Nestle Yogurt 50% OFF at S&R Shaw!

SnR Feb 3 2015 Nestle Yogurt 50% OFFWe went back to S&R Shaw to try to stock up on Karoun’s Greek Yogurt but it was all gone!

Instead of the Karoun yogurt I wanted, the Nestle Fruit Selection Strawberry 500g yogurt was on sale. From the regular price of P119.95, it was selling for only P59.95!

SnR Feb 3 2015 Nestle Yogurt 50% OFFI’m familiar with this yogurt so we stocked up! I would have preferred the Karoun yogurt but this was okay. It was only P60!

There were more chocolates on sale with discounts ranging from P20 to P400. Most of these chocolates on sale were the ones that had a Christmas motif – the packaging is Christmassy! But if you’re just getting them for yourself or the family, the Christmas packaging is not a big deal.

SnR Feb 3 2015 Belgian Chocolate P400 OFFSnR Feb 3 2015 Lindt P200 OFFSnR Feb 3 2015 Nestle Crunch P100 OFF


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