Maybelline Sale Haul – June 2016

Maybelline Haul

If you’ve seen my Facebook page, you’ll have noticed that I shared a Maybelline sale post where nude lipsticks were P100 OFF and were only P199 each.

I noticed that all my lipsticks were variations of a berry or plum shade. I only had one nude shade (Clinique, Creamy Nude, came free with purchase of other Clinique items) that I’ve been using for everything. So I checked out several Maybelline counters over the course of the week and ended up buying some lovely new nude shades.

I tried almost all the shades and spent an hour just trying each of the shades, going back and forth, deciding, undeciding, then finally picking a few.

I bought 3 lipsticks: 2 nude shades on sale (NU32S and NU35S, P199 each), and one lipstick that wasn’t on sale (a matte shade named Touch of Spice, P299), but the sales lady was wearing it and it looked great on her, so I tried it and loved it, too! I knew I should have waited for the next sale to buy the Touch of Spice, but, what the heck, it might not be available anymore by then.

I also bought a gel liner. My liquid liners have dried up from lack of use, haha. The Maybelline gel liner was P100 OFF as well, now only P399. It is very black, easy to apply and looks more fluid than a liquid liner. I have had 2 bottles of gel liner dry up on me before, so this time, I am keeping this bottle inside a ziploc baggie.

I also bought an eyebrow pencil — finally there’s a lighter, grayish shade. Before this recent trend, almost all that was available was dark black, or a brown that was always a bit too reddish, haha. I got the LOL eyebrow pencil in Blonde, P149.

Here are the swatches (from top to bottom):

  • Maybelline Gel Liner, black
  • LOL Eyebrow Pencil, Blonde
  • Maybelline NU32S
  • Maybelline NU35S
  • Maybelline Touch of Spice

Maybelline Haul Swatches Nudes

The NU32S is a light coral / watermelon color that makes one look young. I think it’s a good color especially when doing Korean-style makeup.

The NU35S is an all-around nude shade that I think will work well with heavy eyes makeup.

The Touch of Spice is a cinnamon or burnt sienna color that also looks good on me. For days when I want to feel slightly goth, because it’s darker than what I usually wear… haha, not really. It looks good one me and makes me look more serious and put together, not as teeny-bopper as the NU32S.

With the money I am spending on makeup lately, I really should try to wear makeup more often! LOL. If only it didn’t take me an hour or longer, haha. Perfectionist kasi, and I do love doing smokey eyes.

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