Beauty and the Beast Rose + Mother’s Day 2017 Treats at S&R

SnR Beauty and the Beast Rose
I went to S&R this week and saw the promos they had for Mother’s Day and for the rest of the month.


First of all was this Beauty and the Beast -inspired preserved rose. These are real roses that have been preserved. The roses will last 5-7 years. You can even pop open the case and touch the rose! I saw this at the BGC S&R branch.

This will be perfect for your Beauty and the Beast fanatic! There’s no need to water this rose, or change anything about it. Just display it in your favorite spot!

SnR Beauty and the Beast Rose

Price depends on the size of the rose, typically in the P2,000 – P3,000 range each.

You can also pick your preferred bouquet of flowers for the special woman in your life. This one, I saw when I visited the S&R Shaw branch yesterday. Prices start from P249.95. Many of us will say that oh, we don’t want flowers… but then, when we do receive flowers, we’re so happy and walking on cloud 9!

SnR Mothers Day Flowers


For Mother’s Day, S&R has some heart-shaped cakes in Vanilla and Chocolate flavors. Each cake is only P349.

SnR Heart Shaped Cake Vanilla Mothers Day

SnR Heart Shaped Cake Choco Mothers Day

If your mom loves Apple Pie, then take advantage while this US Lattice Apple Pie is at 50% OFF! This used to be around P700, and for the duration of this promo, it’s only P349! Just reheat this in the oven or pop a slice or two into the oven toaster. Serve with creamy vanilla ice cream! Yum-O!

SnR US Lattice Apple Pie

And check out these Belgian chocolates that are on Buy 1 Take 1!

SnR Vandelbulcke Belgian Buy 1 Take 1 Chocolates

Toblerone Fruit & Nut is on promo!

SnR Toblerone Fruit Nut

My all-time favorite candy, Almond Roca:

SnR Almond Roca


Are you cooking for mom this Sunday?

Make crepes at home, but make your life a bit easier by buying the crepes. All you need to do is to assemble the fruits, creams, and toppings. Easy but still memorable! Was P799, now only P399!

SnR Naked Crepes

These aren’t on sale, but I buy them anyway. The Farmer’s Best Frozen Strawberries. If you have any idea how expensive fresh strawberries are, you’ll appreciate that you’re getting 2.5 kilos of frozen strawberries for only P500! I use them for smoothies, making strawberry sauce, making strawberry ice cream, etc…  Have you tried the combination of strawberry and basil? So good, especially in juice! Strawberry is my mom’s favorite flavor, so I’m making some strawberry dessert this Sunday!

SnR Farmers Best Frozen Strawberries

I have always been curious about turkey. I’ve had turkey before, but I have never done the whole Thanksgiving turkey thing that we always see on TV. So when I saw this Butterball Turkey Breast on promo, I thought I’d give it a try. Start small  I plan to cook this on Sunday, Mother’s Day!

SnR Butterball Turkey Breast


If your mom is the type who loves to cook but is also busy doing other things, why not get her a digital slow cooker? This one is 1/3 OFF! From P3,000, it’s now only P2,000! The selling point for me is that it has a digital timer. I have a slow cooker, and the problem with it is that sometimes you can’t go back home immediately and manually turn it off after the 8 hours cooking time. Or maybe you’re on the phone, or in a meeting. The point is, having a digital timer that will turn the slow cooker off automatically and put it in Warm mode is going to be so useful.

SnR Delichef Digital Slow Cooker

Also, why use a slow cooker? You can just dump all the ingredients in, turn it on, and never have to think about it again until it’s time to eat. It’s perfect for busy moms. Let’s say we want to cook adobo. In the morning, you can put all the meat into the slow cooker, put the garlic, the bay leaves, the peppercorns, the soy sauce, the vinegar, and whatever else you want. Give it a stir, cover. Turn it on. Set the timer for 8 hours. That’s it. Go to work. It’s okay even if your meat is frozen! All you have to do is to adjust the cooking time for a little longer. When you come home 10 or 12 hours later, the adobo is ready to eat and still very warm!

This particular slow cooker also has a rubber seal on the glass cover – this will prevent spills and even act like a pressure cooker, further helping to tenderize tough cuts of meat! You can cook a lot of things on a slow cooker – beef stews, pulled pork, roast hams, potatoes au gratin, and all sorts of chicken dishes.

If your mom has been interested in learning how to bake, but you don’t have the space for a full oven, why not start with this smaller Delichef Convection Oven? This is easier to install. It’s just like a big oven toaster, but it can bake chicken as well as cakes and cupcakes! It’s also on Buy 1 Take 1!

Delichef Convection Oven B1T1

I hope you enjoyed this post. Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms!

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