Celebrate National Pineapple Day with a Greenwich Hawaiian Overload Pizza

Greenwich National Pineapple Day Hawaiian Pizza 2

June 27 is National Pineapple Day!

How did you celebrate it? We indulged in our favorite Hawaiian Overload Pizza from Greenwich, of course!

The Crispy Thins Hawaiian Overload Pizza from Greenwich is actually our favorite, and it’s something I love to have delivered when craving pizza, especially when we’re doing a TV marathon! There’s currently a P699 promo where we get 2 crispy thin pizzas, and we always get both pizzas in Hawaiian Overload flavor.

The ones we got recently were in regular crust – a good option when there are more people sharing the pizza.

Greenwich National Pineapple Day Hawaiian Pizza

I love the Hawaiian Overload because it has a lot of toppings, but it is not too salty because the sweet, juicy pineapples balances out the saltiness from the abundant cheeses, bacon and ham.  If you haven’t tried it in Crispy Thins form, give it a try. I have converted some friends who never even considered eating a thin crust pizza to loving the Hawaiian Overload Crispy Thins. Whether you get the Hawaiian Overload in thin crust or in regular crust, you’re sure to enjoy this tropical treat!

You know the drill: invite your friends over at home and call for Greenwich delivery or visit your favorite Greenwich pizzeria and order Greenwich Hawaiian Overload para sa pinya-sarap na barkada experience! With overloaded toppings, there’s always more for the barkada in every mouthful. Celebrate National Pineapple Day and order a box of Greenwich Hawaiian Overload now. Just press # followed by 5-55-55.

During a recent staycation, I actually used the “text G” option to order our pizza! I wasn’t sure if we were going to be charged to make a local outside call, and I was too lazy to call the front desk and check. Why would I, when there’s an easy alternative from Greenwich? 🙂 So I just texted “G” to the Greenwich numbers which I had already saved on my phone, and in a few minutes, someone from Greenwich called my phone to take my order. And within 30 minutes, our pizza was already in the lobby.

The text-G numbers are:

  • Smart – 0919-88-55555
  • Globe – 0905-88-55555

Greenwich National Pineapple Day

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