Mango Grill Big Cheese Cassava Cake – Cheesiest, Softest, Creamiest

Manila Grill Big Cheese Cassava Cake Featured Image

My friend C messaged me today and asked if I would be home because she wanted to send me a cake. I was thinking, hmm… chocolate cake? 🙂

I met C while she was active in the foodie circuit. We bonded over having Bicolano roots, but all I knew was that her family was in the food business back home. So I was surprised to receive this beautiful and heavy native package. It was warm and it smelled creamy and cheesy. I had no idea what was inside.

Manila Grill Big Cheese Cassava Cake Native Box

Upon opening it, I was so joyful seeing that it was a cassava cake and not another boring chocolate cake like I had assumed. It is covered with cling wrap; I know C is a hygiene freak like me 😀

Manila Grill Big Cheese Cassava Cake Package

The cassava cake is baked in parchment paper. It is packed with a paper plate underneath and then placed in the native woven box.

Manila Grill Big Cheese Cassava Cake Instructions

What? Do not leave at room temp for more than 4 hours?! Hahaha, that just means I must eat this NOW!!! While it’s still warm. 😀 Did not even look for vanilla ice cream at all.

Manila Grill Big Cheese Cassava Cake

OH. MY. CASSAVA! This cassava cake is sooooo soft!!! There is a thick layer of coconut cream on top, and on top of that, a thick layer of cheese!!!

I was thinking of sharing this with the family when they got home later, pero parang ayaw ko na mag-share 😀 😀 😀 Akin nalang lahat!

It is not too sweet. See the oil? Those are from the butter and melted cheese 🙂

Hahaha, I am not saying this because I know C, pero masarap na masarap talaga itong cassava cake! So, this cassava cake is called the Big Cheese Cassava Cake, and is a popular product of the Mango Grill restaurant in Sorsogon.

Now it’s available in Manila. According to the info I received, it is gluten-free, grain-free, and nut-free. They ditched the original, aluminum containers (not microwave-safe) for an eco-friendly, oven and microwave-safe packaging.

The Mango Grill cassava cake is an original, homegrown family recipe from Sorsogon in Bicol since 1994. They source raw ingredients direct from Sorsoganon farmers so their product is 100% proudly farmed and baked by Bicolanos. They are currently supporting new and veteran weavers by having regular shipments of the native tampipi box from Sorsogon to Manila.


Price of the Big Cheese Cassava Cake is:

  • P400 – regular box (7″ round cake), approx 1KG
  • P450 – same but in native box

Also available in Classic (no cheese topping) and with Extra Cheese Topping. *NO EXTRA CHARGE IF YOU REQUEST FOR EXTRA CHEESE!!!

For those watching their sugar, you can request for a cake with less sugar (minimum order of 4 to accommodate this). For regular sugar, there is no minimum.

They deliver COD via Lalamove. For orders kindly Viber 0995-012-8158 or DM on Instagram @mangogrillmanila.

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