggs Benedict (P245) – ham and a poached egg, topped with Hollandaise sauce, served on a Brussels waffle. Serving Eggs Benedict on a waffle instead of the usual English muffin is a different twist, and something I, with my penchant for sweet & savory, enjoyed. I would probably request for a bit more sauce, though. I think you can also add an extra egg for P20.

Pegi Waffle Eggs Benedict

Here’s the Hungarian Sausage (P220), topped with some honey mustard sauce. It’s actually a nice combo with a waffle, because to me, the slight sweetness of the waffle goes well with the spicy, salty Hungarian sausage. It doesn’t look that appetizing at first look, but the trick is to have each bite have a piece of sausage, waffle and sauce! Again, I would probably request for some extra sauce on the side, just because I like having a lot of sauce.

Pegi Waffles Hungarian Sausage

They also have rice meals! We were able to try the Chicken Cordon Bleu (P250), and the Beef Salpicao (P350). I liked the Chicken Cordon Bleu – it was well-seasoned and they were generous with the sauce. The beef for the Beef Salpicao was tender (they used tenderloin).

Pegi Waffles Chicken Cordon Bleu

Pegi Waffles Beef Salpicao

For dessert, we had several liege waffles – Pegi’s Classic (P105), Salted Caramel Waffle (P90)Banana-Cookie Butter Waffle (P110).

Pegi Waffles Classic

Pegi Waffles Salted Caramel

Pegi Waffles Banana Cookie Butter

We also had Scones (P105) – at P105, I think these are worth trying – each set gets you two small scones. The scones are actually quite good – served warm and toasty, and flaky inside. A common problem I find with most scones in Metro Manila is that they tend to be dry and doughy, but these scones are actually good. They come served with a small jar of jam and a small jar of clotted cream. To eat them, just split the scones horizontally in half, put some jam and cream, and eat!

Pegi Waffles Scones


It is a pretty place for a little girl’s party or even for grown-up women who are still little girls at heart. But even men will surely enjoy the food!

I can imagine someone spending a relaxing brunch here – girl friends catching up, a man leisurely reading the paper on Sunday, etc…

The price is a bit higher than I expected, but considering that the waffles are a specialty item, and the savory dishes well-thought out, and also that they have a pretty, relaxing ambience, I guess it’s okay – a little pampering for your “me” time is worth it. You can stay here for your entire meal – they have everything from appetizers, pasta and rice meals, to dessert, chocolate, coffee, tea and gelato! Parking is also available in front so that’s a definite plus!

I recommend trying the Fried Ravioli and the Spinach Ravioli 

Pegi Waffles
333 P. Guevarra Street, Little Baguio, San Juan City
(02) 866 5132
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