More S&R Finds from Aug. 28 Grocery Run!


Here are some of the other items that I saw on my last S&R supermarket visit:

First, these bottles of Dulce de Leche are on sale! They’re now only P249.95.

SnR Aug 28 Dulce de Leche

If you like caramel, you are going to love this Dulce de Leche! I just eat a spoonful of this every time I want something sweet & delicious. This is different from Nutella or peanut butter or cookie butter. This is very thick, caramelized condensed milk. You know those birthday chocolate cakes that have that sweet, caramelly filling in the middle? This is very similar to the caramel filling.

If you’re still not well stocked up on kosher salt, here’s your chance! It’s on sale now for only P119.95. If you are not into the metallic taste of iodized salt, try kosher salt – it melts faster than regular iodized salt, so it’s perfect for baking, seasoning salads, pasta, etc…

SnR Aug 28 Kosher Salt

Our box of kosher salt lasts a long time (years!) because I use a combination of sea salt and kosher salt. I use sea salt for regular, every day cooking, and use kosher salt for more gourmet dishes, baking, or for sprinkling on scrambled eggs, etc… and honestly, we don’t really use a lot of salt – a teaspoon here, a sprinkle there… but anyway, stock up on kosher salt if you can – sometimes you just can’t find it anywhere!

These Acai & Blueberry chocolate-covered things are seriously addictive! And they’re good for you, too, with all the anti-oxidants they have! If you love Raisinets, you’ll love these! Now on sale for only P579.95.

SnR Aug 28 Acai Blueberry Chocolate

Make your own sun-dried tomato pasta, pizza or panini with sun-dried tomatoes. Just slice 1-2 pieces of these sun-dried tomatoes – it’s enough for a serving of pasta, salad or panini. I always have a jar of this Bella San Luci Sun Dried Tomatoes in the refrigerator – my favorite thing to do with them is to chop up 5-7 pieces, add some finely chopped onions, some chopped olives, a small pack of cream cheese, season with salt and pepper – mix them all together and they make a great dip! The best part is, right now it’s on sale for P629.95.

If you are not into a pure pesto pasta, you can add some chopped sun-dried tomatoes to your basil pesto sauce to add a bit more savoriness & sweetness, and to counter the “umay” of the pesto.

SnR Aug 28 Sun Dried Tomatoes

I also found these – they are not on sale, but I think they’re cute and worth a look. Gourmet Food Specialties – Green Olives Filled with Feta Cheese and Red Bell Peppers Filled with Basil Pesto, for P209.95 each. They will make great appetizers especially if you have guests you might want to impress – just transfer to a nice serving platter, stick with decorative toothpicks (or place on Chinese soup spoons), and you have an instant, unforgettable appetizer dish!

SnR Aug 28 Gourmet Food Specialties Bell Pepper Basil Pesto SnR Aug 28 Gourmet Food Specialties Green Olives with Feta


I saw this Claim Jumper Peach Lattice Pie (P519.95) and was curious to try it. It wasn’t on sale but I love peaches so I thought I would try it over the long weekend we just had.

SnR Aug 28 Claim Jumper Lattice Peach Pie

I also got these Gorton’s Grilled Salmon (P309.95) for an easy, convenient fish dinner.

SnR Aug 28 Gortons Grilled Salmon


I’m not big on Tequila, but I am a sucker for free, cute shot glasses – so anyone who’s going on a big group outing / group party and needs to bring the requisite bottle of Tequila might want to check this out – FREE 2 shot glasses when you buy a bottle of Jose Cuervo Gold Tequila, P594.95.

SnR Aug 28 Jose Cuervo Gold Tequila Free Shot Glasses

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