S&R UniOil Promo: Save Thousands in Gas Money with Your S&R Card!

SnR UniOil Fuel Discount

A couple of weeks ago, S&R announced a partnership with UniOil, where S&R members can get a P3.00 discount PER LITER of gas, and P2.00 discount PER LITER of diesel.

That is a pretty nice discount! If you get 10 liters of gas, you get P30.00 OFF! If you get 30 liters, that’s P90.00 in savings!

S&R UniOil Promo


You know how much I love value-for-money promos, so of course, I had to go out and see what that’s all about and report it to you, my value conscious readers!

The only requirement to avail of this discount is to have the newer S&R membership card. This is the card with the magnetic strip at the back. The old card has the bar code. Chances are, you already have the new magnetic strip S&R membership card.

S&R Membership Card

S&R New Membership Card

If you don’t have the new, magnetic stripe membership card yet, don’t worry! Just visit any S&R branch and you can have your membership card upgraded FOR FREE!

SnR Membership Card Free Replacement


I wanted to try with a small amount, so last week, I filled up P500 worth of gas at UniOil Sta. Mesa. I got 11 liters so I was able to enjoy a P33.00 discount!

Just look for UniOil gas stations with some kind of signage showing that they are part of this promo, like this:


S&R has a list but more and more UniOil stations are participating, and the list keeps updating. So just look for the signage or ask the UniOil attendants.

Using Cash

First, the gas attendant asked for my S&R membership card and he brought it to the cashier. I guess he needed to check if it was valid (magnetic stripe card).


Then he came back and pumped P500 worth of gas. I asked him how the process was, and he said, I need to pay the P500 first, and then they will give me back the discount amount.


I used cash to pay. I gave P1,000 and got P533.00 in change and my S&R card back after needing to sign some of these paper slips. Awesome!

UniOil Sta Mesa SnR Gas Discount Receipt


Using a Credit Card

After seeing that the P3.00 discount was indeed LEGIT, today, I loaded up a full tank of gas. This was at the UniOil San Juan branch that was on the way from an errand I had to run.



Gas was a little cheaper here compared to last week. Here, it’s only P43.95 per liter. The total pump price was P1,006.46. This time, I used a credit card to pay.

The process is still the same, and they only charge the final, discounted amount to the credit card.

Notice how they did not round down the liters to just 22 liters, but instead used the full 22.9 liters for the discount: 22.9 x 3 = P68.70! Love it! Hindi madaya 



There’s also an S&R slip showing my total savings! So, over 2 gasoline refills, I already saved P101.70. Not bad! I saved P101.70 without actually doing anything except showing my S&R membership card! I am going to convince everyone in my circle who drives to get their own S&R membership card, even if it’s just a supplementary card. In just a month or two, depending on how fast you use up your gas, you’ll have paid for the membership already in savings. Bawi na agad. It’s worth it.

Both times, the S&R UniOil promo transaction was very quick and just like a regular visit to the gas station, no hassle.



I think this is the first time (2x) that I bought gas from UniOil. I used to patronize another brand, but this is a P3.00 discount per liter so it’s a big reason to switch and try UniOil!

A P3.00 discount PER LITER is not peanuts! At today’s gasoline price of P43.95 per liter, that’s almost a 7% discount!

Say you fill up a full tank every week, let’s say, an average of 35 liters:

Per week: 35 x P3.00 = P105.00 saved

In one month or 4 weeks, that’s P105.00 x 4 = P420.00 saved

In 2 months or 8 weeks, that’s P420.00 x 2 = P840.00 saved

In one year or 52 weeks, that’s P105.00 x 52 weeks = P5,460 saved!

A regular S&R membership is only P700 for a year. It has more than paid for itself in value!

My S&R membership just got a whole new level of value. Aside from access to a variety of imported goodies at great prices and deals, it now also gives me P3.00 peso per liter discount on my gas! That’s a whole new reason to be an S&R member!

So far, this promo is until March 1, 2018! Let’s hope it gets extended! 

I hope you enjoyed this blog post. Please feel free to leave a comment below, I love hearing from you!

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4 thoughts on “S&R UniOil Promo: Save Thousands in Gas Money with Your S&R Card!

    1. Barat Queen Post author

      In the past, no. But on my recent gas up, the guy asked me if I wanted the discount in cash discount, which I thought was kinda weird… of course I want it in cash discount.. Hmm… maybe he was trying to ask if I wanted the gas equivalent. I didn’t realize that maybe we could get the discount in gas equivalent. I’ll ask next time. 🙂

      1. Anonymous

        Based on my experience it seems that the default process is to give the cash discount. Most of the time I tell them to just ‘gas up the discount instead’ right after giving the card, it’s the more convenient option for me.


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