Massage Miracles Home Service Gua Sha Massage Review

Massage Miracles by Athena Featured ImageIf you are looking for a professional outfit to do a home service massage, check out Massage Miracles by Athena! They also offer Gua Sha massage.

What is Gua Sha?

Gua sha is the practice of using a tool to apply pressure and scrape the skin to relieve pain and tension. Gua sha is intended to address stagnant energy, called chi, in the body that practitioners believe may be responsible for inflammation. Inflammation is the underlying cause of several conditions associated with chronic pain. Rubbing the skin’s surface is thought to help break up this energy, reduce inflammation, and promote healing.


One of J’s work colleagues opened her own massage business, and J has been nagging me to go try it. He was able to try it after one of their gimmicks after work, and he told me all about how professional the service was and how they really go the extra mile to bring the spa experience to customers.

So finally, last week, we booked a massage service. The service is called Massage Miracles by Athena. Massage Miracles by Athena is a Home & Hotel Massage Therapy Service Provider offering the “Best In Class Experience”. They currently operate in the Eastwood Quezon City area, but they do accept bookings outside Eastwood, they just charge a corresponding travel fee (based on prevailing Grab rates). They are open 24/7.

We were on a staycation and J wanted to get a massage since the overworked guy was still going over reports and responding to emails throughout the staycation.


These are the services that Massage Miracles by Athena offers and their corresponding rates:

Signature Massage Rates

1.5 hours @ 525php
2 hours @ 700php
2.5 hours @ 875php
3 hours @ 1050 php
4 hours @ 1400 php

Add ons:

30-minute Gua Sha @ 175php
30-minute Air Ventosa @ 175php
Pain Relief Rub Application @ 50 php

Additional transpo rate applies outside Eastwood. Rates are based on Grab prevailing rates.

Please check their Facebook page to get an idea of the condominiums and hotels where they already provide service.


Booking was easy, we just messaged them via FB Messenger @massagemiraclesbyathena and they even replied with a booking confirmation message!

We chose to get the 2-hour Signature Massage + Gua Sha.

When the massage therapists arrived, I was impressed. J already told me that they were very professional, but my previous home service massage experiences only consisted of manangs who friends referred. The ladies from Massage Miracles by Athena were dressed in uniform and had matching trolley bags!

Massage Miracles by Athena Therapists and TrolleyThey asked us where we wanted them to set up. They put on their matching caps and face masks. They brought their own towels, neck pillows, aromatherapy gadget, mats, etc…

Massage Miracles by Athena Set Up Mat

Massage Miracles by Athena Prep Mat

Massage Miracles by Athena Prep Bed

Massage Miracles by Athena Prep

Massage Miracles by Athena Aromatherapy

They really make an effort to bring the spa atmosphere. The only thing missing is some spa music!

What amazed me more was that they brought hot towels and hot stones for the gua sha! They were so prepared and the towels and stones were kept hot.

Massage Miracles by Athena Gua Sha Stones

My therapist even had white socks so she wouldn’t get her bare feet on the bed. I had two choices for the oil – lavender or peppermint. I chose the lavender oil to help me sleep.

When the massage started, my therapist disinfected my hands and feet with alcohol. She was also quite liberal with the alcohol to disinfect her hands when moving to different body parts (like after massaging my feet), moreso when it was time for a face massage, and I really appreciate these hygienic practices.

Gua Sha

The massage itself was nice. It was more of a combination type massage. At one point, my therapist warmed her hands using the hot stones and then massaged my back with her hot hands. Eventually, when the heat of the stones became bearable, she glided the hot stones on my back. Talk about removing the “lamig”!

Then she asked if she could start with the scraping. I had no idea what I had gotten myself into because J was recommending the gua sha and I had no idea what it was but just agreed to do it. So my therapist explained a little bit and I took a peek at J’s ongoing gua sha and got a little bit freaked out when I saw his red back. I was like, “OMG, your back is so red!” and he was just “Chill, it doesn’t hurt.”

I thought maybe he lost his mind, because it looked like the top layer of his skin was scraped off, but I reluctantly agreed to the gua sha scraping. Leap of faith.

Massage Miracles by Athena Gua Sha Back Red

My therapist used a gua sha board to “scrape” my back using short, light strokes. It’s really not painful, actually. It just feels like some kid is being makulit and trying to annoy you by repeatedly scraping cardboard on your skin. It is supposed to improve circulation. Although it looks red, the gua sha does not scrape off any top layer of skin. According to my therapist, the redness means that there are blockages being released. She said I didn’t have that much redness appear on my back except for a few places, so that means that I have good chi circulation, less blockages.

Massage Miracles by Athena Gua Sha Back Red 2

After a while, my back started to feel mellower and very relaxed.

After the gua sha was done, my therapist continued with the rest of the full body massage.

The redness on my back disappeared after a few hours.


I am very happy with the massage. The therapists are very professional, and also importantly, hygienic!

The rates are reasonable, considering that it is home service, and they bring everything. I don’t have that much experience with home service massages, but Massage Miracles by Athena just wows me with how professional and prepared they are.

The massage itself was quite relaxing and I still feel warm, 4 days later now as I am writing this. I feel like the massage has improved my metabolism. Full body massages usually helps my metabolism but the effect doesn’t usually last this long.

The Signature massage is a full body massage, and understandably, doesn’t focus as much on my feet as I would have liked. I walk on tiles and concrete all day, and I feel like my feet need some extra TLC, so I hope they also offer an in-depth foot massage soon. I also prefer Thai style massage or deep-tissue type massages rather than Swedish or combination, so I hope some of those options can be available in the future, as well. But even at present, I have no problem recommending the quality services of Massage Miracles by Athena.

A note on hotel stay massage service – double-check with your hotel if they will allow the massage therapists to go up to your room. Some hotels do not allow outside massage services because they offer their own spa service.

Massage Miracles by Athena
Facebook Messenger: @massagemiraclesbyathena
Cellphone: 0915 760 6828

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