Manila Hotel 50% Off Breads & Pastries after 7pm

Manila Hotel 50off Pastries

Not many people know about Manila Hotel’s 50% discount on breads and pastries after 7pm. The better for us! As far as I know, Manila Hotel has this discount daily at 7pm, and you don’t even need to have a hotel membership to purchase!

My family has already taken advantage of this wonderful promo several times. This time, I bought 2 Ube Ensaymadas (small) for only P35, 3 Cream Cheese Danishes and 1 Hazelnut Danish for P30 each. And they are delicious, especially when heated up in the oven toaster (for danish and croissant-type breads), or 10-15 seconds in the microwave for ensaymada-type breads. The ube ensaymada really has lots of gooey ube! As for the danish, they don’t scrimp on ingredients, and they are flaky and buttery!

Sorry, no pictures save for the receipt. The pastries are all gone, eaten for merienda or midnight snacks…

They have other breads there, but the selection depends on what they have on stock (what hasn’t sold during the day), so do try to go several times to see what they have. These pastries are sold near the Champagne Room restaurant. After entering through the main hotel door, turn left, you’ll see the pastry display.

Personally, I like to add a few more slabs of butter to my ensaymadas, but that’s just me… Dieting is so hard!

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