MG Marina Grill: UNLI-LECHON for P149 + P1,000 GC Giveaway!!!

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Earlier this month, we were invited to try out some new dishes at MG Marina Grill at the Araneta Center in Cubao.

I didn’t know that there was an area in Araneta Center that was slowly being gentrified. MG Marina Grill is located on the ground floor of the Manhattan Parkway condominium building, right across the big parking building. It is just a short walk from the Cubao LRT station, and is located in the “inside” part, not on the outer part facing the main Aurora Blvd.

MG Marina Grill Cubao Map

It is less than 5 minutes’ walk from Gateway along Gen. Malvar St., past the Kia Theatre, and just after Giovanni’s Bar.

The place is safe, with many condominium security guards nearby. There are several condominium buildings on that strip.


MG Marina Grill is an offshoot of Ross & Marina IloIlo. This is their quick-service restaurant that they divided up into stations – the lechon station, the variety store selling Ilonggo delicacies, and Halo-Halo sa Jaro selling desserts and cold refreshments.

Dining is al fresco, but they have an air-conditioned section, too. There’s a second floor, balcony-type dining area. The design of the place is not typical, and it’s one you’re not likely to forget.

MG Marina Grill Interiors 2

MG Marina Grill Interiors

MG Marina Grill Interiors View from 2nd Floor

The theme is to bring Iloilo to you! They set up these little shops to bring the Iloilo town feeling to diners – there’s Litsonan sa Molo where all the grilling happens, there’s Pavia Variety Store where they sell snacks & delicacies from Iloilo, and there’s Halo-Halo sa Jaro where all the iced snacks are made.

MG Marina Grill Interiors Litsonan Variety Store Jaro Halo Halo

On the second floor, they also have a barber shop and a bakery (decor only), that will make it feel like you’re dining street side in Iloilo:MG Marina Grill Interiors 2nd Floor Iloilo Decor Bakery Barber Shop


We were surprised at the really affordable prices at MG Marina Grill.


We started with breakfast. Their bestseller is the Beef Taparapsarap – thinly-sliced, flavorful, sweet and salty beef. Malasa. I found it a little bit fatty because I like my beef tapa on the leaner side, but some people love to eat the fat, so I guess that’s a personal preference.

My favorite is the longganisa-stuffed fried squid, which they call the Howlongganisa. They got this right! Sweet and full of flavor. Some of my table companions even said that it was delicious enough on its own that there’s no need for the mayo! I can’t wait to go back for this! 

MG Marina Grill Howlongganisa Squid Breakfast

Photo taken by my friend Eater.PH

There were other breakfast dishes like tinapa, baconsilog, etc… but I just concentrated on these two.

The blue rice is colored with the blue ternate flower that is only found in Iloilo, and it’s a reputed aphrodisiac. It is topped with kalkag, an Ilonggo delicacy made from tiny shrimps.

The breakfast meals are perfect if you are craving for a comforting Pinoy breakfast. They are delicious, will meet all your Pinoy comfort food cravings, but are amazingly affordable. The quality of the food served to us was so much better than I expected for a P99 meal. I didn’t feel like I was eating “sa tabi-tabi lang“. The food is good quality and bang for the buck.

Breakfast is available from 5am – 10am. And all the breakfast plates are P99 and already includes blue rice, drink, and kropek! Add P19 for egg.

After breakfast, we were given a “break” from eating by palate cleansing with their Halo-Halo. This Halo-Halo is only P49!

They also have a good Bibingka that is only 2 for P99! I do think it would be better if they added some salted egg topping.

MG Marina Grill Bibingka

Photo taken by EATer.PH


And now, the reason why we’re all here! UNLI-LECHON!

From February 1-28, 2017, MG Marina Grill is having an UNLI-LECHON PROMO! The promo is from 10 AM – 4 PM.

MG Marina Grill Unlimited Lechon Promo

The Unli-Lechon is P149! You have a choice of pork belly or lechon manok.

MG Marina Grill Lechon Kawali

MG Marina Grill Lechon Manok

The MG Lechon Pork Belly and the MG Lechon Manok are also available as regular orders for only P99 per order. But just add P50, and you can “Go-UNLI”.

The way the unli-lechon goes is they give you a regular order first – this is a plate with a serving of lechon, rice and kropek. After you’re finished eating that, you can ask for another order of lechon, and so on. CLEAN PLATE POLICY. No leftovers.

This also includes 1 round of iced tea.


MG Marina Grill also serves up some Ross & Marina favorites like Blue Marlin and Tuna Belly!

MG Marina Grill Blue Marlin

MG Marina Grill Tuna Belly

But that’s not all! Our insanely funny host Ms. Beth also served us some of these super fresh oysters!

MG Marina Grill Fresh Oysters

Here are some more oysters, baked with cheese!

MG Marina Grill Baked Oysters

Baked Oysters at MG Marina Grill. So fresh and delicious! 💕💕💕 Haha, these are only 3 for P99! #oysters #cheese

A photo posted by The Barat Queen (@thebaratqueen) on

These were awesome and we had some truly fun times with all of Ms. Beth’s crazy quips. I forgot her joke, I think it was about the best dish or best Filipino food… but her punchline was unforgettable! F**kbeth daw (pakbet). That was the only thing I remembered about her joke, but there were so much more. She must have had too many oysters, hahaha. 

According to her, the price is P99 for 3-4 pieces!


MG Marina Grill is a very casual, quick service restaurant with affordable pricing. In my opinion, they also got a lot of the food rightkuhang-kuha talaga nila yung panlasang pinoy. That’s all I can say. The food is not fancy, but it’s just good – delicious, comforting, perfect.

I am already planning many returns to this branch of MG Marina Grill, and that’s quite a rare thing for me! It’s for those days when you just don’t feel like eating fancy food, but just want hang out with someone over some simple, comforting, but delicious Pinoy fare.


I have P1,000 worth of Marina Grill GCs to give away to one of my loyal readers!

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Giveaway starts today, Feb. 8, until Feb. 19. I will announce the winner on Feb. 20.

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Giveaway is open to those with a Metro Manila address only since I will be sending the GCs by courier. Make sure that I can contact you on your Facebook or Instagram accounts in case you win!

Marina Grill GC Winner

MG Marina Grill
Ground Floor, Manhattan Parkway, Araneta Center, Cubao, Quezon City

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