McDonald’s Shake Shake Fries is Back!

McDonalds Shake Shake Fries McFreeze Poster
It’s back!!!

McDonald’s Shake Shake Fries is back, enjoy it best with a McFreeze!

Earlier today, I attended McDonald’s Shake & Freeze party where they introduced their latest offering: their Shake Shake Fries and the McFreeze!
McDonalds Shake Shake Fries McFreeze Packs

McDonald’s brings back Shake Shake Fries—its World Famous Fries made more exciting with all-time favorite flavors like zesty-sweet BBQ, rich Creamy Cheddar, and the new savory Garlic Butter!

I tried all 3 flavors – my favorite is the Garlic Butter, although the Creamy Cheddar is a very close second!

A look inside my Garlic Butter Shake Shake Fries, just right after shaking, it’s still inside the paper bag!

McDonalds Shake Shake Fries McFreeze Garlic Butter

Here’s a pic of my half-eaten Shake Shake Fries and a Frozen Coke McFreeze!

McDonalds Shake Shake Fries McFreeze

How to do the Shake Shake Fries? Just put your fries inside the paper bag, open the flavor packet and pour the contents into the paper bag with the fries. Close the paper bag and shake, shake, shake!

Now available at all McDonald’s Philippines branches starting today!

For a limited time, you can get a FREE upgrade to Shake Shake Fries with any medium or large value meal with fries.

So whether you’re craving for a Chicken McDo for lunch or a Cheeseburger for merienda, just order a medium or large meal with fries and you automatically get upgraded to Shake Shake Fries for free! It is best with a McFreeze, McDonald’s new frozen beverage, which is available in Frozen Coke and Frozen Royal flavors. Now you can freeze the moment as McDonald’s turns your favorite soda drinks to ice so you can get a new cool experience.

New TV Commercial

Enrique Gil grooves to timeless dance hits with a bag of Shake Shake Fries in his latest McDonald’s TV Commercial. Each shake of the bag brings him to a different dance floor where he busts his own moves! TV host and actor-comedian Jojo Alejar joins him and brings back signature steps from his ’80s hit dance group “The Tigers.”

Grab your Shake Shake Fries any time in all McDonald’s stores nationwide. You can also avail of it via Drive-Thru, McDelivery by calling 86-2-36,, or the McDo PH app.

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