Merry Moo – You Must Try My New Favorite Ice Cream!

Merry Moo Ice Cream Pint

Move over B&J, I have found my new favorite Ice Cream!

It’s Merry Moo’s Sea Salt Caramel. I have seen Merry Moo stands in several malls, but I just always dismissed it as just another overpriced, hyped-up “artisan” ice cream – they have been popping up all over town the past couple of years – and I guess I just had ice cream fatigue from all the brands claiming that they were the best, but did not really impress.

Ben & Jerry’s (from P229+ to P289+ at S&R) was my ice cream of choice, and I was sticking with it whenever I wanted to eat premium ice cream. Of course, we still buy the less expensive ice creams often (buying the premium stuff all the time would be too expensive!), but some times when I feel like indulging myself, I’d buy the good stuff.

I first tried Merry Moo’s ice cream for dessert at Frangos two weeks ago, and I was blown away by how creamy it was! I am not exaggerating when I say that it is the best ice cream that I have ever had. It’s creamier than cream! If I were ever in a situation where I had to request my last meal, this would be on my list!

Frangos Portuguese Chicken Merry Moo Ice Cream Sea Salt Caramel

I don’t know how else to describe it. It’s very, very creamy, with no chemical taste. I can always tell when I’m eating the cheaper ice creams because I always notice the chemical aftertaste, especially of fake chocolate. It does not have nuts, bits or berries. It’s a simple ice cream, but Merry Moo’s Sea Salt Caramel is just PURE GOODNESS! It’s Liquid Heaven.

Salted Caramel is my weakness. Other people go weak at the knees thinking about chocolate, but for me, it’s good salted caramel. Merry Moo’s is not too sweet, it’s not salty in the sense that you’d notice the saltiness. There is a tiny bit of bitterness (expected from caramel, of course). All those simple flavors are mellowed and carried by the unbelievably creamy cream as you slowly let the ice cream slide down your throat. I’m going all foodporn and I can’t help it.

If Willy Wonka gave me his chocolate factory, I’d exchange it for Merry Moo’s!  Imagine snowmen made of Sea Salt Caramel Ice Cream!

So, after I discovered Merry Moo, I tried looking for it the last time I was at the Mall of Asia and couldn’t find their kiosk! I was so sad that I couldn’t share my new discovery with friends & family. I had no idea about their pricing but hoped for the best.

Then last week, while checking out what’s on sale at S&R, I did a double-take when I got to the ice cream section. OH, MY GOD, IS THAT MERRY MOO?! Why, yes it was! I checked the price and was so happy to see that it was P289.95 for a pint! That is a price I can live with! Hooray for Merry Moo! Hooray for S&R for making Merry Moo easily available! Hooray for me, now I can eat this ice cream again! Hoorays all around!

SnR June 16 Merry Moo Sea Salt Caramel Ice Cream Avocado

This ice cream is so addictive that I ended up finishing half of this pint (shared the other half with a relative)! It is a test of willpower to not start eating the other pint in the freezer!

Merry Moo Ice Cream Sea Salt Caramel

Merry Moo did not pay me to write this, I just really, really love this ice cream!  I’m just kicking myself for not discovering this ice cream sooner. Sis wants to try the Avocado flavor next time, and I’d love to explore their other flavors, too.

After all this eating, I know I need to start some sort of exercise regimen. To get me in the mood to start exercising, I browsed Zalora’s website for inspiration. The women’s sportswear collection on Zalora gets me excited to work out. Click here to see their collection.

I’m off to start burning some calories. This ice cream is worth doing it all for, though!

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2 thoughts on “Merry Moo – You Must Try My New Favorite Ice Cream!

  1. Jillsabs

    I’ve only tried Merry Moo in a children’s party and you’re right, super sarap nga ng sea salt and caramel flavor! Glad to know that it’s also available in malls and supermarkets. Ma-stalk nga.

    1. Barat Queen Post author

      Hello Jillsabs 🙂 masarap nga talaga! It’s a bit of a splurge at P290 for a pint but it’s a very attainable price to buy once in a while like once a week or once a month, depending on your ice cream addiction 🙂


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