Metrobank Credit Card – Get Free Snack Items for Every P3,000

Metrobank Credit Card Robinsons Supermarket Promo P3000

Get these snack items for FREE for every P3,000 minimum charge on your Metrobank Credit Card:

  • 1 can of Pringles potato chips (150g)
  • 1 pack of Chips Ahoy cookies (143g)
  • 1 Del Monte Pineapple fruit drink (blueberry or strawberry, 1L)
  • 2 Nestle Crunch chocolate bars (43.9g each)

You can use your credit card anywhere – it just has to have at least a P3,000 charge. In case you are thinking about splitting a big charge into smaller P3,000 chunks, they have rules against that now, unfortunately 🙁

But, you can still use different Metrobank cards for each P3,000 (Gold, Platinum, Femme, if you’re lucky enough to have several Metrobank cards), or split the bill among relatives, or just buy P3,000 worth of items each time (just come back again tomorrow to buy another P3,000 worth of goods if that’s feasible; or buy P3,000 worth of items now, go have lunch or watch a movie, then buy another P3,000).

The items they are giving for FREE right now are not particularly exciting for me, but it’s better than nothing  The previous promo where they were giving a P100 GC was way better, and the Seattle’s Best Coffee drinks promo some time ago was the best (because I always got the most expensive Javakulas! and sometimes even free cake!) 

You just need to bring the charge slip and show the credit card used to redeem (charge slip & credit card must match, and make sure you have the Customer Copy of the charge slip). Redeem at Robinsons Supermarket, usually at the Customer Service area.

This promo will run from June 8 – Aug. 31, 2015!

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  1. Barat Queen Post author

    Hello Arsenio, I am not affiliated with Metrobank. Just call their hotline and ask one of their customer service reps, or ask your Metrobank bank branch manager to refer you for a platinum card 🙂


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