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Last week, I saw a new unli grill promo / offer on Facebook. It’s from Mitasu Yakiniku, which I reviewed when they first opened. At that time, Mitasu only offered yakiniku sets and meats which you order per dish.

With all the new Korean BBQ places that offer unlimited servings, we just haven’t been back to Mitasu. But the P488 promo I saw got me excited! It’s more affordable than the other unli bbqs I’ve tried recently and at least I know that the restaurant looks nice. The other places I’ve recently tried, Samgyupsalamat and All 4 U, weren’t as clean as I had hoped.

Just to err on the safe side, on the way over, I also booked a table on Eatigo for 30% off, in case we wanted to order extra meats. J likes the Wagyu cubes (P500) we had here last time and he wanted to order 2 plates of it.

When we arrived, we were informed that the P488 promo is not eligible for the Eatigo discount, which is fine. I didn’t expect it to be. Unfortunately, the Wagyu cubes were also not available, so we didn’t end up ordering anything extra and just stuck to what was included in the P488 Grill-All-You-Can, and in the end we were quite satisfied with the food 🙂


Here’s what’s included in the P488 promo:

Mitasu Yakiniku P488 Promo

Mitasu Yakiniku P488 Promo Includes

I was happy about the cleaner, nicer-looking surroundings at Mitasu compared to other bbq places. The ambience of a restaurant really does make the whole experience more pleasant and adds to the enjoyment of the meal.

Mitasu Yakiniku Ambience

I was also happy to see that they provided 2 tongs. We designated one for use with the raw meats, and the other one to use to get the cooked meats. O diba, hygienic! 

Mitasu Yakiniku P488 Promo Dishes

They provided hot tea, as well as water and iced tea (not in the photo).

As for sauces, they have the yakiniku sauce (it’s like a sweet soy sauce, taller bottle), and a spicy sauce that is really spicy (shorter bottle). We put the cooked meats on this plate, it’s nice that they provided this.

Mitasu Yakiniku Sauces

Miso soup and scallion salad. The scallion saiad is sweet, and I like to eat it with the meats. I requested for another round of the scallion salad 🙂

Mitasu Yakiniku Scallion Salad Miso Soup

Note: there’s a P200 leftover fee, so just request for the dishes you want

Mitasu Yakiniku P488 Promo Dishes 2

After having eaten at so many of these places, I’m starting to really prefer charcoal. Charcoal is hotter, cooks the meats faster and gives good browning. Charcoal also provides a smoky flavor. However, I do find gas grills easier to control, we can turn it up, turn it down, and turn it off, depending on what we are cooking.

Mitasu Yakiniku Grilling

We must have requested at least 5 pork and 10 beef refills! To be honest, I wasn’t sure if what we got was actually a beef belly cut, but okay lang. Less fatty, more meat. As for the sausage, at first J didn’t want to get a plate of it, but I said we had to at least try it. So we got one order and he ate most of it, hahaha.

For dessert, we were given some coffee jelly, which was better than what I expected! In other restaurants that give free desserts, the desserts are often watered down mango sago or almond jelly. But this Coffee Jelly was flavorful and creamy.

Mitasu Yakiniku Coffee Jelly


We really enjoyed our meal, and for P488/person, I feel like this one is the best value for me. The nicer ambience is a big factor why I prefer Mitasu over the others. The place is clean, not greasy, I didn’t notice any eyesores like dirty floors, messy prep areas, etc… In fact, it was not smoky and we didn’t smell that much like bbq after dining there!

All in all, it was a very comfortable dining experience. The aircon was doing its job, and the restaurant wasn’t too crowded, by that I mean, hindi masikip. The counters were far apart enough that you don’t feel like you’re smooshed with another dining group. The L-shaped chairs did seem a bit placed too near the table, but we were able to push our table to give us more room.

As for the food, no complaints. For P488, I feel like they delivered on what we expected and more. This is supposed to be Yakiniku, Japanese-style bbq, but they have kimchi 🙂 I just noticed it but I’m not considering it as a point against them. What I do miss, is doenjiang! I much prefer doenjiang over yakiniku sauce, but sadly, Mitasu doesn’t have doenjiang. I wonder if it would be alright to bring my own next time… Doenjiang is the brown sauce (soybean paste) that is usually provided in Korean bbq restaurants.

The staff were attentive. We didn’t even have to call their attention. When they noticed that the charcoal was getting too hot, they would offer to put ice cubes on the grill. If the charcoal became cold, they offered to fix it. Of course, we arrived at 5pm so there were very few other customers. But by 6:30pm, Mitasu was full and it took longer for us to get our coffee jellies.

Parking is free, but I suggest going at non-peak hours so it will be easier to get a parking spot. The P488 promo has no time limit anyway, and is available all day.


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  1. Jennel

    I would like to recommend the gen korea (must try) in MOA , they had a promo in Metrodeal starting Php. 588 for lunch with unli drinks (beer, wines, juices, tea and softdrinks)


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