My Mobile Internet Service Combo + Review

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How I Stay Connected thru Mobile Internet

A lot of people have been asking what I’ve been using for my mobile internet.

I’m using a combination of my Smart Postpaid Freedom Mega Combo 250, Globe GoSurf 299, and a Prepaid Smart LTE SIM.

Smart Freedom Plan Mega 250

My Smart Freedom Plan Mega250 comes with 100MB of mobile internet – I use this mostly for Waze, Viber, email and social media on my phone when I’m out on the road. Since I’m connected to wifi most of the day, I rarely even use up my 100MB allocation. What’s great about this is that I get a text message letting me know if I am about to use up my 100MB. I get a text telling me that I have 5MB left. If I need more internet, I can register to an ALWAYS ON bucket that fits my needs.

The speed I get here is the fastest I have received on any gadget, on any other SIM! We don’t get LTE in our area. I’m using a Note II N7105 whose LTE is not compatible with Smart’s frequencies, so I’m just stuck on H+. On Speedtest, I usually get 8 Mbps download.

I recently needed to download a 1.2GB file. Our DSL modem died and PLDT was delayed sending a replacement, so we didn’t have DSL. I was desperate to download that file, so I registered to an Unli Surf 85 (unlimited internet for 2 days), and downloaded the torrent on my phone. I was getting 700 kb/s to 1 MB/s. The 1.2GB file downloaded in about 10 minutes at 4am! This thing is faster than our DSL!

To register to Mega Combo 250, text Mega250 to 9990 from your Smart Freedom Plan SIM.

To check remaining balance, text Status to 9990

Asus Fonepad ME175CG

I have an Asus Fonepad ME175CG. It’s a dual sim tablet, and I was able to get it at a discounted price of P8,500 a few months ago (official price was P8,995). I’ll write a review on it soon.

On Sim 1, I put in my prepaid Globe SIM. On SIM 2, I put in a prepaid Smart LTE SIM.

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