Metrobank Card Promo – Get P100 McDonald’s GC For Every P3,000

Metrobank Credit Card P3000 Spend Get P100 McDonalds GC

Metrobank Card Promo – P100 GC for P3,000 Spend

Metrobank’s credit card promo is back! Get a FREE P100 McDonald’s gift certificate for a minimum single charge of P3,000 spent ANYWHERE using your Metrobank credit card.

Promo Period: October 15, 2015 to January 15, 2016

Redemption Period: October 15, 2015 to March 15, 2016

Okay, let me say that I vastly prefer this promo over the previous Metrobank card promo runs where we get Pringles or Oreo cookies or whatever. At least with this P100 GC, we can choose what we order at McDonald’s 

The McDonald’s GCs have no expiration date (yay!). To claim the GCs, just go to any McDonald’s counter and show your receipt. You need to have a charge slip (transactions with no charge slips like online purchases, bill payments, etc.. are unfortunately not included in the promo).

You need to surrender your charge slip (with the valid minimum purchase of P3,000) and show the credit card that you used – they have to match. If you need your charge slips for accounting purposes, you might want to photocopy it or take a picture first, because once you surrender your charge slip to McDonald’s and claim your GC, you won’t get it back. The charge slips need to be in good condition (not torn, etc…) and readable.

You can only claim 1 P100 GC per valid Metrobank card per visit at McDonald’s. This is such a hassle. Most people will have several charge slips and would want to visit McDonald’s and get their GCs all at the same time so as not to waste their time. This is such a time waster. Although I get it that they want to encourage people to visit McDonald’s more often, and/or they might want to discourage people from claiming their GCs.

But anyway, we were able to claim our GCs a few days ago and the transaction was pretty easy.

As usual, splitting of transactions is not allowed. Split transactions is presumed when there are 2 or more transactions in the same merchant outlet or establishment over one and the same product or service, and the interval of these transactions were made within 5-10 minutes. So plan your purchases wisely! 

Anyway, let’s be happy that the Metrobank card promo is back! Read more on Metrobank’s page.

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3 thoughts on “Metrobank Card Promo – Get P100 McDonald’s GC For Every P3,000

    1. Barat Queen Post author

      Hi Len,

      Unfortunately, no. You can only claim 1 per receipt. That’s why people have been splitting their bills per P3,000 amount, and that is why Metrobank has put in place rules to prevent that. However, I know that you can split your bill to P3,000 each using different Metrobank credit cards if you have several (Gold, Platinum, Femme, etc), or using the Metrobank credit cards of your family members (pag-usapan niyo nalang kung paano mo bayaran).

      For example, for groceries, you can batch the items to total somewhere just slightly above P3,000 and pay for that in one transaction. Then do the same but use another card (or use your companion’s card).

      Another thing is, there is a time limit. So if you only have 1 Metrobank card, you can pay for 1 batch of P3,000 now, then wait and come back after 30 minutes and pay for another batch of P3,000. Hassle, but if what you are buying is not time-sensitive, you can do that… just have a snack or a meal or watch a movie or browse other stores in between.

      For big ticket items like TVs or Refs, I don’t think you can split the transaction, so sayang… 🙁


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