Marikina & Antipolo Food Crawl


A few weeks ago, we took a trip to Marikina and Antipolo and tried out a whopping 6 restaurants!

Living in Manila, to me, Marikina and Antipolo seem so far away… One of my yayas growing up would sing “tayo na, sa Antipolo…” and sometimes during her day off, she would visit Antipolo and do religious things. I was a child at the time and didn’t really understand the details. What I do remember is that she’d tell us that she would take the bus and it would take hours to get there… It was like an out of town trip for her. So in my young mind, Antipolo and Marikina were like, in another province.

Fast forward to the present and improvements in roads and infrastructure later, Marikina and Antipolo don’t seem that far away anymore. In fact, since it was a Saturday, it seemed like we got there in just 30 minutes from our meeting point in Shangri-la.

We visited 6 restaurants in total and sampled a few of their dishes:

  1. Cafe Lupe – the place to go for Beef Kansi with Batuan
  2. Marison’s – must try! Crispy Tripe Kare-Kare FTW!
  3. Khayil’s Bakeshop and Cafe – recommended!
  4. Sega Cofi
  5. Monte Cafe – stylish hangout place
  6. Mogu Tree Noodle House

Click on the links for my impressions of each.

The restaurants are small and mostly homey, but they deliver on the food!

*The food crawl was organized by Zomato in partnership with ABS-CBN.

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