Here’s an Easy Way to Enjoy Pepper Steak at Home

Easy Tabletop Grilled Steak

We like to eat steak.

Wagyu and Angus beef are awesome, but pricey. They are not something you would eat every time a steak craving hits, because it would be too expensive and too rich, literally and figuratively!


Fortunately, S&R has an ongoing promo for Montana Pepper Steak, now only P506.05 per kilo (less P30). If you live near Imus, you’re in luck because S&R Imus price is only P480.95! The Montana Pepper Steak is available at S&R Luzon and Cebu clubs only.

Around just P500 for 2 slabs of steak? Yes!

The Montana Pepper Steak also comes pre-marinated, with lots of white and black peppercorns and other spices! Awesome! This means no more worrying about having to marinate the steaks. This means you can cook the steaks as soon as you get home!

Montana Pepper Steak Raw 2

Montana Pepper Steak Raw 2

Of course, these steaks are not as tender as Wagyu or Angus beef, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy them, too. They are also delicious, especially if you know how to cook them right.

Since I don’t have the time or the patience to fiddle around with a charcoal grill outside (and it’s the rainy season already), I brought out my favorite tabletop induction stove, and my Cast Iron Griddle that I also got from S&R maybe 2 years ago.

Montana Pepper Steak Induction Cooker Grill

Of course, there must be wine! I picked a Carmenere.

Montana Pepper Steak Caliterra Carmenere Wine

One of the reasons why I love doing tabletop cooking, aside from it’s fun, is that nobody can complain about overcooking / undercooking. People have access to the tabletop grill, and they can cook the food however they want. It’s also much less work for me, because all I have to do is to set up the raw ingredients and people cook their own food and think it’s fun! Haha, so that’s my tip for busy homemakers.

Before grilling, make sure that the steaks are at room temperature. Don’t grill cold steaks, this will just result in tough meat. If your steaks are cold, just put them in a protected spot indoors, and let them reach room temp in 20 – 30 minutes, depending on the thickness of your steak.

The Montana Pepper Steaks are bone-in steaks – there is a bone in the steak. This helps make the steak more flavorful, and the bone gives me somewhere to hold the steak with my tongs without having to press on the steak meat.

Anyway, to start cooking the steak, just heat the grill until it’s very, very hot. Next, I poured a small amount of olive oil into the grill and then placed my steak. The sizzle should be music to your ears!

I keep the heat high for about a minute to help the steak sear, and then I lower the heat to medium so that it won’t burn. I let the steak cook for a few minutes more on medium.

Montana Pepper Steak Sizzling

Next, I turn the steak and sear the other side (increase the heat back to high). Then I lower the heat again to medium after a minute. I let the steak cook for a few more minutes and then I transfer the steak to a chopping board.

Then I let the steak rest for 5-10 minutes. This is very important! Do not cut, or stab the steak during this time, or all the steak juices will come out and leave your steak dry. Just leave it alone while you cook other things on the grill. This is the time to grill vegetables, etc… My sister even cooked an egg! You can also reheat leftovers in the grill, too. See? I told you this was a great solution if you don’t have time to prepare a meal.

Montana Pepper Steak Potatoes Egg

We had some mojos potatoes leftover from a previous meal that we just reheated here. This saves time and cleanup. The grill is already heated and there’s no need to use another pan! You can also grill some brocolli, cauliflower, zucchini, tomatoes, etc…

After 10 minutes, you can now start slicing the steak. Try to slice the steaks as thinly as possible. Remember, this is just regular beef. The best way to enjoy this is to slice it very thinly with a very sharp knife. Slicing the beef steak this way makes it more tender to the bite.

Montana Pepper Steak Sliced 2

Montana Pepper Steak Sliced

Enjoy your steak! People who like their steaks more done can put their slices back in the grill to cook further until they reach their desired level of doneness. Win-win for everybody!

Montana Pepper Steak Sliced Cooking Desired Doneness

Montana Pepper Steak Sliced Cooking Desired Doneness 2

These Montana Pepper Steaks are really full of flavor. The marinade has penetrated into the meat. It is a bit salty on its own, but when paired with rice, is just right. I think it is flavorful enough not to need a sauce, but if you really want a sauce, I think a cream-based sauce would be a good partner.

Sliced thinly, the pepper steaks are actually quite tender!

That’s it! Hope you try this easy, tabletop steak grilling thing at home. When you are panicking because you need to put food on the table, or if you have guests coming, but you don’t have time to cook, this is a good solution!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post. Please feel free to leave a comment below, I love hearing from you!

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