Megawatt Review – Good Food at a Car Wash? Yup!

Megawatt Viva Fiesta Pizza

Having your car washed is a chore many of us don’t particularly look forward to doing. At least, I don’t  But if I must spend time waiting for my car to be washed, then what better way than to spend that time eating good food?

Megawatt is a power plant-themed restaurant located at the second floor of the LG2 Car Wash along N. Domingo St., past Valencia Hills and Gilmore and right before the corner turning to Robinsons Magnolia. Their tables are designed to look like solar panels. In fact, part of the restaurant’s power is supplied by some solar panels they have set up outside.

Megawatt Solar Panels

Here’s what Megawatt looks like from outside, and here are the stairs leading up to Megawatt.

Megawatt Exterior

Megawatt Stairs

In keeping with the power plant theme, the interiors have some industrial touches; however, they also have some items on sale, most notably Iron Man merchandise. The place can comfortably seat around 10-15 people. I love the big glass windows which make the place seem bigger than it is.

Despite being sort of like a “hole-in-the-wall” restaurant, Megawatt is clean, well-lighted, new (they opened just last February 2016), and cooled by two air- conditioners — VERY IMPORTANT now that we’re getting scorching high temperatures again this summer!

Megawatt Interiors

Here’s the Menu (click to enlarge and see the menu and prices):

Megawatt Menu

Click to enlarge and read the menu

I also appreciate that they have a sink where customers can wash their hands before or after eating pizzas, burritos, etc…

Megawatt Wash Sink


I went to Megawatt not knowing anything about it, and having no expectations. When I arrived and saw that it was a car wash restaurant, I assumed that the food would just be generic burgers or tapas. I was so wrong! I was very impressed with the menu, the food, and the affordable prices.

Megawatt Pizza Bundaberg

To start the meal, we had some Nacho-Rizo (P158) – the tortilla chips are made especially for Megawatt. Compared to other nacho dishes where the toppings are limited to the top, Megawatt’s has a lot of toppings and cheese, enough for each tortilla chip to have some per bite.

Megawatt NachoRizo

We first tried the pizzas, which were quite good. They had the Cheese Cheese Cheese (P315) pizza which was a crispy thin crust topped with feta, cheddar, gruyere, parmigiano, mozzarella. This was good, but best eaten while the cheese is still hot. This cheese pizza is very good, especially if you like cheese. The cheese is not too cloying – I can see and taste generous amount of cheeses, but I can eat several slices without feeling like it is too cheesy. The crust is also crisp and thin. Perfect!

Megawatt Cheese Cheese Cheese Pizza

The Viva Fiesta (P345) is a hand-tossed pizza topped with salted egg, bangus sisig, tomato and onions. I liked this because I like salted egg, and this is a very different take on the usual pizza flavors.

Megawatt Viva Fiesta Pizza 2

If you’re the type who likes rice with every meal, check out the Jack Daniels Beef & Mushroom (P265 for the solo with rice) – this is several slices of tender roast beef (fatty beef loin, I guess), topped with flavorful mushroom and gravy. It reminded me of a very garlicky a la pobre dish.

Megawatt Jack Daniels Beef and Mushroom

Another must-try is their 29-karat Surf & Turf Burrito (P819). The reason for the P800+ price tag is because this burrito is not only filled with shrimp, fish, squid, and meltique beef. There’s also a little bit of fois gras and edible GOLD cream! The serving size is big, too.

Megawatt Surf Turf Gold Burrito 2

It is delicious! It’s not something I would order every day, coz yeah, it’s P800+, but it’s something I would order if I was feeling down for a pick me up, when I feel like splurging, or for special occasions.

I wasn’t able to try the other burritos but my companions said they were good, too. I will definitely be going for their burritos next time. Paired with their white garlic sauce, this will satisfy any halal rice cravings I may have in the future, but at a much lower price!

Burrito servings are very big – enough for one really hungry person. People with normal-sized appetites can split a burrito and share a pizza 

Don’t forget to use condiments! I liked the white garlic sauce, which you should definitely drizzle on your burritos!

Megawatt Sauces

As for the burgers, I was able to try the Crunchy Mushroom Melt (P295), which has two thick beef patties and a piece of breaded and fried mozzarella in between! And yes, it’s only P295!

Megawatt Crunchy Mushroom Melt Burger

We were surprised to learn that Megawatt grinds and makes their own beef burger patties. They even go so far as to make their own burger buns! I appreciate how much they go the extra mile to serve good food at reasonable prices.

The beef patty itself is slightly salty, but paired with their bun and toppings, everything balances out.

They also have their own brewed blackcurrant iced tea. If you fancy some other drinks, they have Bundaberg bottled drinks, Sapporo beer, etc…


Megawatt is a casual place you can hang out in while waiting for your car to be washed. But even if you don’t need your car washed, it is a good, casual place to go for non-boring chow that will fill you up with quality food at reasonable prices. In fact, I have added them to my personal list of good burrito & pizza places. Servings are generous, too, so they are worth the money. Take note that there is a 10% service charge.

Limited parking (free) is available out front. You can also have your car washed to kill two birds with one stone. Car wash is P90. 😛

If you find yourself near the Horseshoe Drive area, give Megawatt a try!

41-A N. Domingo Corner, Gilmore Barangay Valencia, 1112 Quezon City
Contact: 0917-655-5584 ; 501-2987
Email: [email protected]
Hours: Mon – Sat 11 AM – 9:30 PM ; Sun 9 AM – 9:30 AM

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