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After the sweltering heat of our summer months, the current cool and often rainy weather is not something I complain about. Traffic, on the other hand, is something I would actively avoid. This is why, on a rainy afternoon around rush hour, I found myself opting to pass the time by wandering around Lucky Chinatown mall instead of braving the traffic to go home.

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Looking back, it was serendipity, maybe? 

I found some amazing Buy 1 Take 1 sale items, and I discovered Nadai Fujisoba!

After checking out all the interesting shops, I found myself hungry but couldn’t decide where to eat. I was alone and didn’t want to spend too much, but also wanted something new and exciting!

There are so many new ramen shops opening in Manila, but this was the first time I saw a shop specializing in soba (buckwheat noodles)! Nadai Fujisoba was packed! That is always a good indication of good food, so of course, I had to try it!


I ordered the Niku Fuji Soba (P260), as recommended by the waiter.

Nadai Fujisoba Bowl

I was really happy with his recommendation! I really liked it. It’s different because it’s soba  – buckwheat noodles; it will taste a bit like cardboard but in a good way  and it’s not ramen!

The broth is clean & simple but combined with the toppings, the whole dish becomes amazingly satisfying! It has lots of umami and different flavors from the egg, beef, wakame, green onions, and nori For P260, I’m very happy with it and look forward to having it again soon with friends and/or family.

Check out this close-up of the soba!

Nadai Fujisoba Soba Close Up

Better get ready to crave for Nadai Fujisoba because these pics are so mouthwatering!

It came with this small bowl of tenkasu / agedama (little bits of fried tempura batter):

Nadai Fujisoba Tenkasu

Here, I’ve sprinkled some tenkasu on my bowl of soba:

Nadai Fujisoba Niku Fuji Soba with Tekasu

And here is this amazing soft-boiled egg. LOOOOOVE! O.M.G. this perfect egg! 

Nadai Fujisoba Niku Fuji Soba Egg

If this post has made you hungry and you want to know where you can find something similar to eat, stat! Check out!

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