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Milky n Sunny Wall

Last week, I joined a late, late brunch with some foodie friends at Milky & Sunny, a cute restaurant that really will cheer you up when you walk inside.

Milky & Sunny is located at the ground floor of the Eton Parkview in Makati, along Gamboa St., a few minutes’ walk from Greenbelt 1 / AIM. It is the second Milky & Sunny branch, the original one is located in Kapitolyo, Pasig.

Milky & Sunny Exterior

Milky & Sunny is the baby of several friends who wanted a place where they could hang out and have their comfort foods, too. The concept behind Milky & Sunny is to have a place that’s really homey, where customers feel right at home, eating food that feels like home cooking, but trying to make it a bit healthier, too. It’s an all-day breakfast kind of place, the “sunniest resto in the metro”.

Milky & Sunny Interior

Their sunny yellow chairs just don’t give you any other choice but to feel peppy. I also love their plates! They use Corelle plates for a homey feel, too. I noticed because I love that Corelle Provincial Blue pattern. I soooo want to buy a set but our current plates last forever! As in! Almost a decade of daily use and still going strong, I don’t know whether to laugh or cry  the things are more indestructible than a Nokia 3310.

Milky n Sunny Corelle Plates

Wifi is available.

The Magalonas are part-owners of Milky & Sunny, that’s why you’ll see some of their favorites on the menu, too.


We started with the Buttermilk Chicken Ceasar Salad (P270) – the chicken is crispy outside, but juicy inside. The dressing was creamy and yellow, as sunny as the resto. 

Milky n Sunny Buttermilk Chicken Ceasar Salad

The Tapa Sunny Rice Meal (P295) is a generous serving of tasty beef strips, your choice of plain or garlic rice, homemade achara, and two eggs cooked your way. This is probably the dish I liked most. The beef is actually tough, almost like a jerky, but I think it is supposed to be that way. It’s almost like candied beef, but even after all the beef strips I ate, there was no litid! That’s a plus, because many restaurants fail at that, and don’t make the effort to trim away any gristle. I liked it. It’s a good texture contrast to the soft rice and the slight crunch of the achara.

Milky n Sunny Beef Tapa 2

This is their beautifully-presented Eggs Florentine (P300). It’s Eggs Benedict but with smoked salmon instead of Canadian bacon. I wasn’t a big fan of the English muffin, but it does stand up to the Hollandaise and the runny yolk. It’s the most beautiful dish of the meal, the smoked salmon, hollandaise, spinach and runny poached eggs is just one of those perfect combinations that scream Brunch!

Milky n Sunny Eggs Benedict Smoked Salmon Florentine

Milky n Sunny Eggs Benedict Smoked Salmon Florentine Yolk

The 1/4 pound beef patty of the Sunny Beef Burger (P290) was delicious. The bun seems like it’s just a commercial bun, but overall I liked the beef patty; the thousand island dressing feels like home, because that’s what most of us put on our home-made burgers, right?  My friend T couldn’t get enough of the fries. I like that they already serve it with mayo and catsup, there’s no need to ask the staff for the condiments.

Milky n Sunny Burger

The Sunny Sardines Pasta (P270) is a light pasta of fried sardines, tomatoes, olives and basil. It’s okay, but I would try another pasta dish next time. There are some more interesting-sounding pasta dishes on the menu like their Laing Pasta or their Longganisa Pasta. 

Milky n Sunny Sardines Pasta

Their Lechon Kawali (new item) is also less fatty than what you might find in other restaurants, but still tender.

Milky n Sunny Lechon Kawali

The English Breakfast (new item) – pork & beans, bacon, sausage, egg, is hearty and filling. The pork & beans is sweet; with the generous strips of bacon, a sausage, egg and cherry tomatoes, this is something you’d want to have for breakfast on a rainy morning (or maybe after a hangover / night out). 

Milky n Sunny English Breakfast

For dessert, we had the Blueberry Valentine Pancake (P230). The blueberry pancake was not as light & fluffy as I expected. I think the addition of blueberry syrup to the pancake batter made it heavier. Personally, for blueberry pancakes, I just want the plain light & fluffy pancake batter, and some frozen blueberries thrown in at the last minute. This one also has some blueberry jam sandwiched between pancakes 

Milky n Sunny Blueberry Pancakes

We also had the Custaroons French Toast (P240), which I just couldn’t get enough of. This is what a French Toast should be like – very eggy and soaked through with egg! I also like that they used a bread that is “hole-y” (has bigger holes than the usually more compact-holed tasty breads), this absorbs the egg mixture better. It uses the custard filling from Custaroons, so if you like Custaroons (custard + coconut macaroons), you’ll like this, too. Don’t forget to include some whipped cream in every bite.

Milky n Sunny Custaroons French Toast

For drinks, this is one of the very few places where I have seen fresh sugarcane juice on offer (P100). Fresh sugarcane juice actually has many health benefits, so now you know where you can get some if you’re in the area.

Milky & Sunny develops new menus every six months to keep things fresh & interesting.

Milky & Sunny also has Yellow Halo – a line of guilt-free meals, with plates less than 500 calories each, following recommendations from the Harvard Medical School.


The food at Milky & Sunny is just very comforting overall. It’s not gourmet fare, but dining there feels so cozy because the food tastes like what one might imagine their ideal home would be serving – warm, easy, familiar.

I recommend the Tapa Sunny Rice Meal if you like your beef tapa almost candied – eaten mixed with the garlic rice, home-made achara, and some vinegar, it’s the perfect breakfast for my imaginary sunny morning. 

Milky & Sunny
Ground Floor, Eton Parkview, Greenbelt, Gamboa cor. Rada Sts., Makati
Contact #: (02) 832 3623
Email: [email protected]
Hours: Mon – Sat 9 AM – 10 PM ; Sunday 7 AM – 3 PM

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